Babysitters 2 (Blu-Ray)

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Babysitters 2 (Blu-Ray)

161 Mins
Digital Playground
THEMES: Babysitters, Comedy
STARS: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Stoya, Kayden Kross, Bibi Jones, Jynx Maze, Tommy Gunn, Charles Dera, Manuel Ferrara, Evan Stone, Erik Everhard & Marcus London


The Digital Playground Babysitters are back and they are badder than ever. DP has brought out all of their big guns for this summer blockbuster sex comedy. Jesse Jane is back as the hottest babysitter on the planet. She leads the girls, this time as the head of actual babysitting agency. She hires beautiful women and a couple of brand new bimbos leading to some romantic and hilarious situations. The dialog is cute with some heavy fantasy play. Babysitters get fucked in just about every possible, even in fantasy role play. That is how Jesse works herself into the babysitter thing. Her opening scene with Manuel is hot visually and even hotter thanks to some fun role play. (Couples take note.) Other romantic pairings include Kayden Kross and Tommy Gunn and Stoya and Erik Everhard. Kayden had fallen for Tommy and now that he is divorced they can be together. Erik and Stoya had broken up, but a babysitting job brings them back together. That’s good for the romance, but what about the humor? Well Bibi Jones plays a hooker who does the babysitting gig on the side. She and Evan Stone work out a really good deal for both them and have a hot fuck on a kitchen island. Great dialog here. Jynx Maze is just in the babysitting game for the “hot dads” and she lands one in a very sexy scene. The big finale features Manuel happily fucking the whole DP team. That scene is worth sticking around for. Overall Babysitters 2 is a fun movie with a great looking cast, hot sex and fantasy appeal both for couples and babysitter loving perverts everywhere. Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Bibi Jones and Jynx Maze make up the hottest roster of child care providers ever assembled. Beautifully shot, playful, fun and sexy as hell, ‘Babysitters 2’ will make you want to have kids just so you can hire babysitters like this.

Jesse Jane & Manuel Ferrara

Pigtailed Jesse shows up at Manuel’s door with a story about being a babysitter sent over by the agency. They play around a bit with dialog and end up in bed kissing. She gets her hands on that big cock and starts sucking it. Jesse looks great, still sucks cock like she means it and sets the bar very high as far as sexual heat goes. She swings her pussy over his face and keeps right on going with the 69. Manuel rolls her into spoon and rubs that shaved pussy while he stuffs it full of cock. The short skirt, braids and bare beaver add to the whole babysitter thing, but Jesse definitely fucks like an experienced cock hound. Jesse dismounts just in time from a hot round of reverse cowgirl to stroke the load into her mouth.

Riley Steele, Mick Blue & Marcus London

Riley is actually a babysitter who stops by to look for her jacket. She is mistaken for a stripper by Mick and Marcus who eventually talk her into a naked three-way. In no time at all she has a cock in her mouth and is working her lips up and down while being played with from behind. The long shots of the action are really good since they show off Riley’s long legs perfectly. We also get some great ass shots as she rides in cowgirl. Riley has skin that looks good enough to eat off of and always delivers really good energy. There are a few close up shots of the cock sucking and those are simply stunning. This girl has such a pretty face and sucks dick like she means it. The guys take turns for a while with one fucking Riley while the other watches. No taking turns at popshot time though. The guys team up and shoot two loads all over her pretty face. Riley sucks out ever drop and swallows all she can.

Kayden Kross & Tommy Gunn

Back from Europe Kayden Kross returns to her babysitting job to find that the man she secretly loved (Tommy Gunn) has recently divorced. It takes some doing, but he gets her to profess at least some of her feelings and has his face buried in her ass before we can wonder what state has such rapid divorce proceedings. He puts her up on his desk and fingers her pussy until it is nice and wet. She drops to the floor and takes his prick into her mouth. Great two-fisted BJ action here as she finally gets to taste the meat she has yearned for for so long. The do standing doggy over the desk then use the chair for reverse cowgirl. These are the best shots because Kayden is so incredibly well put together. Between each position she sucks it clean, tasting her juices before stuffing it back into her neatly shaved love muffin. They finish off with a facial that just may be the start of a beautiful love affair.

Bibi Jones & Evan Stone

Bibi shows up at the wrong house and uses the computer in Evan’s house to find her way. When she finds porn on his laptop she makes him an offer he can’t refuse. (“Five hundred and you can put it anywhere you want.”) There isn’t much of a blowjob here, but we get some good shots of her snatch, shaved natch, as he takes her in spoon. They use the kitchen island to stretch out and now we finally get some BJ footage to enjoy. On all fours Bibi gets her head held in place while Evan feeds her his balls. He gives her some time to suck his cock before putting her on all fours and fucking the hell out of that tight little pussy. He stands up on the island and shoots his load onto her face. Hey wait a minute, she said he could stick it anywhere and Evan didn’t think to try her ass?

Stoya & Erik Everhard

Stoya shows up for babysitting gig to find out that her ex is married with a kid. The sparks fly between she and Erik and when they agree not to tell his wife, the two go at it like bunnies. He pushes her down moves her clothes out of the way to eat her pussy and has her breathless in no time. She ends up choking on his cock from trying to hard to swallow it. It is always so much fun to watch Stoya fuck. She has that pale skin, beautiful face and acts like she’s having the time of her life. They move to the couch where he holds her close and spanks her sexy ass as she bucks her hips and rides. The reverse cowgirl shots are sexy from a distance (check the legs) and up close (Tight, furry muff well fucked.) The look on her face when he rolls her over and fucks her is priceless. She just takes his hard strokes until he finally shoots all over her bush. Stoya grabs a finger full and samples it with an adorable smile on her face.

Jynx Maze & Charles Dera

Charles comes out of the shower to find Jynx waiting for him in the bed. He hesitates, but she promises not to tell anyone and that is all he needs to give it a go. In seconds he has her thighs apart and is fucking that hot little hole as hard as he can. Jynx is a very dirty girl who keeps talking dirty while he gets her all sloppy down there. She likes it hard and isn’t afraid to ask for it. When he gives her what she wants she drops to her knees to polish off his throbbing sick. She gives really good head and then shows off some flexibility while throwing one leg up to fuck. Of course Jynx is best known for her ass so watching her ride high in the saddle during cowgirl is always good. It’s even better this time because she turns in some world class hip movements. Wow, that’s super hot looking. Charles ends up in spoon shooting his load all over the babysitter’s freshly fucked slit.


Manuel comes home to find that Jesse Jane has created a wonderful party for him. Riley Steele, Stoya, Bibi Jones and Kayden Kross are all waiting to service the birthday boy. The girls tease him and Kayden kicks off the party by planting a kiss onto Jesse’s lips. That is the signal for everyone to go nuts. Manuel starts with Stoya, licking her hot boxy while Jesse fucks Kayden and Bibi takes on Riley. As with all orgies, the action cuts around an awful lot. I’m not a fan, but when every shot is such great eye candy it is really tough to complain. Kayden and Jesse share the big cock with Jesse once again trying to ram Manuel’s meat through the back of her skull. Back in Stoya, Manuel smiles over at his wife who is really having fun eating Kayden. Riley and Bibi go next, sharing the cock for a while. I really love the way Riley looks riding a cock. She’s got such a cute little ass. Jesse and Stoya share Manuel really nicely while the other girls play on the chair. For the big finish, Manuel pops in Jesse’s mouth then gets to watch as the girls pass the load down the line in one filthy cum-swapping kiss after another.

Bonus: Combo Pack with Free DVD Version of the movie. Also Blooper Reel, BTS, Gallery, Slide Show, Trailers

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