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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kami Andrews Interview 2004
Kami’s Movies


I’m here with Kami, is it just Kami?

Kami Andrews. People know me by just Kami, but it’s always been Kami Andrews.

You’re just so big that people give you one name, like Madonna or Sting.

Are you calling me fat now?

Of course not. I’m just saying that you’re so big that only one name is necessary.

All of the other Kamis have fallen away and I am the only one left.

Eventually you will just be known as Ka.

Ka. I like that. Then I can be a show in Vegas and call myself K.

Before we start there is an issue that must be addressed. You can confirm or deny this. People really think that you and I do not get along.

You know we didn’t get along for at least…what, two weeks?

Two whole weeks?

It was a very tense two weeks. With both of us being such big figures in the business…

Are you calling me fat now?

Yes I am. I’m calling you huge. I had no idea you were this overweight. I would never have agreed to meet you in a restaurant.

Are you going to eat that chicken wing?

You already ate the rest of them go ahead.

Thank you.

I think that we both have the same sort of little circle around us so that two weeks kind of got blown out of proportion. I can be snitty, it’s true.

And for those of you who still won’t let it go. Kami did not get my weekly segment on KSEX cancelled when she was a guest.

I did that?

People think that.

No way. They told me you were going to call in and I said that you and I were cool.

They just forgot to call me so some people assumed it was because of you.

We never had that much tension. I was like “you’re a dick” and you were like “yeah whatever.”

What did I do to get on your bad side?

You actually didn’t do anything. There was a Justin Slayer movie that you reviewed. Someone showed it to me and you said “It says on the box that these people were picked by the fans. I seriously doubt that any fans picked Kami, but whatever if it’s on the box it must be true.”

NOTE: That of course is NOT what I said. The actual quote is “According to the box, this one is packed with fan favorites who were all requested. I can see how fans would be clamoring to see Jessica Darlin take on Slayer (Or even do her laundry) or to see big-assed Katja Kassin get crammed full of cock. I’m not so sure about some of the other girls but if it is written on a porn box, it must be true.”

I was like Oh my God, I do have a fan. There are like eight people in Peoria who think I’m a goddess and the fact that he doesn’t recognize that is not cool. It really hurt my feelings. I took it as a slight that I didn’t have any fans. Being a gonzo girl, it’s all about my image. It hurt my feelings.

I apologize for hurting your feelings.

No, it’s OK. It just seemed that you were trying to say that I didn’t have fans.

At that time you were not the tremendous star that you are now.

I wasn’t a big star then and I’m not a big star now. In the ethnic market where they like the big ass interracial, that was my niche and I felt like I did have a demand.

I just had a hard time imagining Slayer having any fans to write in.

It was a fan from If you look at the girls in that movie, they are all his favorites.

So it should have been FAN favorites as in a single fan.

There was this one fan who wanted me and that was enough.

That must have been it.

I read the review again a year and a half later and it wasn’t nearly as upsetting to me. I read it and was like, awww I was kind of an ass.

So for the record, you and I don’t have any problems now?

We don’t have any now, we haven’t had any since then. I saw you in Vegas you said “What’s the deal” I said “You said fans don’t like me” and you said “I didn’t say that” and I was like “We’re cool.” That was the end of it. We never wrestled in the mud, well there was that one time, but that was at a bachelor party.

You were well paid for that.

You said you were going to cover the stitches and you didn’t.

That’s because you left your heel someplace really uncomfortable.

You sit it on, how am I responsible?

It is good to know that we don’t have problems any more.

No, it’s all in the past.

Your friend from the Extreme booth doesn’t share your feelings for me.

Julie Night?

Yeah, she stormed off.

She was having a week. Vegas last year was very emotional for both Julie and I.

Julie still thinks I called her ugly and if she is reading this, I want to say that I never did.

Julie is one of the most honest and beautiful people in porn.

I think that puts that issue to rest.

It should. I am just really insecure and sensitive.

Everyone remembers the bad things. Do you remember the good things I’ve written about you?

I actually do and I always comment on them. People do abstract art when they can’t paint. Sometimes the people who really rough sex do it because they don’t get the core of the work. When I started doing it, I wanted to get to heart of it. Not everyone got that, but you did and that was so cool.

Now that we have put that to bed, tell us something about you. Where are you from, how old are you all that good stuff.

I was born in Florida and I live in Pennsylvania now. Very happily I might add.

Grew up in Florida?

I did. I moved as an adult.

What were you like growing up?

Very similar to how I am now in that I thought I was smarter than everyone else, though I knew everything and that I was always right. I ran as fast as I could into the glass door over and over.

So a good mix of arrogance with a lack of common sense?

That’s how porn chicks are born.

I don’t think we can paint you with the same brush as the typical porn girls.

No. Mostly because I’m bigger than most of them. It would take more paint.

You could probably kick their asses.

I stand a pretty good chance against most of them. As long as no Mexican food is involved.

No burritos flying?

No, I draw the line at throwing Mexican food.

But you do eat it.

Oh yeah.

Last time I saw you in a BTS you were eating.

Was I?

Yeah, on the Bryan Xin movie.

Oh yeah. I get on well with Sun. I want to hump her really bad. I have a thing for Asian chicks.

Me to. I was in the BTS for that movie as well.


Yeah I interviewed Bryan and caught some shit from another reviewer.

That stuff just comes from people who are jealous that they weren’t there. I would think that you would be harder on the movie.

Let’s get back to you. You grew up in Florida.

I had a pretty standard American childhood.

So you weren’t just a big whore?

I was very sexually active a young age, but I wasn’t getting paid for it if that’s what you mean. I was quite sexually adventurous.

Let’s talk about that. How young were you?

I started having sex when I was ten and had had sex with around forty five people by the time I was fifteen.

Nine a year, that’s not bad. How did that happen?

Which one?

Could you remember all of their names if I asked you?

No. I never even knew all of their names. I used to be really into bands. We would go see bands. I was always trying to prove that I was special by being the one who got picked to go back stage.

Did they know how young you were?

I often wonder about that. I never got carded going into clubs. I never got any static. I carried myself as much older and they wouldn’t have expected someone so young to behave the way I did.

Do you think any of them cared?

I can’t speak for to their state of mind. I barely even knew my own mind then. I was very developed though. I was the first girl to develop hips.

How long after that did you enter porn? Or will that pin down your age?

I’m twenty-three. I know, long the in tooth. They are going to grind me up soon and feed the meat to the younger porn girls.

So you got into the business at twenty-one?

I’m not really twenty-three. You got me.

I was willing to go along with it.

You’re such a nice guy.

So what did you do before porn?

I got married at eighteen, left the shitty town I was from, had a shitty marriage, got a divorce and went insane.

Which is what led you to porn.

Exactly. I had to prove to myself that I was still sexy and desirable to millions of people.


Hey come on, I’m huge in Peoria, a fan favorite.

Fan singular maybe.

I’ll open my email from the last year and show you at least five fan letters. So when I got divorced I wanted to experience a different kind of sexuality. I have always been a very submissive person. I was very drawn to that and I wanted to be exploited to badly. I wanted to be taken advantage of. I wanted to explore that side of myself and I did. I was working full time in the mall and doing bondage stuff on the weekends. I cam out to L.A. did some bondage and then I did a scene. When it was over I thought “Oh my God. I just had better sex than I’ve ever had in my life and he gave me money. It was perfect.

How long did you do bondage before you went hard core?

About a year.

Did you get offered hard core roles all the time?

No. Most bondage people don’t like that. I was dating a bondage guy when I started. A lot of what motivated me to do hardcore was that guy telling me that it was horrible and he didn’t want me doing it. Naturally I had to try it. The bondage people don’t necessarily want you to be a dirty whore. They want you to be a damsel in distress. They want to rescue a virtuous girl from her captor. That was the type of bondage I was doing. I actually lost the majority of my bondage fans when I started doing hard core.

Because it ruins the fantasy?

Yes. They’re going to rescue you and get Chlamydia? That isn’t how they want the story to go. I was enjoying what I was doing and I value that experience. I was actually nominated for Best Bondage Model. I even had my own bondage site very briefly. I did enjoy the things I experienced. I have been trying to pin down my sexuality for a long time.

So that was your bondage phase. What phase are you in now?

I’m in a really weird grown-up phase where I’m trying to understand it beyond the animal part, beyond the basic instincts. What I wanted before was for my brain to turn off during sex, to just enjoy the moment with no repercussions. With no thought about how I looked or anything. That is why I liked rough sex. I didn’t want to be responsible. I didn’t want to think that I was responsible so I was very submissive. I loved that kind sex because you stop thinking. You aren’t worried about anything. I wanted to get that basic animal feeling and understand. I feel like I have and I’m at a place where I don’t want to get smacked right now. I have come full circle.

Now you can hit back.

That’s part of it. I still crave that kind of sex once in a while, but yeah, if someone hits me I will wail them right back. You would be amazed at the amount of guys who just look at me this dumbfounded look on their face. When I started out in gonzo I started out as hard as you can get. I never thought that this would be a career. It was something that I wanted to taste and eat up. It wasn’t a long term thing. I was going to live it, experience it and then go do something else. I never thought of it as anything more than “this is what I want to do right this second.” My first big scene was for Max Hardcore.

Was that your first scene?

No, my first scene was for Slain Wayne. It was a two hundred buck boy/girl with the guy I was staying with when I flew out here.

What movie was that?

New Chicks on the Cock, four I think. I think I’m credited as someone else on the box and someone else is credited as me. That was my first experience, it was quick.

It was with someone you already knew.

It was with someone I already knew, someone I had had sex with a few times.

You were obviously already comfortable in front of the camera.

Yeah, but this was different. I really got off on the idea of people getting off to me and being desirable. I craved the attention. I wanted to screw him as hard as I could.

Did you hurt him?

No. But I talked to Mason, who edited that scene and she said that there was something in me about to explode. That is how I ended up meeting Mason. We’ve had a friendship ever since. So I did that and then the next day I did Max Hardcore. The following day I flew home.

How was the scene with Max?

Honestly I loved it. I was actually a Max Hardcore fan. I had seen his movies and I knew exactly what to expect. It was all very entertaining. It wasn’t degrading for me, because that is not an emotional place for me. I can say “Hello mom, hello dad” to the camera and nothing is clicking in my head. He says what he wants to me and it’s a comfortable zone. Because I knew what to expect it was more of a rush because I felt “I saw you on TV and now I’m fucking you.” It was a good experience. It didn’t hit me until later when I started getting feedback and judgments from it. When someone holds up a mirror and says “this is what we’re seeing” and then it becomes painful. At the time it was easy.

There seem to be two kinds of girls who work for Max. Those who get it and come back for more and those who can’t.

They get devastated. I wasn’t eighteen years old. I’ve never felt like a victim. I have always done what I wanted, when I wanted, because I wanted to. Nobody twisted my arm and it was not a hard scene. He doesn’t slap you or punch you. You aren’t unconscious.

So you survived that scene.

I didn’t just survive it. I enjoyed it.

Did you go back and shoot for him again?

I did. I shot another scene for him six months later in Vegas. I had a lot of people question why I would do that. They didn’t get that it wasn’t for them. It was for me.

Lots of girls do go back.

I would have shot with him again, but after I started doing other stuff that was more extreme I think it put him off. He couldn’t see the little girl in me any more.

About how many movies are we up to at this point?

I have no idea. Around one fifty.

In how long?

About two years.

That’s not that many really.

No. I go back and forth. I’ve never been a full time LA person. That has extended my life. It has kept me from getting shot out and it’s helped me mentally. I think that if I had been out her full time I would have been like a lot of the porn chicks, a wasted ball of nothing.

Do you have any favorite performers to work with?

Dudes or chicks?

Start with dudes, then do chicks.

Mark Wood is one of my all-time favorites. I really enjoy working with him and I enjoy knowing him as person. He is a very honest person. I like working with Lex, and with Justin Slayer. I liked my experience with Brandon. There are a lot of guys I have enjoyed working with.

What about some guys you would never work with again?

I don’t like when a guy is super gay. I want to feel pretty. You can do the most degrading thing to me ever and I like that I am so special that you can’t get anyone else to do it. So if I am with a guy who doesn’t want to be there, who isn’t into me at all and doesn’t think I’m pretty then it kills it for me. When I work with a guy like Talon, it doesn’t work. I will never work with him again. I understand he does really great scenes with really small girls. That is what he’s into and that’s cool. But when I feel that I’m working with someone who isn’t attracted to me it doesn’t work. I need that attention and focus on me. I think that my scenes are very real and very honest. I am actually there to get laid. That’s why I don’t do well with gay dudes. I don’t usually like working with really young guys or guys who think they are really hot.

You need some energy back and if I guy is focused too much on himself, he can’t give that to you.

Exactly. Sledgehammer is a great performer, but my first scene with him I was bored. He is a very laid back guy and not a real energetic performer. It was an odd mix of energy

He is a guy who has to be careful not to do any serious damage with that thing.

But I was begging for it. I have learned to pace myself a little. Every scene does not have to be a battle for my life. I don’t have to prove a point every time I was in front of a camera.

Do you have any favorite girls to work with?

There are a lot of girls I find really appealing. I have always been very sexually attracted to Lucy Lee. There is just something about her. I am very attracted to Cindy Crawford. I like it when I don’t have to worry if the girl wants to be there. My first girl/girl scene was with Gina Ryder. She was a professional and I was so intimidated that it was weak. It was for Adam & Eve so nobody cared. I really loved working with Gia Paloma. I just love working with girls who want to be there. There is a girl I hump now who used to be in the business, Kimi.

Kimi Lixxx?

Yeah. I know that she likes it. She is verbal about it and would do if there was no camera watching. My least favorite girls to hump are the ones who won’t do it unless a guy is watching.

But you don’t consider yourself bisexual?

No. I just like to hump girls.

If you were a guy that wouldn’t fly.

I know. It’s a total double standard. I don’t like being labeled. I have had relationships with women and they have all ended badly.

Any girls you hate working with?

Sure. Cailey Taylor. It was for a Pussy Party and she was like don’t touch my butt, don’t do this, don’t do that. She was rolling her eyes and acting like the last thing she wanted to do was be touched by you. It made me feel ugly and like I was imposing on her. The best part about porn is that you know you’re going to fuck. Everyone knows the score. You don’t have to get them drunk, you don’t have to be nice to them, you don’t have to talk about their shoes. You just get to do it. That’s awesome and it was taken away with Cailey. I just wanted nothing to do with her. I just wanted her to go back to her gay husband. I’m sure she has done good scenes with other people, but it didn’t work for me.

Since energy and attraction are so important to you, how do you deal with working with someone you aren’t into?

It’s very rare. I usually know what I’m doing before I have to do it. The person I hate working with most is me. When it’s a masturbation scene I am bored out of my head.

So the person in porn who wants to fuck you least is you?

Yeah, I can get that any time I want. Bring me something new. I want something I don’t get at home.

Let’s say you had to work with a guy you weren’t into. How would you get past that and deliver a good scene?

I just get through it as quickly as possible and try not to do face to face.

I hear you like working with Dirty Harry.

I do like working with Dirty Harry. When I had my contract and they asked me to list guys I wanted to work with, he was at the top of the list. It was Dirty Harry, Mark Wood and Chris Evans. Johnny Thrust used to be on my list because I knew he wanted to hump me. I like that about him. He made me feel very desirable.

If you could pick one scene that is the best of your career, what would it be?

That’s really tough. There have been scenes that I needed desperately. My scene in “Who Let the Whores Out” with Van was intense. I needed that scene for my job. It was my first movie and it needed to be really good. I was having a bad week and it was the last scene in the movie. I wasn’t letting anyone hump me in my personal life and I just needed it so bad. It was so good because I was so desperate for it to be good. It was nuclear because all of my emotions were tied up into it. It turned out to be one of the best orgasms of my life. That was probably the most relieved I have ever felt after a scene.

Any others?

My first deeply emotional scene was in “Riot Sluts” with Brandon Iron. I was a huge Brandon fan before I got into the industry. I loved the old “Slap Happy” stuff. I couldn’t believe that girls were so into it that they just didn’t care what he did.

Since that’s a Mason movie let’s talk a little bit about the professional relationship you have with her.

I met Mason on “Riot Sluts” and she was one of the only directors who wanted to talk before I was on set. She wanted to know what I liked and we went shopping for wardrobe. That was my first interaction with her as a friend as well. She let me pick the scene and I was really into Brandon so I got to engineer my own fantasy so that she could capture it. I really appreciated that. I was still really new and very into my own desires. I ended up having a life changing scene. It was really great. I think I gave her a lot of raw honesty. We have been friends ever since and she has been a really big part of my life. She has been there for me even when we weren’t working together. We have had our ups and down and we fight like friends do. That kind of sums up our relationship.

What do you think of Mason as a director?

I think that Mason is a really talented person. She finds a way to get the sexuality out of people. She has built herself up as a brand and millions of people can’t be wrong. She let me experience a part of my sexuality that no other director had.

Does that cover Mason?

I believe it does.

She is another person who apparently doesn’t like me or thinks I don’t like her.

This business thrives on drama. What people don’t realize about Mason is that she is a person. She does these rough insane movies, but she’s still a little girl.

Speaking of female directors, you got to direct your first movie “Who Let the Whores Out” for Elegant Angel this year.

Part of the deal I had with my previous company was that I would get to direct. It was something that I was very interested in. About a year into this business I realized that I was living a fantasy. I was making big piles of money for doing very little work and it was going to end. I was always very interested in production. I used to do PA work for a bondage company and I loved it. I always hung out with the crew on set. I spent more time with the cameras and equipment than with the other porn chicks. I felt like I had a unique vision and I wanted to create something. I felt that a lot of porn was being made a certain way just because a lot of porn was being made a way a certain, you know? There was always a market for really rough sex. In the early days, Extreme and Anabolic filled it. People responded by buying so everyone started making it. It sold so there was a rush to do the same thing. No one really knew if people were drawn to it because it was the only thing on the shelves or if there really was a big market for it. Personally I think it was a combination of the two. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Now what used to be a big pie with two or three companies taking a piece was now being divided up by dozens of companies. I saw needs that were not being met. As a performer I knew the sexuality of it, as a porn fan I knew what people wanted to see and a PA I knew the technical aspects. I didn’t want to shoot it as myself at first.

Why not?

I didn’t want the piece to be judged like that. I am two very different people. Me the performer and me as a director, very different. If you see me in BTS as a performer you might see me drunk or high. You will never see me that way as a director. My old company would dangle in front of me, let me start a project and then take it away from me. When I left there, I called Mason crying. I was ready to leave and go work for Wal-Mart as a greeter. She told me to talk to Patrick Collins so I did. He told me to shoot a scene for him. He said “If it sucks, it sucks. If it doesn’t we’ll talk.” He gave me the money up front and I shot a sample scene for him. I shot the scene with Katrina Kraven and Sascha. He is a guy I love working with. He’s a solid woodsman who makes me feel sexy and he can vary his performance based on what the scene calls for. I put the two of them together and shot my first scene. It was really good. Patrick liked it and based on that he let me shoot “Black Meat White Treat.” I’ve done a lot of interracial in my career. A lot of girls don’t do it and as I shot the movie I heard a lot of reasons why. I heard girls say that they won’t do interracial because it will hurt their dancing career. Bull shit. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. I don’t care if you are a screaming racist, just say that you are. But you see the reverse where girls do interracial, but they do it to get back at someone. They do it to get back at their daddy or because they know it will piss off their husband. Or they do it because they want to do the dirtiest thing possible. I kind of wanted to peel back a little of that. All of the interracial porn that is being made is about these poor little white girls and oh no, the big bad gangster got me. I have been on sets with really nice looking, classy black dudes and it’s like “OK, go be a thug.” That’s bull shit too.

Most interracial isn’t shot in a way that anyone would describe as pretty.

No, it’s not. It’s very stereotypical. It is really difficult to do something creative. This is a fight I have had with several people. I feel like there are a lot of really creative people in porn, but there are a lot of people who are just churning out product. It is hard to be passionate about a project and face the reality of how things have to be done.

I was pleasantly surprised by “Who Let the Whores Out.” Not because I was expecting something bad, but because you often do sex scenes that are harder than I like. Your movie on the other hand was well shot, sexually hot and not as rough as I figured it would be. I think a lot of people were probably expecting something different.

That is why I didn’t want to do it as me. I wanted to be taken seriously and create something different than I had in the past. Not because I think there is anything wrong with the scenes I have done, but because I didn’t want to fall into that trap. I think that most performers-turned-directors fall back on what they are known for. If their best scene was double anal with a baseball bat, then that is what they are going to shoot. They rely on the hardest, most brutal sex for the shock value. That’s like people who don’t understand the basics of painting doing abstract art. They can’t paint a lamp so they put a bunch of blocks on the canvas and say that it’s abstract art. That’s bullshit. You don’t understand the basics so you’re just trying to fool us with a bunch of bright colors. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to make something that was really honest. Every scene in that movie is based on something that actually happened to me. There is bondage because that is something central to my life. I recreated a scene between me and Mason for the movie. It was something that came from inside of me and I didn’t want to rely on shock value. I wanted to be judged honestly. It is an experience that you can look at and not talk about puking. I’m not knocking that kind of movie and I’m not even saying that I would never do something like that, but for this project I wanted to show something that was honest. I don’t think everyone got that. A friend of mine said “I don’t think you went to where you normally go with this.” I didn’t. I went to someplace deeper

Do you think some people confuse circus acts with sexual heat?

Yes. Because they are getting a real reaction from it. They are getting tears, they are getting pain. They are seeing a little glimpse of a reality and confusing that with sexual heat. You may be seeing a very real reaction, but that is not necessarily sexual heat.

Hopefully a lot people get that about your movie because I was really impressed. I thought it was especially good for a first effort. It certainly isn’t lacking heat.

I didn’t want it to be about me. I wanted it to be about my sexuality. The whole thing is based on an idea we have discussed on the boards for years. It goes back to a joke about getting housewives to let their inner whore out. At its best, porn can be very liberating. You can let all of your dirty bad things out and pretend it was about the money. Some people just need an excuse to do it. I tried to cast people who were already in touch with that part of themselves. I will probably never cast a girl who doesn’t do interracial or who doesn’t do anal. I don’t want a girl who comes into this business thinking that they are going to get a contract and only do girl/girl and then hit the feature circuit. I would rather have the right mindset than a girl who is just really hot looking without that. As a performer it used to really frustrate me when I would see some dead fish getting ten times the money and ten times the attention. Here I am giving something real and they are getting all those things I want. I still want the attention and I want the awards. I want what every girl wants, but I think I go about it in a more honest way. I will just never hire those girls.

What if they tried to make you hire someone you didn’t want?

I would say no. I can go back to Pennsylvania and work in the Wal-Mart. It is always in the back of my head that I lived before porn. I held a real job. As an adult I have never hungry, I’ve never been homeless. My electricity has never been turned off and it never will be. If this all goes away tomorrow, I’m not going to die. There is a lot of pressure on me because I want it so bad, but there is no financial pressure. I won’t move here, I won’t buy a home here because I want to be able to walk away whenever I want to. I want this on my terms. I did the rough stuff and I’m not going to do it any more if it’s not on my terms. I’m not going to let a stranger beat me up any more unless that is what I need that day.

You have an advice column on don’t you?

Yes. It’s a weekly column. People write in with their sexual issues and questions.

You have been very active on that site.

I am very active on the internet because I am a socially inept person. I don’t party like I did when I got into the industry. I enjoy being part of that community. It’s been very good to me.

All except for me.

Well yeah except for you. You suck.

And we end where we began. Thank you Kami.

Thanks Rog.

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