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Alexis Amore

Alexis Amore InterviewAlexis Amore Movies

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Jan 2003

We are here with Las Vegas
Novelties contract girl Alexis Amore.
It’s very nice to meet you.

Thank you, it’s nice to
meet you.

How long have you been in
the business?

Alexis Amore

I have been in the business
on and off for three years, but I have been active full-time for a year now.

How long have you been with
Las Vegas Novelties?

About five months.

How did this relationship
come about?

I did a lot of movies when
I first got in back in 1999 and then I took a year off. About a year ago I
started doing two or three movies a month. Two of my goals at that time were to
get a contract with a toy company and a contract with a video company. Someone
recommended Las Vegas Novelties and I called Steve.

Alexis Amore

You don’t have a contract
with a video company yet, right?

Well, not yet but there may
be some news on that by the end of the month.


Since we did this
interview, Alexis has signed a contract with Jill Kelly Productions.

How did you originally get
into the business?

I was doing some modeling,
just regular stuff and some for Playboy TV. I met Jewel De’Nyle and Alexa Rae.
I asked them some questions. I wanted to try it, but had some doubts. They
answered my questions and I gave a call to Vivid. I shot my first movie two days

So your first movie was for

My first seven movies were
for Vivid.

Who did you shoot your
first scene with?

It was with Bobby Vitale
and Erik Everhard.

Were you nervous?

No. It was really perfect.
There was one guy doing the camera work and the stills, so it was very relaxed.
It was a bit of fantasy for me. I am very kinky and I love for my fantasies to
come true in my videos.

How many movies have you

Balls Deep 6

I have done a little over
130 movies.

If anyone reading this
wants to see your best work, what should they look for?

Recently I did “Balls Deep
6” from Anabolic.

Were you with Lex in that

I was with him in that one
and I did a boy/boy/girl scene for their Women of Color line.

What were you like growing
up? You said earlier that you were kinky, did that start early?

I went to Catholic school,
but I was always the type who wanted to show a little bit more of what I’ve
got. I was worried about my body because every time I saw pictures of girls
they were so perfect. I met girls in the business and found out how beautiful
they make it look, I realized that I could do that too.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Peru, but I
grew up in Redondo Beach, California.

So you are a California
girl who went to Catholic school. Admit it, you still have the uniform don’t

(She laughs) Yeah, I do.

And you break it out

Only on special occasions
when I am feeling really naughty.

You said you were born in
Peru, are you one hundred percent Peruvian?

Yes I am.

Do you have any favorite
guys to work with?

Steve Hatcher, Erik
Everhard, Jack Napier and Evan Stone are the first ones who come to mind.

Jack is a big guy, does
size matter?

You know, it doesn’t
matter. I’ve worked with average guys and I like it. I like it rough so if they
pound me, I like it fine. Jack is a special guy. He is huge, but it’s perfect.
He is wonderful to work with, very gentle and he’s the perfect size for me.

Do you have any toys out

I have the Micro-gasm”
which sucks onto your clit and vibrates and a “Power Vibe” with a
glow in the dark sleeve due the second week of March. We are going to do a mold
of my pussy in the next few days.

So that will be out in a
few months?

I’ve heard that it will be
out in a few weeks. They do it pretty fast.

Are you looking forward to

I don’t know. I have to
shave my whole cookie.

That can be fun.

It is, but I haven’t been
bald in years.

Recently there have been
more lines devoted to Latin and ethnic women. Are you finding more work because
of some of these lines?

There still aren’t a lot of
Latin girls in the business, so there are a number of roles I could take. I
wouldn’t say that there is more work for me because I picky about which movies
I make. That is why a video company contract appeals to me. The stability and
family environment is something I look forward to.

Do you work with girls?

I have worked with girls a
little bit. I’ve only done five movies with girls, but I am nominated for a scene
with a girl.

Is that something you did
before the business?

No. I was curious and I had
messed around a little, maybe second or third base, but nothing more. It has
been interesting. I’m very rough and dominant, so I need the right girl. When
they can handle it, I love doing scenes with girls.

Who was in the scene you
are nominated for?


She is hot.

She is very hot and I got
to be the guy. I had the strap on and I got to fuck the shit out of her.

Is there anything else that
you hadn’t done before the business?

I haven’t done anal.

You haven’t done anal on

No, but I will be doing it

Have you picked the lucky
guy yet?

I have it narrowed down to
a few possible choices. Steve Hatcher is one, Lee Stone is another.

Lee is another big guy.

I know, that’s why I love
him. It will probably end up being a three way scene with Lee in my pussy and
Steve up my ass. How does that sound?

Like a lot of fun for them.

Or maybe both of them in my
pussy instead.

How tall are you?

I’m 5’2”.

And your measurements?


I see you have a tattoo on
your ankle.

I have a brand new tattoo
on my ankle. I have a bunny on my tummy and a devil on my ass. That one is new.

What should we read into
that tattoo?

The devil has angel wings
so it shows my evil side and my angelic side at the same time.

Is there anyone you haven’t
worked with yet, but would really like to?

I would love to work with
Seymore Butts. He only does anal stuff and I have say that I’m probably saving
anal for contract only work.

Do you have a web site?

Yes I do. It’s

And what do people see

You can see a little bit of
everything, hardcore, soft-core, pretty girl. I do a lot of car conventions and
bikini modeling. There is some foot fetish stuff. I am shooting mainly for
myself these days, so you will se a lot of original content.

Do you have any fetishes

Boobs. I love boobs. I love
them big. I wish mine were bigger.

Does it matter to you if
they are real or fake?

I don’t care. I like them
big and I like them fake. They stand up there more. The real ones that are big
tend to hang more. I like a nice, big, round set of boobs.

Other than the pussy mold,
are there any other toys in the works?

There will probably be some
kind of vibrator or a dildo.

Maybe they can give you a
strap-on line that you can test out on the other girls.

I would love that. I will
have to talk to Serenity about that idea.

Of all the other LVNI
contract girls, who do you most want to fuck with a strap-on and why?

I would have to say Jaclyn

Why her?

Because Jackie likes to be
dominant. That’s her thing and I’d like to take that away from her and dominate

Anything else you would
like to add for the fans?

Just keep watching my web
site for the big news and keep enjoying what I do.

Thanks a lot Alexis, good

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