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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Teagan Presley Interview 2008 Free Ones, perhaps the best collection of galleries, video clips and other stuff on the web.


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For the last three years, Teagan has been a Digital Playground contract girl. That ended shortly before AEE 2008. Though she wasn’t singing at a booth, Teagan pulled up a chair and sat down with me for an impromptu interview. We talked about her future plans, her new web site, the split from Digital Playground and of what it’s like for a mother of two to balance porn with motherhood. It has been four years since I interviewed her at the Anabolic booth (Read Interview Here) and she has gone from fresh faced newbie to full-fledged super star. The star of such huge hits as “Babysitters”, “Filth Cums First 2”, Teagan’s Juice”, Virtual Sex With Teagan Presley and “Pirates” Teagan is a fan favorite and has no plans to slow down now.

INTERVIEW: Teagan Presley

Here we are, in this impromptu interview booth, with some girl.

Uh-oh, some girl? I’ve been pushed off to the side already?

Didn’t you retire?

Oh! Hey, four years going!

Nobody knows who this is yet.


That’s sad. Yes, they do!

Okay, say something really dirty.

What do I always say? I always say ‘Yes, please! Please fuck me, please, please please!’ I’m so polite when I have sex.

You are.

I know! (She laughs)

Not very demanding either, are you?


For anybody who can’t guess who this is”

It’s Teagan! Yes.

With photographers all around, she’s going to try and concentrate and do another interview.

I am.

By the way, the guys at Anabolic say hi. I was just there.

Oh really? Who was over there?

Chris was over there. Chris says hi.

Oh really? I haven’t seen him in a while.

I interviewed you first at their booth, of course.

I know! I remember.

Four or five years ago now.

And then I posed for pictures in front of Digital’s booth.

Yup. So, speaking of Teagan, what is Teagan up to?

Well, I shot six or seven straight anal scenes for Digital Playground. I had re-signed until 2010. I wanted to direct, so I asked if I could no longer be under exclusive performance contract and they said okay, so I’m still waiting for the papers to be terminated. Sucks. I have my website up and going, and I have a splash page up now. It took a few years for that, huh? And then we shot like 12 photo sets all in a month, and we just went crazy. So we have all these photos and we were like, ‘What do we do with them?’ So I was doing the Club Teagan thing, and I thought, ‘I really hate the Club thing.’ ‘Club Jenna,’ ‘Club This,’ ‘Club That.’ It’s all the same. So we were coming up with all these ideas and this guy said, ‘Well, what about Raw?’ Tyler had thought about it too but he wasn’t sure how people would go for it. And then we were like, ‘You know, it’s something different. So there you go.’ So, we got it, we got the splash page. We got freaking all the pictures and a blog. And it’s all just working together.


And for those who missed it, what is the website address?

It is

And that’s where you will find all of Teagan’s new stuff. So, you were with Digital Playground for a while.

Yes, three years.

And what now?

My plans were trademark my name. Check. Get incorporated, check. Start shooting, check. We’re shooting on the 19th of January and on February 4th and our first movie just wrapped.

Will it be exclusive to the website?

No, you’ll see it out on DVD. There’s going to be lots of exclusive stuff just for the website. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to do it, because the market is so saturated with stuff with me in it.

Cool. Do you know who that is, flashing us?

Uh, no.

Okay, well, we’ll talk to her later.

Okay. (She laughs)

So you were with Digital Playground for three years. If they haven’t for some reason seen any of your movies, what should they run out to get? What would you say are your best?

I would say that “Filth Comes First 2” is my best so far, just because it got kind of chopped up in editing. No offense, but it did. We did a lot of stuff and we were so excited about it. We got home and we were doing highlights and replays in our head all night. Weeks later, we were like, ‘That was badass, that was a fucking badass scene!’ And then when we saw it, some stuff had been cut. It was a 20-minute scene. So I think they should release a special uncut version.

It’s a good scene the way it is, so we’ll have to see an uncut scene some time.

I know! If it even exists anymore.


Okay, you work now with Tyler exclusively, from the guy angle?


No, not anymore?

No, not anymore. I just worked with Erik Everhard.

Do you still work with girls?

I still work with girls.

Do you still like girls?

Yes, I still like girls. I just did a photo set with Charlie Laine. I have a whole list of girls. I want to work with Annette Schwarz, of course. I keep hearing all these things about her and I’m like, ‘Okay, I have to see if this girl is for real.’

The problem with working with Annette is what she does best, you can’t appreciate, because you don’t have a penis. She can deep-throat like massive penises.

Oh, really? I was just thinking about it.

She’s also very cute.

Is she? I had a crush on Lindsay Meadows. I want to work with Jenna Haze again, for sure. When I worked with her for Digital, we did just a girl/girl scene, she never even got to do the anal. So I was the one doing all the anal and I’m like ‘Bitch, I wanna see you do the anal!’ (She laughs)

So you want to do it again and give her a little anal action?

Yeah! (She laughs) Definitely.

So, are you back to working with certain guys only or a wide variety?

Let’s just say I won’t be working with newbies. I want to work with good guys. I think about it this way: even though I am married, if I’m going to do a shoot, I want it to be award-winning. And do it with the good male talent and just fucking go after it.

So who is on your guy wish list? Obviously Erik.

Who else is out there?

Manuel Ferrara?

He was too big for me.


Too big? All right.

My pelvis was too small. It’s like you can see him in my stomach. It hurt.

Scott Nails is gone, Jean Va Jean is gone.

I know! All the people I worked with are gone. There’s a whole bunch of new guys now.

Randy Spears isn’t gone.

He’s contracted now, isn’t he?

You’re right, he is contracted.

I’ve worked with Evan.

Evan Stone?

Evan Stone, probably.

Mr. Marcus?

I don’t know yet. I know we were trying to hire him. I don’t even remember the girl we wanted him to work with, but I think we have him booked. I like directing, it’s so much fun. You know, when I was on set for Digital Playground, they would say ‘You have to wear this, you have to do that.’ And here, I’m like ‘I don’t like the make-up this way,’ ‘I want that wardrobe,’ ‘I want this location.’ It’s so much fun. (She laughs)

Now after three years, did things end amicably between you and Digital Playground?

Define amicably! (She laughs) No. You know, they wanted to go one direction, I wanted to go another. It’s just, I didn’t want to come to 2010 and still be a Contract Girl. It’s funny. Every girl who isn’t a Contract Girl doesn’t want it once she has it. It’s like when a Gonzo Girl becomes a Contract Girl, they’re like, ‘Okay, where can I go?’ and if there’s no room in the company to go up, then you’re stuck. And that’s how I felt, like I was in a rut. And I think some of the fans saw it too, in some of my scenes, because it just didn’t look like I had as much passion there, because I didn’t have any control. I didn’t feel passionate about it.

So now you have some control.

Oh yeah, besides Tyler vetoing me sometimes! (She laughs)

He has veto power?

Oh yeah.

I don’t know, it’s your name, too.

No, he’s part owner. He’s got quite a dirty mind. He helps bring it out of me. It’s weird, because I’m so shy sometimes, I can’t really talk dirty and he’ll be like, ‘Yeah, you should do this! You should say this!’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ (She laughs)

Okay. What would you say was the best thing you got out of working with Digital Playground?


I did a lot of movies for them. You get with some companies sometime and you only do a couple movies because you’re contracted. So I got a lot of good things from that. They gave me a ton of promotion. We won awards for them, for the “Island Fever” thing. I won a lot of awards when I was under contract for them.

So, good exposure, and obviously the experience to watch other directors.

Oh, yeah. I got to watch all the good ones. I got to watch Jules and Joey. Who else? I watched Erik.

Have you learned a little from each director?

I think I have. I think I magically played the dumb girl but I watched very carefully what they were doing. (She laughs)

Now, do you think you are a better director because you were a performer?

I honestly do. We had an issue on set where a girl couldn’t perform. She got through all the hard stuff, and then she started feeling sick, and then she couldn’t do the soft-core. And a person who isn’t talent is going to say, ‘Just do it, just do it.’ But knowing we were talent, if a girl is sick to her stomach and she’s throwing up because she has nothing in her stomach but cum, you know, that’s understandable. (She laughs) Because she was doing anal, and she hadn’t eaten. And so, could you imagine having all this cum just sitting inside your stomach? It would make her sick. So as talent, we were like, ‘it’s okay, we understand.’ I think you can relate more to things that go wrong like that. It’s more that you’re not just being a bitch or being jaded. You understand where they’re coming from. That’s the one thing I know. There are some people who have never been in front of a camera, you know? Especially if a guy is having problems and a camera is just sitting on him. And of course if the guy is having problems, you’re fucking with his head. And if you’re male talent and you’re filming him, you know to back off for a second and give him a second to get his edge and then go. But someone who isn’t like that, doesn’t really know as much sometimes as someone who’s been there. It’s hard to perform. I get shy sometimes.

You get shy?

I do!

So we know what you’ve done, we know what direction you’re going. What do you want to be in 2010?

I want to be directing for my website. Even if people don’t like it, then yay to me, they’ll still be seeing it. I’ll be doing something right. If not, if I end up being a flop, then I take then hint and I go back to just performing. What’s the worse that could happen? I lose out on a ton of money that I could have done and wasted a whole bunch of money? But I don’t think it’ll happen. I think it will do some good stuff.


I’m so excited, because I can’t wait. I can’t say the names yet, because they aren’t trademarked. And it sucks. I want to tell everybody everything!

Well, you’ll tell us as soon as you can, right?

Oh yeah. Are you kidding me?


We’ll update as we go. Teagan has always been good at keeping the readers informed.

Oh yeah.

Now, while you were at Digital Playground, you did two very special things. Actually, you do one special thing twice. And that is, became a mommy.


Now, would that make you a MILF?

Yes, technically. A very young one!

So, what are you? 24?

No, 22. Are you kidding me? I ain’t 24!

It just doesn’t seem right.

I know! That’s what everybody says. But I’ve got no stretch marks to prove it.

I know, I’ve seen the video up-close. I was actually watching for the stretch marks.

I knew it! I knew everybody was looking for stretch marks. I knew I’d be looked at underneath a microscope. And I didn’t use lotion or anything.

So how has that changed your life?

I think it’s made me more responsible with my money. It’s basically come down to, ‘Okay, am I going to be doing this for the rest of my future?’ Because if not, I need to get out and do something else. I can’t wait until the last minute. It just made me smarten up like 50 times quicker.

That’s good. Anything else we need to know? Actually, just in case someone has never seen you, let’s do a really quick background.


Even though they can look it up in the other interviews. Where are you from?

I was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in Orange County.

And you’re 22.

I’m 22.

You’ve been in the business for four years.

For four years.

Started out as a gonzo girl.

I started out as a gonzo girl.

Looking a lot like a certain popstar turned crazy person.

A certain crazy person? (She laughs) We need to sit her down and have a talk with that girl.

Yeah, she needs to be more like you.

Um, highlights? Let’s see. I did “Entourage.” I was on “Entertainment Tonight.” I got Maxim and HFM in Europe. I won awards, obviously through you and other people. I did the Paris Hilton sex tape.

That’s right, you were part of that.

I was part of the original Paris Hilton sex tape that we know of.

That probably didn’t hurt your exposure too much.

No, it really didn’t! Because after that, Paris Hilton stock went way up and everybody had that video. And then they’re like, ‘You looked a little familiar’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, hello, me!’ (She laughs)

And again, for those who don’t know, in the original release of the Paris Hilton contained four bonus scenes from Red Light District, and one of those was Teagan. And you were just kind of brand-new.

That was my third scene, ever.

Some people knew, but not everybody. And then everybody had that video in their DVD player.

I know, it’s kind of embarrassing. Your third scene ever is in everybody’s DVD player! (She laughs)

So the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you was Paris Hilton got fucked on video.

Yeah, basically!

You should thank her some time.

I know, right? Just go up to her in person and say, ‘Thank you so much!’ (She laughs)

And then you are how tall?

I am almost 5’1. I’m still growing a little.

And measurements?

34C, 24 and 33, I think.

And breast enhancements shortly after you got into the business, because you started out natural.

Uh-huh, I did.

And they’re beautiful! We can’t see them now because there are people around.

I know, I need to get them re-done though.

Will you show us later?

Yes, again.

Will you send pictures?

Uh-huh! I have tons. (She laughs)

Anything else you want to tell us?

Just look out for my website. I know I shot a couple of times for Zero Tolerance. I haven’t worked for anybody, I just worked for a couple of people, and that was them and Diabolic and that was it. Look for stuff under Teagan Pressly Enterprises.

And the website one more time?

Alright, that’s it. Thank you.

Thank you.


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