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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jenna Haze Interview 2007

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It has been just about five years six years since I last interviewed Jenna Haze. At that time, she was brand new to the industry. New a veteran with experience as a gonzo girl, contract girl and born-again again superstar, Jenna took some time out of a crazy Adult Expo signing schedule to do an interview. Must of the conversation centers around the amazing year Jenna has in 2006 and specifically her two biggest movies of the year, Fashionistas 2 and Jenna Haze: Darkside. Her huge comeback year followed some lean times as a Jill Kelly contract girl, but Jenna is back and better than ever. Among the other topics of discussion were her current relationship with director Jules Jordan, here new web site ( and the fact that many years ago she left me standing in a mall food court waiting for her to show up. I have forgiven her for that and now we’re working on getting Jules to agree to let her give me that blowjob she owes me. With her best year so far under her belt and off and running, look for even bigger and better things from her in the future.

Jenna’s Movies

Jenna Haze


Look at all these people trying to take pictures.

Can you talk and take pictures at the same time?

This is crazy dude. Look at all these people trying to take pictures of me.

That’s because you’re Jenna “fucking” Haze.

I thought I was Taylor “fucking” Rain.

You’re Jenna Haze .

Somebody mistook me for Taylor Rain the other day. We both have dark and stuff, but”K.

And you both have Rog Reviews Fan Favorite Awards.

Oh, she has one?

Yeah she won a few years ago.

Awesome. So what are your questions today?

Let’s talk about why you’re so busy today. AVA Awards are tonight and you have a bunch of nominations.

I don’t want to talk about it, but yeah, I’m up for a bunch of awards.

Jenna Haze Darkside is up for a bunch of awards. It kicked ass.

Yeah, I loved it. I want to make a sequel, but I don’t know if my boyfriend is going to be down for that. I have already had twenty or thirty people ask when we’re going to make part two. We’ll see.

What was the best part of that movie?

My interracial, that was awesome.

With Mr. Marcus.

That and the girl/girl with Tory Lane and having Scott Nails’ dick in my ass.

He has a very big dick.

He does. I took both Scott and Rocco in my ass. Not at the same time of course. I am very proud of that.

Jenna Haze

You’re giving me great questions to follow up on. We can roll right to Rocco in your ass. That was in Fashionistas 2. That scene is up for best scene isn’t it?

No. That scene did not get a nomination. I was so upset about that. Tricia pre-nominated it, but it didn’t make the cut. I was so upset because I think that it was the best scene I did all year.

It is arguably the best scene of the year.

Everyone says that it is the best scene of the movie.

It was you, Rocco and Gianna who has boobs bigger than your head.

Yes, it was awesome. It was really cool because we are so different looking. It was really cool to work with her. In that scene the fans get a little of both, a little girl and a big girl. What more could you want?

But the little girl took more of the big cock in her ass.

Gianna doesn’t do anal.

It had to be you.

In the scene, he sticks his cock in my ass right at the beginning. I was like “Oh ow, that’s big.” Once he got it worked in, it was good. I was really good. I’m really proud of myself for that one.

Speaking of big cocks in your ass and I almost always am, I just saw a Mike John movie with you and Lela Star doing Steve Holmes. That’s another really large penis in your ass.

Yes. (She claps)

Way, way, way into your ass.

I know. I’m very talented at that.

Apparently you are.

Apparently I am. It’s awesome.

We could say that you were born to have big dicks in your ass.

You could say that.

I think that you should say that.

I was born to have a big cock in my ass.

That’s my new cell phone ring for any time Jenna Haze calls.

That would be cute, can you do that?

Jenna Haze

Yes you can.

I want my cell phone to moan whenever Jules calls.

Some phones let you record your own. My wife has one.

That’s cute. How come we never see Mrs. Rog?

She doesn’t come to these.

What does she think of your porn affiliation? Look at me, I’m turning the interview around.

She is very happy that I am working from home and writing which she knows I love. That’s all that matters.

That is awesome. You’re wearing my team by the way.

They are my team too. And she doesn’t come so that I have four days in Vegas on my own.

I’m not a fan of Vegas.

You probably only come here for these things.

Jules and I came up here for our anniversary.

If you come back in March, things are more calm.

I’m not much of a drinker, I’m not much of a gambler and I don’t like cigarette smoke. What the fuck is here for me except for the shopping. The shopping is awesome.

Do you have to burn your clothes when you get home?

No, I just have them dry cleaned.

Let’s get back to you and big cocks in your ass. You did a lot of work this year after being a girls-only contract girl for a while.

For three and a half years.

You were missing the dick.

I was missing the dick. The first scene I did when I came back was the blowbang for Darkside . I was a little overwhelmed because I hadn’t slept with anyone besides Jules and my ex-boyfriend in four years. It was a little nerve-racking to have my first scene back be with five guys.

Why didn’t he call me for that? I could have done that.

You could have done that.

You didn’t call.

Your wife would kill you.

My wife doesn’t care.

Really. (She moves in closer) Look at you. Now that you gave me some awards, I might just have to”/b>

Now that I’ve given you awards, you don’t have to. I’ve lost my leverage.

Jenna Haze


You just don’t love me, you never have.

I do to. Dude, you almost got me in the business when I was eighteen, come on.

Instead I almost got arrested for hanging out in a mall food court looking for a hot teenage girl.

I’m sorry.

I almost approached some poor girl.

I’m sorry! I got chicken shit.

You’ll make it up to me.

I will. So I’ve been doing all this stuff for Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree. I have my interactive coming out through them.

Who was the guy in that?

There were several different guys. There were sixteen actual cumshots in that movie and it took five days to shoot. It was amazing. It was one of the best interactive movies I have ever seen. There is so much more to it. My last one had no anal it, it didn’t have any real cumshots it didn’t have any options to it. I was really disappointed and had a lot people give me bad shit for it.

Is that the one for Anarchy?

No, it was the one through Jill Kelly called “My Sex Kitten: Jenna Haze.” It was really bad and I never even got paid for it. When I went shopping to do an interactive again I talked to everybody. I found out which one would have the most options for my fans. The one I did has all that. You can have me naked, you can have me in three different outfits, you can fuck me in every position you want, you can fuck me fast, you can fuck me slow, you can cum in me, you can come on me, I do a single blowjob, double blowjob, you can pick whether I swallow or take it on the face in each one. You get to watch me masturbate in four or five different way and you get to see me with a girl.

Which girl?

Alektra Blue


Yeah she was really fun.

That’s coming out right?

It comes out February 14th (Already out) from Zero Tolerance. It’s called Interactive Sex with Jenna Haze. I’m doing a signing tour for them.

I just saw downstairs at the Zero Tolerance trailer. It was crazy.

It was nuts. Wait until I get up here it will be even crazier.

That’s why I’m getting out of here.

Jenna Haze

Yesterday I signed for four hours straight and had a line around the booth. It never got smaller the whole time I was here. I was shocked that so many people wanted to see me.

Of course it never got any smaller when you were here. Things get bigger when you’re around.

Yeah well. It’s just weird because I still see myself as this stoner girl from Orange County.

You are.

It’s just a little surreal for me to have fans. When I go to Quizno’s and the guy goes “oh my God, you’re my favorite porn star.” I think, just make my sandwich please.

Is that a little creepy that the guy who makes your sandwich jerks off to you.

It is a little weird right? It’s cool though.

You probably hear from a lot of the fans who love you. Let’s face it, they love you for porn and when guys watch porn, they jerk off.

I love that. When I make my movies I love to think about all the guys who will be jerking off.

You love the idea of it, but you want to hear it? When you’re here signing, do you want to hear a guy say “I love to bust a nut while looking at you face.”

It doesn’t bother me. I’ve had the weirdest things said to me.

Like what? Let’s start with nice. What is the nicest thing someone has said to you over these past our days?

That I’m much more beautiful in person. I’ve had five or six people tell me that just today. That is always cool.

Totally not true by the way.

What? That is so mean. That’s not nice.

It was a joke. She totally is.

This interview is over. Just kidding.

Then I rescind my AVN vote.

You get to vote for AVN?


You are awesome. Did you vote for me? (She grabs Rog’s knee)

I can’t tell you.


Jenna Haze

That depends?

On whether I give you a blowjob or not?

How far is my dick going to go into your mouth today?

If my man over there approves it, he’s the boss.

He doesn’t like me much.

Yes he does, don’t be silly.

So what other nice things have you heard?

That they were never into porn until they watched me. That’s always a good one. Or that their girlfriend tried anal because she watched my movies. That’s hot. “My girlfriend never did anal until she saw your movies.”

What about the guys who tell you that their girlfriends left them because they wouldn’t stop asking for anal after watching your movies?

They don’t say that. I do have some guys tell me that their girlfriend’s are jealous so they can’t bring home a signed picture. Or they ask me to write something nice instead of “Fuck my Slutty Ass” like I usually write.

Some girls get jealous. Do you get jealous?


Because Jules throws himself into scenes a little.

A lot.

Does that bother you?

A little bit.

Do you think it bothers him to see you nailed in the ass by Steve Holmes?

No, not a bit.

Jenna Haze

So he would be totally cool if I took you in the back.

He would be cool with it if he was filming it. That’s his deal.

Then he will ask me to open up and that’s no fun.

You just want to fuck, right?

I just want to fuck you.

Fuck all the camera angles. I do get a little jealous sometimes. It’s hard. I came from a monogamous relationship. It is a little difficult. It wasn’t when I first started dating him, but as I fell in love with him it got a little harder. It is getting easier and easier. I know that it is different than what we have at home. What we have at home is special.

It’s so very special. What is the weirdest thing anyone has said to you?

I had to sign a guy’s ass once.

His ass?

It was really hairy.

You have a website right?

Yes, It is being revamped right now. The new front page is now. It is going to be awesome, I am going to have live web shows and everything. I have always wanted that, but never had it. Evil web masters. I also have my MySpace where I try to keep in touch with people. I have twenty thousand unanswered messages. It is getting a little crazy. I’m almost up to sixty thousand friends.

Last thing. You’re up for Female Performer tonight. Are you going to win.


Who is going to win?

Hillary Scott.

If you can’t win, who do you want to win?


With you back in the mix, who should win?

Me. (She laughs.) The only reason that I think I should win is that the other girls nominated have been doing this stuff for years. I pushed myself, I pushed my limits, I did stuff I have never done before and put myself out there. I want from one extreme to another and that is why I think I should win. I did my first interracial, my first blowbang, a DP, I did Rocco .

You did win the Fan Favorites on my site.

Jenna Haze

But not the critic’s choice.

No, you were close.

Grrr. I think it’s awesome that I won the fan vote. Thank you for voting for me. Just like the FAME award for best butt, I wouldn’t have won without the fans. My fans are my livelihood.

You finished second in my fan poll one year.

Yeah. I lost to Bisexual Britni because she was offering free porn to people who voted for her. So cheesy.

This time you won and you only had to offer your ass to Rocco .

Thank you.

Thank you Jenna, we love you, you’re awesome. (Rog holds out his hand.)

Don’t shake my hand. Hug me.


Jenna’s Movies

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