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Jana Cova Interview 2006
Jana’s Bio & Movies

Jana’s Web Site:


Tell everyone who you are.

I am Jana Cova.

You have quite an accent.

I am from the Czech Republic.

You are a Digital Playground contract girl. When did you sign the contract?

Last April.

Have we seen any movies from you yet?

Not yet. “Virtual Sex with Jana Cova” will be out soon.

How long have you been in the industry?

Five or six years.

As a model?

I started doing movies three years ago when I came here. Before that I was a model.

Do you have any movies that we should watch out for?

I did some for Suze Randall, I’m not sure of the names. Others from Michael Ninn.

I am sure you shot many photos for Suze as well.

Yes. I love her.

Did you come to America to model or did you start at home?

I started modeling back in Prague. I was shooting all over Europe and then I came here. I met an American agent and started working.

How long did they wait before asking you to do movies?

About a year.

They must have asked before that.

They asked right away, but I wasn’t ready for movies for about a year. I felt stupid in front of the camera.


I don’t know. I’m much better now.

What were you like growing up?

I was shy.

Were you still shy when you started modeling?

Yes I was. I am comfortable now.

How long did it take for you to get comfortable?

About two years. It was hard because I would see new people every day so it was hard to get close to them.

Have you signed at fan shows before?

No, this is my first time.

Are you getting a lot of fan feedback?

Yes. Some of them are bringing pictures, but some of them didn’t know that I would be here.

Is that flattering?

I like it very much. I don’t mind being close to my fans. We have security here and everyone is cool.

Have they asked you to sign anything unusual?

My panties. Someone bought them on my web site and brought them in to have me sign them.

At least they were your panties.


Who are your favorite people to work with?

Sandy Westgate, Adriana Sage and Teagan. I haven’t worked with Jesse or Janine yet. I can’t wait.

You did a scene with Teagan though?

Yes, for “Teagan: All American Girl.”

I remember that, great scene.

Thank you. It was fun working with Teagan. I worked with her before for Suze, with Belladonna. Bella freaked me out.


She is a little extreme, but fun.

Is it a lot different doing a photo shoot as opposed to a video?

Yes. It is just posing with no action.

Is that frustrating?

Sometimes if the girl is really hot.

Jesse is pretty high-energy. Do you think you could match her energy?

I would need at least too coffees in the morning, but I think I could do it.

What about Janine?

She is my idol. That beautiful face, she is wonderful.

She just told me that she wants to work with you and that she feels like your mother.

Oh no!

Do you only work with girls?


Is that something you are going to stick with?

For now yes, but in the future who knows? I might do boy/girl later.

Do you like men off camera?

Oh yeah. I love you guys.

Do you have a special man in your life?

I do. That is probably why I don’t do boy/girl on camera.

Do you have a web site?

I do, it’s

What will people see there?

A lot of pictures, video, I am doing live shows and updating my journal.

And buy your panties.

I don’t have that listed on the site, but if people email me wanting my panties or shoes I sell them.

I assume people want worn panties.

It’s funny. The first time someone bought them I washed the panties and put perfume on them. He spent fifty bucks for it and he wanted worn panties.

What is the strangest thing anyone wanted to buy?

A used toy, but I don’t have any extra toys. I use them, wash them and keep them.

Do you live in America?

No. I come here to work and go home.

What is your favorite thing about America?

Starbucks. We don’t have that at home and I love their coffee.

There are a lot of Czech girls in porn. What is it about Czech women?

We are just naturally horny.

How does a beautiful shy girl like you end up in porn?

I am just horny and have to love doing a job like this.

How do Czech women compare with American women?

Almost all of the American women have fake boobs and I like natural boobs.

Janine has fake boobs, so does Teagan.

Janine has a beautiful face and Teagan has great boobs.

You are natural?

Yes I am.

How tall are you?


You and Sophia are the only natural Digital Playground girls. You should do a scene together.

We already did. For her first movie.

How was that?

We worked together for Suze Randall before and she is great. She really knows what she is doing.

She seems quiet and shy.

You know how those kind of girls are.

Who took charge?

It was her movie so I let her take charge.

If you work with Janine will you let her take charge?

She can do whatever she wants with me.

What is something that no one knows about you?

I don’t know. Maybe that I was a fat kid.

How fat?

You could see just my head and body. I had no neck, that’s how fat I was.

When did that go away?

When I was about seven.

Do the people back home know that you are now an international superstar?

My friends know what I am doing and so does my family. Most of them are fine with it. My parents aren’t, but what can they do?

Do you think the people you grew up with were surprised to hear?

Oh yes. They were very surprised.

Other than the girls we already mentioned, is there anyone you would like to work with?

Not really. I have worked with almost everyone I wanted to.

If you were doing guys, who do you think would give you a good scene?

I don’t know. I don’t watch a lot of scenes so I don’t know who would be good.

Would your man do a scene with you?

He says he would because he thinks that it is easy.

It is probably easier at home.

Yes. I would let him try if he really wants to.

Thank you Jana.

Thank you.

Jana’s Bio & Movies

Jana’s Web Site:


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