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Michael Stefano Interview

Michael Stefano’s Bio & Movies

We’re with Michael Stefano looking at his toys from Las Vegas Novelties. How did this relationship between you and LVNI start?

It started because of my wife, Jewel De’Nyle, who has been a contract girl here from the very beginning. They were looking to try a guy. One of the guys they had wasn’t working out, and they wanted someone new so because of Jewel, here I am.

How many toys do you have so far?

I think there are five. They actually have a mold of my penis now.

How as was that?

It was interesting, cold gooky stuff on your member for like ten minutes. It wasn’t that easy to stay hard, but I’m happy with it. I’ve only had the new name for a year and I’m happy to have it out there.

About a year ago you left Extreme and changed your name. You’ve been shooting for West Coast Productions. Are you happy with the stuff you’ve done for them?

I think the stuff I’ve done for them is more me than what I did before. My stuff at Extreme was made the way it was because of the environment. The movies I make now are shot better, I’m much happier with it.

And now you guys have your own company?

Yes, we have started Platinum X Pictures.

What are you shooting?

I don’t believe that you should shoot a line up to volume one hundred and eighty five, so I have four lines already created in my head. I will be shooting a teen line, a butt line, a group thing and a new girl line. That way I release one a month and by the time each new volume comes out, people are ready for it.

That should give you a nice variety.

Everything will be separate from one another instead of all the same stuff. We’re going to do a lot of traveling to get fresh new faces.

Are you performing in a lot of scenes?

I will probably do three scenes per movie. There will be a lot of multiple scenes though, with other guys so it won’t just be me in every scene.

Platinum X also has Brandon Iron, Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes so will you use them a lot.

Oh yeah, they are my guys. They are all packing and awesome performers. I want guys with energy and passion. Those guys are the base for my stuff.

I just asked Jewel which one of you was the better director and she said that she was a much better director than you are. She said that you are a better camera man though. Any comment?

I don’t know about that. The performers should do the directing and if they can’t then it’s the camera man. So as far as I’m concerned there is nothing to this.

Last year you said that you wouldn’t do another feature after “Bound by Blood.” Are you still sticking to that?

Absolutely, until the end. If you look at that movie, there is like thirteen minutes of dialog, so it’s all sex anyway. All that effort and time for a few minutes of dialog? People forgot about that movie in a few months so it wasn’t worth it. I’d rather just keep it simple and give the best sex possible.

Do you have any contact with the guys from Extreme?

No, I feel that it’s just best to leave the past in the past. Everyone moves on. I am happier now and more in control so everything is better.

Do you have any nominations for the AVN show this year?

I have eleven nominations which I’m happy about. It’s all my stuff. All four of my series are nominated.

Do you think you’re going to win?

I don’t know. I think that my stuff is good, so we’ll see.

Were you nominated for Male Performer?

Yes I am.

Do you think you can win that one?

I don’t want to sound cocky, but I think I deserve it. There are other guys in the business who are good performers so as long as it’s someone just as good, then I’m happy.

Who do you think should not win?

I’m not going to tell you that. I’ll tell you who I think should win. Brandon Iron or Erik Everhard should win. Of course Nacho and Rocco are a new category this year. For new guys, I think that Brian Pumper is great and Manuel of course.

What about Female Performer?

Jewel is great, but she won last year. If I were to judge, I would say Belladonna, Aurora Snow or Gauge.

Why them?

Because they give scenes that are worthy of the award. To me, Performer means fucking, it doesn’t mean acting. They have an acting category. You pick a performer just on the sex. I think they include acting and performing and that’s bull shit. Gauge can take dick like nobody else, Aurora Snow is fantastic, and Belladonna is just incredible. They deserve to win for taking all that dick.

Two of those girls are also LVNI Girls, so that’s got to be good for the company.

We’ve got a lot of great performers. We’ve got Jewel, Serenity, Gauge, Aurora, myself, Ron Jeremy and a lot of great girls. Good older girls, good new girls and good guys.

Since I’ve asked the girls, I should ask you. Which of the LVNI Girls would you most like to fuck?

I’ve fucked all of them I think. I really don’t have a favorite. I love all kinds of girls.

You and Jewel have been married for a year and you’re still performing with other people.

Yes. That will always be the case. I can’t stand couples who just fuck each other. They should get out. I’ll fuck who I want, she fucks who she wants and it’s perfect. The only restriction I might put on my performing is that I’m mostly going to fuck in my own movies. I might show up in one of Brandon’s movies, but it’s mostly going to be for myself.

You’ve directed Jewel in scenes before.

I’ve shot her, but what’s to direct? You pick up that little camera and you point it. There is no need for anyone to direct sex. If you stick Brandon in a scene with a girl, a good one, a shitty one, I don’t care, he will make that scene great. I will just follow what he does with the camera. I don’t need a guy behind me telling me how to fuck. Hire the right people and the talent takes over. For me, the male is more important, because it’s the male who carries the scene. You can have the most beautiful girl in the world and if she just lays there, then you’ve got nothing. If you have a guy who can bring it out of her, then you have a great scene.

Do you have a web site?

I don’t, but we have coming out in April.

One final question about the toys. A lot of these toys with your picture on them are geared at least somewhat towards gay men.

Oh yeah, it’s probably going to be mostly guys who buy them and use them.

Some other male performers are freaked out by that. They feel that they are straight and they aren’t comfortable with gay fans.

I have no problem with anyone. If it makes me money, it’s great. I know who I am. I’m straight, I love pussy. I have gay friends, I’m not going to freak out because gay guys like me. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

So it doesn’t bother you that Ron Jeremy has a big crush on you?

(He laughs) Not one big, God bless him.

Thanks Michael.

Thanks Rog, be watching for Platinum X Pictures.

Michael Stefano’s Bio & Movies

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