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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Linda Thoren InterviewLinda Thoren’s Bio & Movies
April 1999

Linda Thoren and I had exchanged email for about a year before I finally met her at CES in January of this year. I was immediately floored by the fact that she is far more beautiful in person that she is on screen. (The exact opposite is almost always the case.) We talked for a bit and I found her charming, friendly and just so incredibly sexy, I could hardly stand it. At that time, she informed me that she would be back in the US shooting later in 99, and we set up an interview. When she did finally call, it took us at least a dozen calls back and forth to set up a good time to do the interview. Finally, on the eve of her return home to Sweden, I made the drive up to Malibu, where Linda was staying in the beautiful beachfront hom of super-director Nic Cramer. As before, I was struck by just how gorgeous this young blonde is in person. I can tell you this readers, I was floored. What follows is our exchange, during which Linda was again, gracious with her time, patient with my questions (And my staring) and just a wonderful person to be around. I thank her sincerely.

We are here doing an interview for the internet with Swedish sensation Linda Thoren. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to all the fans who love you.

My pleasure.

You are here in Los Angeles shooting some movies, correct?

Yes. I have been very busy. So far, I have shot for Sin City, VCA, Penthouse, Wicked Pictures and Pleasure.

So we can look forward to seeing you in a lot of new material?

Yes, I am very tired. I have been working non-stop since I got here.

Are you mostly shooting single scenes, or are you making features?

Mostly single scenes right now, but a few features.

Where were you born?

In northern Sweden.

In a small town?

Yes. I was born in a small village outside of the town. It had maybe one hundred houses. When is your birthday?

Spetember 24, 1977.

So you’re twenty one.

Yes, twenty one. Did you grown up in the small village?

No, I grew up in the countryside. It was 500 meters to the closest neighbor.

That must have been nice.

Yeah. There was a lot of space, and a lot of cows. I am real country girl.

Very different from here.

Absolutely. You still live in Sweden?

Yes, I live a few miles outside of Stolkhom. I have left the countryside for the city.

How do you like Los Angeles?

It’s really great. It’s big everything seems to be a great distance from each other. I like the people here. They are very friendly and talk a lot, even to strangers.


Yes, that doesn’t happen a lot in Sweden, we are much more reserved. I think people are friendly to you, at least in part, because you are a beautiful, young woman.

(Laughing) Oh thank you Roger.

When did you start making movies?

When I turned 18.

How did you get into them?

The first time, I was just very curious. I sent a letter to a men’s magazine in Sweden. I was only seventeen at the time so they sent me home and told me to wait until I was eighteen. I had to wait six months and then I started doing pictures. After that, they asked me if I wanted to try a video. I started slow. The first time was a masturbation. Then after that came a full scene. So it wasn’t hard-core right away.

Good idea. Do you remember the name of the first movie you were in?

The first real, professional movie I was in was Private Triple X number 10 I think. We did that in France, just south of Paris.

Who was in that scene with you?

Roberto Malone and the other guy was skinnier, with light brown hair. I don’t remember his name.

Were you nervous?

Yeah, a little bit, but it was very professional, so it was OK.

Did you enjoy it?

Yeah, very much.

How many movies have you made since then?

I don’t know the exact number, I would say around thirty.

Mostly for Private?

No, I have only done two for Private. Then it has been a little bit all over the world.

Are there any that you have done and are particuarlly proud of?

I am a very hard critic, so I don’t think I am proud of anything. I can always be better.

If someone has never seen any of your work and wants to see you, is there one you would recommend.

I never watch my own movies. You don’t?

No, I hate to see myself. But if they were going to look at one, maybe the last anal scene I did with Rocco Sifreddi from Rock and Roll Rocco.

That one was hot.

Yes, I know that, it was hot to be there. Do you have any favorite men to work with?

No, I don’t care so much about them men in the movie. I turn to the camera, so for me it’s not such a big deal if it’s a gorgeous man or just some guy that they picked for me.

So even a porn critic would work for you?

I don’t know if I would go that far Rog, we all have to have standards.

Do you work with women also?

Oh yes.

Any favorite women to work with?

No, but there is one I look up to, Rebecca Lord. She is so very pretty. She is also very kind, not looking down at you or seeing you as more competition like a lot of the American girls.

What were you like growing up, were you outgoing, shy?

Oh very shy. I’m still very shy.

You aren’t shy now.

Yes I am. When I have to, I can be outgoing, but off camera, I am shy.

Do the people back home know what you do?

Yes, the whole town knows.

How do they feel about that?

It’s a little bit mixed. One Uncle is very upset and called me drunk to scream at me. But he is the only one who has reacted negatively. All my friends think it is so funny. They are amazend and want to know everythying about the business.

Did you start having sex at a young age?

No, normal age. I was 15. That’s the legal age in Sweden.

So you had been having sex for a couple of years before getting into movies?

Yes. I was already in love with sex.

Had you had sex with a woman before doing it on video?

No, I hadn’t.

Do you remember who the first woman was?

Yes, a Swedish girl from Stolkholm.

After you finished your first scene, did you know right away you wanted to do more, or did you need time to think about?

No, it was never something I had to think about it. It was just something I did. I never decided I was going to work with porno, because it just ended up like that.

How tall are you?

168 CM

You said you don’t watch your own movies, do you watch other porn movies?

Sometimes when I have to. I know I should watch more to learn what others are doing, but I don’t watch many.

What do you think about the adult film business?

I think television and mass media is looking at porn in a very wrong way. It is very serious. It’s not a bunch of old men who come with drugs to give you before a movie. That is what the newspaper want it to look like. It is very serious and very friendly.

So it has been very positive for you?

Yes, it has.

Is the American film business different than the European?

Yes, there are a few differences between the American and European. When I was in Japan, that was the biggest difference.

How is it different?

In south Europe they have very long dinners, so there was a lot of wasted time. There would be two hours before we could start shooting while they eat in drink. It was kind of boring I think. I was not used to this. In Japan, the biggest difference was that they never cut the scene. So the girl and the boy have to have their sex for fifteen or thirty mintues and then be finished. They never take a break or do the make up or anything that is normally done in Europe. That’s the biggest difference.

Do you have any favorite things to do on camera?

Not that I can think of.

Do you have a web site?


Is that where the fan club information is?

Yes, that is where they can send the email.. I do my best to answer all the letters.

Do you get a lot of email?

It depends. If I have just done a live show on the internet, then it rains in.

Do you do a lot of live internet shows?

No. So far I have done two, sitting in front of the camera.

Was that fun?


That’s on your own web site?

Yes, it’s fun to interact with the fans like that.

How do you think your on screen personality reflects or differs from how you are in real life?

It’s quite similar I think. I don’t even have a stage name, I use my real name, so this is me.

Do you do any dancing?

I have started in Sweden, but there aren’t many good clubs.

Maybe you will tour the US?

Yes, but I need to get a teacher so I can get better.

Are your dance engagments on your web site?

Yes they are.

So our readers in Sweden can find out what clubs you will dancing in.

Yes, come and see me. I love to meet people.

What are your career goals in the business?

I have started my own company, so hopefully that will be good.

What is the company called.

Linda Thoren Productions. The first movie is going to be a gonzo movie with me and friends and should be wild.

You’re directing your own?

Yes, I don’t know when I will release it, but we are discussing a contract with Sin City.

Would you like to make feature films with your company as well?

Yes, eventually. We are looking at eight movies in the next year for Sin City.

What are your outside interests?

I love to watch TV, a lot of soaps and talk shows.

Do you like American T?.

Yes, but I haven’t had enough time. There are so many channels, so I keep jumping around. I have seen the talk show “Sally” and I love that.

Have you been watching Jerry Springer?

Yeah, but he has been in Sweden for a while. Sally is new for me.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, for four years.

Does he do movies?

No, he is a journalist in Sweden.

He’s OK with you doing movies?

Yes. It’s tough sometimes, but we handle it well.

Anything else you would like to say?

I don’t think so.

That’s about it. Thank you so much.

Thank you Roger.

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