Lex the Impaler 6

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Lex the Impaler 6


224 Mines.


DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: POV, Anal Sex, Gapes


STARS: Lexington Steele, Bree Olson, Kristina Rose, Phoenix Marie, Jenna Presley, Jenaveve Jolie, Mariah Milano,



Jules Jordan has once teamed with Lexington Steele for a blistering hot fuck flick. Lex dishes out the legendary meat to a half dozen hotties all of whom seem to thrive on the challenge of taking all thirteen inches. The movie starts with Bree Olson who sets the bar impossibly high. Five girls follow and they do a damn fine job of keeping up. I always take a look at the weakest scene in a movie. If it would stand up with the best of another flick, then you have a huge hit on your hands. That’s the case here. The weakest link is the finale. Mariah Milano is curvy, hot and fucks Lex like she means it. That scene would be more than hot enough to be a top half fuck in any other flick. Bree Olson’s scene really is one of her best. She is perfectly built and takes every inch of Lex in every hole and is nothing short of brilliant. Kristina Rose follows that up with a scene that is just about as good and may be even hotter in the anal action department. Kristina the cowgirl is just awesome and her ass was made for this kind of porn. Phoenix Marie caps off disc one with yet another blistering anal scene. Big butt lovers will be on overload. Disc two has Jenna Presley as well as the Mariah scene. It also has a scene between Lex and Jenaveve Jolie that is nothing short of spectacular. She is one of my favorite girls and this scene is one of her very best. Overall this is a perfectly shot fuck flick with the biggest male star in the business tearing up some of the hottest babes on the planet. The anal sex is great, the tease is spectacular and Bree, Kristina and Jenaveve make it a can’t miss title from porn’s best dynamic duo.

Bree Olson & Lexington Steele

Bree is blindfolded, dressed in white lingerie and bound to metal bars by pink bondage tape. She squats and waits for something, something huge and ready to tear her up. Lex teases her with his cock, letting her feel it on her face and tits as she He finally fills her hungry mouth with his massive tool and she does her best to suck it. Lex lets her up and takes off the blindfold. She holds his cock adoringly and begs with her eyes as she puts it back into her mouth. Standing her up, Lex rubs his cock on her pussy from behind before sliding it in. She gets used to the size and the mounts him on the couch to really take it all in. Bree is simply gorgeous so the eye candy is always high when she is involved. Her pussy can also take a big cock quite well. She makes sure to play up the size though so all of the fantasy bases are well covered. Moving on to the anal, she holds her cheeks open and lets him slide his cock right up her ass. That’s a lot of meat for such a tight hole, but she takes it really well and actually starts to convulse halfway through the fun. This is perfectly shot anal action and Bree adds a layer by talking about how she used to watch porn like this when she was a little girl. It’s pretty filthy stuff and really pushes the scene to the next level. Bree rides the cock, taking it deep in her ass and then get down on her knees to take this load in her mouth and all over her pretty little face. I will be shocked if anything else in the movie can top this, but we can watch and hope.

Kristina Rose & Lexington Steele

Sexy cowgirl Kristina Rose is all ready to lasso something big and black. The outfit is really cute, but let’s face it, Kristina needs only wiggle her ass to provide fantastic tease footage. When she gets her hands on Lex, Kristina uses the gloves to get him one sensation then hits him with her warm wet mouth. She looks at it like she has found perfection and pops it right into her mouth. Lex looks at her ass with the same adoring gaze as he buries his face in her big perfect cheeks. Before she fucks him, Kristina rubs that big cock against her ass and lets it slide between her cheeks. Once it is inside of her, she literally rides it like a rodeo champ. Great hip movements and she talks up a storm while impaling herself. The cowgirl outfit stays on so there is some added costume fantasy to the great interracial sex and spectuclar ass shots. Her ass is the next target and she pushes all the way down on him. The last scene featured great anal, but watching Kristina squat fuck his dick with her perfect ass makes me think that at least for the anal, she may have outdone Bree by a bit. The reverse cowgirl is fucking crazy. Kristina is cscreaming and throwing her legs up in the air like she has never felt anything so good. Her reward is a big load of cum that he fires right into her mouth. She sucks the final few drops out and looks up with those eyes. This is another perfect scene.

Phoenix Marie & Lexington Steele

Phoenix is set to see if her big white ass can match up to Lex’ big black cock. She shows it off well during tease and then finds him behind her through a metal gate. He slips his dick through the gate and she happily sucks it into her hungry mouth. The do some all play outside before going into the house where she can bend over and let him hold into her full hips while plowing deep into her wet love tunnel. Round two of oral features some serious ball sucking. Phoenix gets her face down there and really roots around for a long time. When she throws her legs behind her head, she is able to take that big dick way up into that ass. Hot anal action again. Phoenix has a great big ass and strong, thick thighs. She is built for fun and Lex takes full advantage. Great facial shot to end yet another really good scene.

Jenna Presley & Lexington Steele

Jenna promises to be sluttier than usual today. sh into her skilled mouth. She doesn’t have to wait long to show us just how dirty she can be. Jenna coos as she plays with Lex’s dick through her pants. She talks dirty and teases as she admires his meat. The only way to stop her dirty talk is to shove a dick in her mouth. Lex does that and she moans loudly around him. It takes both hands and her mouth, but Jenna manages to service it pretty well. He moves her to the stairs where her big ass can wiggle in the air as he enters her pussy from behind. Deep strokes make her squeal as she lives up to her promise. Lex fucks her hard and then moves her to the bed so she can throw her legs up and let him just go crazy. Jenna takes the best he’s got and then gets on to get hers. He has fund bending her over, but goes back to the bed where he can grab her legs and pull her towards him as his cock bottoms out in her pussy. He ends up feeding her a big load of hot cum to cap it off.

Jenaveve Jolie & Lexington Steele

Now we get to one of my favorite women in the business. Jenaveve is just fucking gorgeous. Watching her stand naked in front of a mirror is enough to make me want to shoot rockets in her honor. She spends some quality time in the bathtub, showing off her sexy ass, perfect tits and mouth watering pussy. It’s slow and sexy, but I’m ready to dive into the water and lick her from head to toe. Lex comes in and lets her put her soft tita around his cock. Jenaveve rubs her boobs together than smacks his dick on them before sucking his balls lovingly. Her mouth gets him ready and then her pussy swallows up during standing doggy. Her body is amazing and the longer shots provide us with a perfect view. Lex takes her on the counter and then lays her down so we can see just how perfectly built she really is. She grabs his dick like she loves and sits right down on it. They finish this perfect eye candy with a big load of cum all over her pretty face. I so love this girl.

Mariah Milano & Lexington Steele

Maria has a really tough act to follow. She is rocking some long black boots and showing off her bit ass and titties. Lex takes her inside and lets her lick his cock. She really goes after it with her mouth and hands. This is already a good scene, but it suffers after the perfection that was Jenaveve. He bends her over and fucks her hard and deep from behind. The really works it and is just the sort of girl that Lex love sto pound. He scoops her up off of the ground and just lets her take everything in. There is some really great reverse cowgirl footage. Finishing up with another nice facial this is a good scene. Not the best of the movie, but still really solid from start to finish.

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