Justice League of Pornstar Heroes

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Justice League of Pornstar Heroes

138 Mins.
Extreme Comixxx
DIRECTOR: Sinister X
THEMES: Young Girls. Hookers, Schoolgirls
STARS: Chanel Preston, Tom Byron, Jon Jeremy. Rocco Reed, Andy San Dimas, Evan Stone, Scott Lyons, Amber Rayne, Shyla Stylez, Kristina Rose, Tommy Gunn, Roxanne Hall, Bill Bailey, Barry Scott, Talon,



I have been waiting months to see this movie. I’ve always loved the comic book/super hero genre and it is just now coming into its own. As the first release from Extreme Comixxx this movie features a whole bunch of super heroes and master criminals. It has a huge cast and great costumes. The Justice League is made up of the biggest heroes you can imagine. The cast is huge and mostly perfect I might add. (Ron Jeremy as the Penguin is nothing short of inspired.) There is a decent little story here with a part two coming up. When there isn’t a story to fall back on, there are some good action or fight scenes to enjoy. For anyone who likes comic book heroes and heroines, this movie must be considered a “buy it now” option. Take your pick, your favorite hero is here. And take your pick, a hot girl is waiting to fuck in every scene. Chanel Preston plays Wonder Woman and is very, very good. I have long said that Gianna Michaels is the perfect WW, but Chanel is really fantastic. She fucks the hell out of Tommy Gunn in a great one on one scene. There scene is enough of a highlight, but there is something even better later in the movie. She does a blowbang with the rest of her super hero friends. The idea of Wonder Woman doing a blowbang is super hot, but the actual scene is even hotter thanks to Chanel’s pretty face, enthusiastic BJ and some great facials. If that isn’t enough to have you racing out to pick up a copy of this movie, there is plenty more. Kristina Rose gives one hell of a hot scene that once again proves she is as a solid a performer as there is in this business. Roxanne Hall plays Catwoman and gets DP’d. I liked that scene quite a bit. Shyla Stylez is a little underused, but still hot. Throw in Andy San Dimas and you have more than enough reason to love the cast for sexual reasons. With a second half to this movie looming. I honestly can’t wait for the release date. Justice League of Porn Star Heroes is a fun flick, with a decent story, fun battle sequences, awesome costume fantasy appeal and better than average sex. That makes it a huge winner on every level and a must see for porn loving comic book fans or comic book loving porn fans the world over.

Roxanne Hall, Evan Stone & Scott Lyons

Batman and Robin go in search of Catwoman to see if she is behind the Weather Bomb. She will give up information, but only in exchange for a double dose of Batcock and (Boy) Wonder Weenie. The Double BJ footage is really good with Roxanne inhaling cock like her left depends on it. Quietly doing their jobs, Batman and Robin dish out the dick. Great body shots here as Roxanne bends into all sorts of fun positions to get poked. Roxanne is a great performer who really keeps her body moving during some white hot reverse cowgirl. Turning her back to the camera she slides the Bat pole up her back road and continues to fuck like she can’t wait to be pumped full of semen. With one in her bum, she moans loudly around the other sizeable slab that is pumping her pretty mouth. There is only one thing left to do, double the little kitty. Roxanne takes the short double stuffing before being covered in cum. The Dynamic Duo shoot copious loads all over her masked face as Catwoman lovingly laps it up. This is a great stroke scene with tremendous costume fantasy appeal and a super find facial from Mr. Hall.

Kristina Rose & Rocco Reed

Superman does battle with evil magician Katana and easily overpowers her. When she whips out some Kryptonite, he is weakened and she goes right after his cock. (Silly nympho baddies. Why not just kill him?) Making short work of his cock, Kristina proves that she really is a magician, completely vanishing that prick in her skilled throat. Rolling over into spoon she shows him the ass that no man could possibly resist. Pushing back to take that cock, Kristina shows the sort of movies that have made her a star. Superman is able to keep his dick hard and does his best to stay out of the way as she does most of the work. The ass shots in this scene are great, but the way Kristina talks while she fucks is really what makes her so special in my book. The man of steel gives her a nice creamy load for her dirty mouth and Kristina savors every last drop.

Shyla Stylez & Tom Byron

Tom Byron plays Lex Luthor, the man behind the plan. Poison Ivy (Shyla Stylez) has plenty to offer her criminal boss, starting with some awesome and enthusiastic head. Shyla looks great on her knees and slobbers all over that knob as few can. She grabs it tight in her hand and mirrors her lip action with her fingers until he shoots a big load of goo all over her face.

Andy San Dimas & Barry Scott

The Flash is just a little too quick for your average thug to take down. The fight sequence is really cool and sets up a hot scene. Andy ends up begging for mercy. His kindness is rewarded by a serious no-hands blowjob. Andy knows how what she’s doing and makes sure that Flash gets to enjoy her deep throat for longer than he enjoyed kicking ass. She begs for his cock and grabs it with both hands at one point moaning on it and calling herself a “cock pig.” (Hey, you have to love a girl willing to get a bit creative.) Climbing on top, she fucks him and reaches around to finger her own ass. See, the bad girls really are the most fun. Great looking cowgirl here as Flash power fucks that pussy and Andy gives us her very best. She strokes the load out of him using both hands and her mouth. Andy is just so much fun to watch.

Chanel Preston & Tommy Gunn

Wonder Woman goes in next, taking on “The General” in a quick but cool fight that ends with Tommy on the wrong end of the lasso. It doesn’t work on him, but a good old fashioned blowjob works wonders. Chanel looks great in the costume and delivers a really good looking BJ. She can nearly take it all down her throat and makes a whole lot of fantasies come true in a short time. The doggy is pretty good though there are some lighting issues. No such problems with the reverse cowgirl. Chanel rides his cock and gets off while he rubs her clit from behind. Great looking sex here and she stays in uniform enough to really add to the costume appeal. I really love the way they finish off in doggy again. Chanel has got a fantastic ass and really nice thighs. The General finishes off by shooting a load all over Wonder Woman’s wide open mouth.

Amber Rayne & Talon

Amber plays the ultra flexible Harley Quinn to perfection. She and Green Lantern square off and it ends the way all of these scenes do, with a cock down her throat. Amber is quite the nasty girl and takes a rather serious round of face fucking. Great looking action here and the make up really drives home the comic book appeal. I really like the way she maintains a crazy energy throughout the whole scene. It isn’t just another porn scene with two people fucking. She’s really fucking like a crazy woman getting a taste of super cock. The flexibility is kind of a turn on too. He finishes up with a shot all over her face.

Chanel Preston– Blowbang

Once the bomb is taken care of, Wonder Woman rewards all of her super friends with her mouth. A blow bang was not how I was expecting this movie to end, but color me pleasantly surprised. They pass her around, letting her suck for the most part, but adding a bit of face fucking to keep things fresh. The harder they fuck her face, the more she likes it. It gets plenty sloppy with lots of drool, a little choking and plenty of eye candy as she makes millions of comic book fan fantasies come true. We even get to watch her deep throat some rather large cocks. Chanel shows great energy and just the right amount of filth to make this a climax worth sticking around for. Speaking of climax, the super friends have some super loads for her pretty face. She turns her face upwards and lets the guys just rain cream right into her open mouth. One after another, the guys leave loads for her and Wonder Woman eats them right up.

Bonus: Cumshot Reel, Photos & BTS (Cast Interviews, Let’s Make a Movie, Lizzy TV & Fun with Superman and Wonder Woman)


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