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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Karissa Shannon Superstar

Karissa Shannon Superstar

MOVIE TYPE: Celebrity

132 Mins



THEMES: Celebrity Sex, Interracial Sex, Big Cock


STARS: Karissa Shannon



This is the latest Vivid celebrity effort and it’s another questionable one. Are these Playboy girls really celebs? I don’t know, but I miss the days of the A list babes fucking on camera. That is the last of the complaining I will do though. Karissa Shannon is hot, hot, HOT! Blonde, cute and horny are three words that come to mind and all three work well here. Her boyfriend is a celebrity of sorts as well. Both Karissa and her man could have futures in porn. She knows how to suck cock like a champ and has contract girl good looks. He’s a handsome dude with a long, thick cock that works just fine. The camerawork isn’t always great here, making me think that this really might be just a collection of snippets that they shot mostly for fun. We don’t get traditional sex scenes with start, middle and pop, but there is plenty of sex here. Karissa loves the big dick, treats her man like she loves him too and shows flashes of greatness. With nearly two hours to enjoy there is plenty to be happy about. No facials or anal, but good oral action, some semi public play and a couple of pops on her cute, tight ass. Rather than picking this movie apart for what it isn’t, I’m just going to enjoy it for what it is. Two hours of a very hot blonde loving a big hard cock with her pretty mouth and tight pussy. If she wasn’t a real celeb when she started, then Karissa Shannon is a porn superstar when she’s finished for sure.

Sam finds that the way to Karissa’s heart it through her clit, or more to the point, through the huge diamond clit ring she has through that little bud. The tightly shot POV footage is clumsy as they stumble around trying to find a way for the camera to pick up the action as she fucks him. Things settle down a big as the camera is placed near a couch and he mounts her hard from behind. Pretty good energy here even if there isn’t a whole lot to see other than shaky footage with no popshot.

They get playful on the road with Karissa giving her man a little handjob as he cruises down the freeway. When they get home she is able to sucks it since the lotion is all gone. Pretty good looking head from the sexy blonde here. She strokes, sucks and swallows his balls like she loves the taste. Enthusiasm counts for a lot and Karissa really knows how to treat her man. Nice short round of fucking here too, but again no pop shot to speak of.

Relaxing after a day on the beach in Hawaii, Karissa gets her mouth on the cock again. The lighting is time this time, but it’s very much a porno BJ, complete with dick slapping and hot talk. He bends her over on the edge of the bed which gives us some great leg and ass shots. There is a long jerk off segment featuring Sam stroking and lubing his big cock while she holds the camera. This time he gives her a pop, busting a nut all over her pretty ass. After rubbing it in he gives her a second load on her boobs. (Different day but a few seconds later in the movie)

Karissa teases and then watching him play with his dick. (She calls it her “daddy dick” and coos about the size.) He puts the cock into her, giving us some shaky POV fucking as she holds the camera. After fucking it for a bit, she sucks it, once again showing off porn caliber oral skills and a super cute face.

There is no popshot at the end of the last segment, but they pick right back up with some more BJ footage. As she has throughout the movie, Karissa lovingly devours his meat and strokes it like a girl who really enjoys the weight of it in her hand. The fucking gets a boost from a nearby mirror that captures her with her feet up the air as he pounds away like he’s digging tunnels. That part is great even if the close up shots are a blur of shadows that lead up to another shot on her butt.

They get a little porno for the next segment. Karissa gets all tarted up in hot lingerie and lets her man have at him with a riding crop while they play. The cheesy music is silly, but she’s on a leash and starting to suck cock. All of a sudden it just ends. Dude, bad, bad time to cut out.

The leash is back on in the next clip as they look at a computer and her reaches down to play with her pussy. That gets her in the mood so she throws her legs up over his shoulders and just lets him bang away like crazy.

Bonus: Vivid Celeb Sampler (31 minute reel of other celeb tapes) Commercials, Trailers. Second DVD n addition there is a second disc celebrating 25 years of Vivid. It is a great compilation that starts in 1984 with a hot Ginger Lynn scene and moves forward through the next two and a half decades. At over three and a half hours, this is one hell of a compilation on its own. As a bonus it’s pretty fucking great. It includes scenes featuring Christy Canyon, Barbara Dare, Tori Wells, Savannah, Ashlyn Gere, Raquel Darrian, Kobe Tai, Taylor Hayes, Savanna Samson, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Sunny Leone and dozens of the biggest stars our industry has ever seen.


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