Condemned, The

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Condemned, The


139 Mins.


THEMES: Fighters, Revenge



STARS: Nikki Jayne, Kimberly Kane, Faye Reagan, Vanessa Leon, Krissy Lynn, Tory Lane, Kagney Linn Karter, Meggan Mallone, Ben English, Anthony Rosano, James Deen, Randy Spears, Marco Banderas, Mr. Marcus, Mr. Pete, Jerry, Billy Glide


We have seen B Skow do some great work for Vivid over the last few years. His Brand New Faces series is one of the best new girl lines the industry has to offer. This is his first really big feature and certainly his darkest effort to date. It stars Vivid’s hottest contract starlet, Nikki Jayne as a former professional boxer turned underground fighter. She is abducted after a brutal fight one night and the story takes some dark twists along the way. When Nikki finds herself locked up, she slowly learns the truth about her captors. This is where a warning is required. This is not your typical “happily ever after” porn story. The institution dishes out revenge old school style. It is not gentle and not for the faint of heart. That sometimes works against the sex. It isn’t always easy going from dark and edgy to strokeable in the blink of an eye. Nikki helps that quite a bit because she’s just so fucking hot. The best scenes in the movie feature her at her hot and nasty best. Opening with a great scene with Ben English, Nikki shows off a great body and a hunger for cock that most contract girls can’t touch. She takes part in a four-girl lesbian party and then goes toe to toe with Krissy Lynn. Great scene there. The big Nikki scene features here getting hot and sweaty with three dicks at once. There is enough Nikki action to keep anyone happy. She also is given a very meaty role and handles her dialog nicely. Faye Reagan pops in for one really hot scene. She’s always worth watching. Krissy Lynn and Kimberly Kane get a couple chances to shine and they both take full advantage. This is a very good movie with an edgy story, a well-written script and really good sex scenes. It’s a plot driven porn flick with some emotional depth and that’s rare. The sex scenes are very good and even when the story gets a little dark, the women are gorgeous and the heat is impossible to miss. This is a very solid feature in every regard and certainly not a movie you will forget any time soon.

Nikki Jayne & Ben English

The world of underground fighting is harsh and ugly. Nikki Jayne is not. After a brutal bout she and Ben discuss the insanity of her actions and then get down to some serious sweaty sex. In the ring she is tough, but on her knees Nikki gently guides his big cock down her throat and loves it with her soft lips like it’s the most precious thing on earth. As usual, Nikki shows great energy when she gets a cock in her. She spreads her ass and bounces on his lap like she’s trying to break something off inside of her. Nice shots of Nikki on her back here. She is so fucking pretty with an amazing body and her sexual energy is the icing on the cake. Since she just kicked the crap out of someone you wouldn’t think that Nikki has anything left to work out, but she really gets going during some reverse cowgirl. After working that pussy hard, Ben puts his dick right up her ass and Nikki rubs her clit with desire. Always up for nasty fun she does A2M before getting on top and pushing her ass down around his meat. Lots of girls take it in the ass, but few are as pretty as Nikki and still so enthusiastic about the deep booty action. Ben pulls out and drains his balls all over her face and tits. Nikki takes it all and then lovingly licks everything clean like a good girl. Tough in the ring and hot in the sack. What could be better?

Kimberly Kane & Anthony Rosano

Elsewhere, Anthony is blowing off post fight steam his own way. She looks so good with a cock in her mouth that even when she nearly pukes on him, she finds a way to make it super hot. Nice eye contact here as she looks up at him and bobs her mouth up and down. This is quite simply a perfect blowjob. Kimberly attacks the cock with her mouth and hands until it just explodes all over her face.

Faye Reagan & James Deen

Nikki is kidnapped and is in a clinic somewhere. Faye and James are there also and they are having a lot more fun than she is. James works his way up her body, kissing her and feeling her perfect tits with his hands. Nice shots of her pussy as he gets behind her and reaches around to play with her lips. He fingers that pretty ready muff and drives Faye totally wild. Turning her ass to the air, Faye lets him lick her butthole until it looks ready for a good fucking. She is so very grateful that she takes his cock in both hands and sucks it like it’s made of candy. Great eye contact here as one of the prettiest girls in all of porn delivers a spectacularly hot blowjob. There is some good face fucking, but James saves up the best strokes for her little red pussy. He bends her over and really fucks her hard from behind. The body shots are so good. Faye is just gorgeous from any angle so enjoy her legs and ass now. Rolling her over, James looks right at her while he stuffs that muffin. Rough and aggressive, this scene is not your typical Vivid effort. It is also a great piece of eye candy thanks to the adorable Ms. Regan. She spreads wide and rides in reverse cowgirl, giving us our best look at her perfect chest so far. He finishes with a flurry in mish and sprays down her fiery snatch. Damn I love hot redheads.

Vanessa Leon & Mr. Marcus

The hospital sex continues after some disturbing plot points. Marcus and Vanessa are getting it on. She was ripping into a guy not long ago and does her best to be just as energetic with Marcus, but in a much more pleasant manner. She bends over with her naughty bits sticking out of her dress and loves every inch of his dick as it enters her tight pussy. Vanessa turns out to be quite flexible, putting one leg up on his shoulder and kissing him as she gets pounded. Tossing her dress aside, she straddles the dick and works her hips double time. He picks her up and bounces her on his rod until she looks ready to stick there. This is a fun scene, but the big facial shot is the real highlight. Wow does this girl get a big messy surprise all over her smiling mug.

Krissy Lynn, Kimberly Kane & Mr. Pete

After explaining the whole thing to Nikki, Krissy and Kimberly work out some sexual frustrations on Pete. They squat and start sucking, taking his meat into their mouths one at a time. Kimberly is awesome as always and Krissy holds her own quite nicely. When the blonde can’t quite get it all the way down her throat, Kimberly helps out, making sure that Krissy gets her fill of the cock. Pete eats Kimberly, getting that pussy ready for some real fun. She moves out of the way so that Krissy can bend over and get fucked hard. Not wanting to wait too long, Kimberly sucks the cock right out of her friend’s pussy. They move over to the couch where Kimberly bounces on the cock and shows off a great ass. Pete dishes out the dick to both women and they fuck him with twice as much energy as he gives to them. Kimberly gets her face right in close for the action while Krissy gets bent over and fucked silly. I really love the energy in this scene and the eye candy is pretty great as well. Kimberly gets on top and slides her ass down around his dick, adding something even hotter to an already great three-way. Pete pulls out of Krissy’s pussy and cums in Kimberly’s mouth just so she can spit it all over her friend’s lovely titties.

Nikki Jayne, Faye Reagan, Tory Lane & Kagney Linn Karter

Getting used to her new home, Nikki learns that one of the perks is that she is living with a bunch of hot chicks. They shower up together and then have a nice four-way lesbian fest. Kagney and Tory are having a great time together while Faye and Nikki watch from nearby masturbating. This gives us some great eye candy from both women as they spread and finger their pussies.

Nikki Jayne, Marco Banderas, Billy Glide & Jerry

Flashing back to a happier time, Nikki celebrates legitimate boxing win by sucking Billy’s huge cock. Great POV blowjob here before she moves over to work on Marco and Jerry for a while. They stand her up and fuck her from behind and in the mouth at the same time. Nikki gets a post-fight workout that has her pussy stretched and her mouth stuffed full of meat. Her body looks so good that any angle is pleasing to the eye. She reaches back, spreads her cheeks and takes a cock right up her asshole. They have her all sweaty and stuffed both lower holes during some stunning DP footage. She gets cum fired onto her pussy and her pretty face. This one is pure heat and unforgettable.

Nikki Jayne & Krissy Lynn

Krissy fully explains what will happen to her and they bond over some hot lesbian kissing. After the last scene this one seems a little less hot. It does feature plenty of hot eye candy thanks to these two sexy blondes. Krissy gives Nikki’s pussy a serious workout with her hands and then licks up the juices. Great shots of Krissy riding her friend’s face and getting licked herself. I love watching Krissy with her legs spread wide. Great energy as the women struggle control. Nikki flips it and spanks Krissy while ramming her fingers deep. This works for a while, but Krissy uses her fingers on Nikki’s asshole and takes control again. As it turns out, this little veggie fuck is quite hot and is well worth watching.

Meggan Mallone & Randy Spears

We have been waiting for these two cops to stop working long enough to fuck. They finally do. Randy has Meggan throw her long legs up in the air and starts licking her pussy right away. She is a beautiful woman who looks really good sliding up and down on his cock. In a movie full of edge, suspense and sometimes rough sex scenes, this one seems a little vanilla. They take a little break for a stunningly hot blowjob. Meggan is super fine looking and with her mouth stuffed she is even hotter. After the blowjob Randy goes back to fucking her and gets Meggan all sweaty before dumping his load on her face. This is a good scene, but an odd one to make the sexual finale.

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