Sexual Blacktivity 2

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Sexual Blacktivity 2


320 Mins.

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Anal Sex


DIRECTOR: Jenna Haze

STARS: Jenna Haze, Kristina Rose, Ashli Orion, Sadie West, Monique Alexander, Aryanna Starr, Sean Michaels


It is time once again for Jenna Haze to take us on a trip to the dark side. She’s got a great collection of babes along for the ride. Wisely knowing what we want to see, Jenna has put herself in plenty of scenes. That is always the basis for a hot movie. The opening scene features Jenna taking on two big cocks and setting the bar incredibly high. Combining energy and good looks with an incredible ability to take more dick than seems possible, Jenna shows us all why she is still game’s top gonzo girl. Monique Alexander joins Jenna for a kinky scene with Mr. Marcus. With Jenna watching, Marcus drops the hammer on the gorgeous blonde. Kristina Rose has a hot anal workout that should get serious award consideration. She is just fucking amazing. Sexy Sadie West closes out the first disc with a fantastic scene where she takes every inch of Lexington Steele. Jenna starts off disc two with a rousing fuck with Mr. Marcus. She is worth a look in this one and then again with Sean Michaels. There just aren’t many women in porn who can match Jenna’s heat in scenes like this. Ashli Orion proves that she can take a big dick in her ass as well as anyone. Rounding out the cast, busty Aryanna Starr proves that the sistas love the big dick as well. This collection of scenes is perfect in just about every way. Jenna steals the show of course with three incredible IR fucks.

Jenna Haze, CJ Wright & Prince Yashua

Jenna puts herself in the first scene. That’s always a good idea. She sets up a great scene with some awesome looking tease. Jenna starts out in lingerie and then slides fingers into her ass. She curls up and begs for cock only to find two very willing black men waiting to give it to her. They fill her mouth and she gives some great hand action. Once they are both hard, she gets on her knees to get filled at both ends. The dicks go deep and Jenna loves them both. Moving into cowgirl she squeezes tight with her pussy while still sucking like a pro. The camera moves in really close as Jenna throws her legs back and takes the dick impossibly deep into her tiny little hole. She is very tight, but takes big dicks well and with tons of energy. The harder they fuck her, the more she loves it. Jenna leans her head back to take the first load in her mouth. The second shot lands right on her flat belly. It’s a huge fucking load and might have covered her whole face all by itself.

Jenna Haze, Monique Alexander & Mr. Marcus

Jenna has decided she wants to spice things up by bringing over another girl. Marcus isn’t about to say no to this, especially when he sees Monique walk through the door. She’s more of a gift for Marcus than a hot piece to be shared. Monique starts out with a slow and sexy lap dance that has him ready to go in record time. She takes his cock out and starts stroking it into her pretty mouth. Always great for eye candy, Monique also a lot of energy and some hot talk as she sucks and strokes that throbbing black pole. Marcus takes the camera for some POV footage focusing on Monique and her two fisted BJ. Monique sits back and lets Marcus eat her while Jenna rubs her clit nearby. The pussy get all juicy so he can just slide it right in. Jenna reaches over and strokes her man’s cock. We get some nice POV shots looking down as his cock splits her lower lips and fills her pussy. They move over to the other couch so the camera can follow her shapely ass as she pumps up and down on the dick. The close up shots here are spectacular as that tight pussy grips him on every pump of her sexy hips. Great energy from Monique here as she gets nailed deep and pushes back to match his strokes. When it’s time for the pop, Jenna helps out by jerking her man all over the pretty hooker’s willing face. Great pop to cap off a fantastic scene.

Kristina Rose & Prince Yashua

Kristina can’t understand why she’s at 119 pounds. One look at her sexy ass will tell you exactly why. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t seem to take her workouts very seriously. Kristina is more interested in dancing around than lifting weights. Once she starts shaking her ass, Kristina manages to distract her trainer with the lovely site of her quaking cheeks. She proposes something more fun than lifting and he is happy to see that it includes her mouth on his cock. Sliding it to the back of her throat, Kristina proves that she is up for all sorts of naughty fun. He bends her over and licks that tight little asshole, showing us her big ass as he gets down to the rimming. The fantastic butt shots are hard to miss. Showing off her energy, she takes every inch of cock and gets her heart racing. Kristina sucks the cum from his dick and gets on all fours on the weight bench so he can enjoy her beautiful butt from behind. Deep squatting she opens her butthole for some hard and fast anal sex. Make all the jokes you like, but this seriously looks like a work out for both of them. In typical fashion, Kristina is vocal, aggressive and knows how to show off her assets while being drilled hard. He completes her workout by dropping a huge load right into her mouth. This is award quality anal action folks.

Sadie West & Lexington Steele

Sadie’s scene starts with some artistic tease. It is slow and sexy, leading us right into the action with Lexington Steele. He gets her all amped up by playing with her nipples. She is ready to go when he plops that huge cock out and puts it into her mouth. It doesn’t fit, but she does her very best to service him orally. That long cock fills her up and Sadie screams out for more. Lex puts her on a small chair, puts her legs up on his shoulders and just plows in there balls-deep until she looks as if she can’t take any more. If you like women who are really loud and take dick really deep, then you are going to love Sadie. Lex dishes out the cock perfectly and Sadie does her best to tame the beast. He goes from pussy to mouth and back again until she looks just beat. By the time he sprays his big load in her mouth, Sadie looks like she has taken as much cock as possible and she seems totally satisfied.

Jenna Haze & Mr. Marcus

Marcus shows up for a shoot at Jules’ place, but there is no shoot. Jenna is home relaxing in her new bikini. With a big hard dick at her disposal, Jenna does just what we would hope she would do. She decides that a little fun on the side is a good way to make sure that the wood doesn’t go to waste. Jenna takes it in her tiny hands and works it over. This girl has some of the best hand action in the business. When his dick is not in her mouth, she strokes it like a woman on a mission. The POV footage is perfect and if you love hot BJ footage, you might just need your favorite jizz rag right now. Jenna bends over and shows off her sexy ass. Marcus slides up behind her and pumps that hot tight pussy. He grabs her hips and pulls her back to him, filling her up and slapping their bodies together. She settles in on top of him and grinds her hips until she finds the perfect rhythm. As always, she is a ball of energy who isn’t afraid to talk dirty while she grinds away on a big cock. Marcus pulls out and shoots his cream right into her hungry little mouth.

Ashli Orion & CJ Wright

Ashli won an award as Hottest Interracial Star so Jenna is going to give her a big black dick for her tight little white ass. To get it warmed up, she sticks a big toy back there and slides it in and out. Faced with the real thing, Ashli happily takes it into her mouth and bobs her pretty head. Once it is up and ready to go, she throws her legs up over her head and takes him deep in her tight hole. Taking a break she stuffs it back into her mouth and enthusiastically sucks her juices from his pole. Rolling onto her knees Ashli puts that cute tush up in the air and takes his cock deep between her cheeks. This girl is super cute and takes it so far up her ass that it looks like it might poke out her belly. They go for some serious piledriver that ends with his load pooling in her well-fucked asshole. Hot action from Ashli who seems to love the BBC in her booty.

Jenna Haze & Sean Michaels

With her hair all curled and full, Jenna gives us a new look and the same hot body we know and love. She talks to the camera while rubbing her pussy, tweaking her nipples and makes us all wish we were the one fucking her. Sean is the lucky guy though and that means that Jenna has her hands more than full. He eats her for a few minutes and then turns her loose on his long tool. Always up for a challenge, Jenna sucks and strokes the cock, giving us some hot POV footage mixed in with longer shots as she tries hard to swallow it. To make sure the pussy is nice and wet, Sean licks her again from behind, getting Jenna all ramped up and ready to fuck. They start in spoon with her legs up in the air and his big cock sliding way inside of her pussy. When Jenna is ready, she squats over the monster cock and pumps up and down on his meat. Sean finishes her off from behind with a big shot all over her sexy ass. This is just another great scene to add to the fantastic collection of action Jenna provides.

Aryanna Starr & Carlo Carrera

Just to remind us that hot sex does not ONLY include which chicks getting railed by black dicks, Aryanna shows up with her killer bikini curves and shines. There is some fantastic tease that features her big full ass on display as she pulls her bikini bottoms down. That’s lots and lots of shaking ass footage. She moves inside and is met by her handsome costar. He takes her tits into her mouth and sucks them before bending her over to spank that awesome big booty. Aryanna drops to the floor and starts sucking his cock. It grows between her full lips and fills her mouth. She climbs on top and puts that big ass on display as she goes into cowgirl. Lifting off she sucks him clean and goes right back to it. He bends her over and the camera captures the action from below as her big tits hang down and her shaved pussy gets stuffed. The doggy is really good with Aryanna reaching back to rub her pussy while she gets pounded. Oddly enough the scene cuts off before it ends. Very strange.

Bonus: BTS, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Cast List & Bonus Strip Tease scene with Jenna Haze.

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