Interactive Sex with Tori Black

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Interactive Sex with Tori Black

Interactive Sex with Tori Black

MOVIE TYPE: Interactive

Zero Tolerance


THEMES: Virtual Sex, Models, Anal Sex


STARS: Tori Black, Faye Regan, Kristina Rose



All right folks, I know a lot of you have been waiting for his. The chance to have interactive control over one of the hottest girls in porn, Tori Black. She gets a chance to star here in ways you have never seen before. Picking up where they left off with the last Interactive DVD, Zero Tolerance has put together an amazing package here. They have Tori in a number of different outfits and have given her plenty of room to play. They also have her taking it up the ass which is worth the price of admission all by itself. There are three discs worth of action here. On disc one we get Tori as the hot girl next door. This is your basic interactive with some girl/girl play and the three positions of sex with Tori. It’s very good on its own. The second disc features Tori as a model trying on various outfits to see how they look as she fucks. It’s like a second, more comprehensive interactive disc as a bonus. Disc three gives us great BTS but even more it gives us six bonus Tori scenes to love. That alone is worth the price of the DVD. It also includes a hot three-way with Kristina Rose. This is a fantastic interactive DVD with a gorgeous star, lots of options, real cumshots, anal sex, costume changes and above all, Tori Fucking Black. This is the DVD Tori fans have been waiting for. Don’t miss it.

Slumber Party

This is where you can watch Tori play with her girlfriends. Georgia is the main co-star here and thee are six different activities to choose from. Beginning with “Kiss” which as the menu would imply has the two girls making out, we work our way through the girl on girl fun. The make out session in fun and hot and is followed by some pussy licking. Watch Georgia ride Tori‘s face or vice versa. Two different angles are available so you can watch full body fun or zoom in tight on the tongue in slit shot. The girls also share dildo fun. Tori gets fucked and then has Georgia on all fours so that she can slide a toy into her sexy friend. When they are done with that you can have Tori join her sexy friend Faye for hot double blowjob. Choose your angle again with a classic POV shot and then a very tight side angle. You can also select Talk Dirty or Shut Up to hear different audio. Talking dirty is always hot and that is a great choice here. Both ways get you to the same popshot. The load goes into Tori‘s mouth and Faye begs to have it passed to her. Very hot BJ and a lot of fun girl on girl action here as well.

By the Pool

If you just want some great eye candy, take Tori out by the pool. She is in bikini and you get to rub oil onto her ass. You can flip Tori over and give her tits the same treatment. Only one angle here and no audio options, but it’s kind of fun and a great view.


Just like it says, this is where you go to watch Tori stroke your cock. It’s a great POV shot of her as she jerks it off. Tori connects perfectly with the camera and talks dirty like she wants everyone to explode at once. The second angle is a really nice close up, but the first shot is the winner. When the popshot comes, she points the dick right at her tits and rubs the cum into her skin and her little bra. Damn I could watch this all day.


Take Tori into the bedroom for mish. There are lots of choices here. You can start with vag and go to anal from the same menu. The shots are the same with an over the head POV angle and a side shot from in tight. Slow vag features Tori taking long strokes and talking cute. Fast has harder action and dirtier talk. You can shoot into her for a cream pie or pull out and shoot all over her pussy. Anal offers the same options for the fucking. Her legs go up for the anal and they spread wide for the fast anal. No cream pie here, but you can pull out and spray her down nicely.


It’s time for Tori to do the riding. Once again vag and anal are on the table. Tori rides in classic POV cowgirl with a super close up second angle for variety. Let her go slow or fast with corresponding talk to make it fun. There is a vaginal cream pie complete with expulsion footage or a pull out shot all over her thigh. Anal gives us the same shots and the same change of pace. It is still plenty rare to see Tori with a cock in her ass so just enjoy that. The fast anal is fantastic and it ties in perfectly with the pull out popshot.


Sticking with what works she gives us the same options for doggie. Fuck her pussy slow or fast from behind while she looks over her shoulder at the camera and talks us through it. There is a cream pie available, but it is isn’t easy to see from the main angle. Cumming all over her ass works better. Speaking of Tori‘s ass, it once again gets nailed. Slow is nice, but the fast anal features perfect dirty talk and leads us right to a big shot fired up her back. Tori is hot and this position is one of her best.

Disc Two:

Fashion Show

Want to dress Tori up a bit? Here is your chance. She has a big show to do and dresses up backstage. You can watch her walk the runway in different outfits which is a nice touch. Move on to the next one or stop and watch her fuck in the outfit. These are full interactive fucks as described below.

Missionary: Missionary has Tori in a little white dress as she gets fucked on her back in the pussy an the ass. Cream pie and two external pops here. Doggie: In a black top with no bottom, Tori gets bent over and fucked in both holes. Cowgirl: With white angel wings, Tori looks super sweet on the runway. The wings stay on as she fucks with her panties pulled aside. We get vag and anal once again and all of the usual popshots.


Watch Tory have fun with all of her toys. She starts with fingers Great close up shots on angle two, but the long shot gives us a great view of her body. The same can be said of the vag toy play. Tori lies on her side throws a leg up in the air and fucks her slit with a pink vibe. Bending over she inserts a toy into her ass for some very energetic and naughty anal play. When that isn’t enough she DP’s her self with both toys at once. Great solo here, but I can’t figure out why this wasn’t on the first disc as a great warm up.


Fantastic POV BJ action here. Tori stares right into the camera and starts sucking. Who needs options here, just watch her go. You can have her go fast or slow, but it looks great at any speed. She gives great deep throat as well. Two shots here. The first has Tori jerking the load into her mouth and swallowing while the second gets all over her pretty face. You can not go wrong with a BJ this hot. There is also a double BJ option here that has Kristina Rose joining Tori for some head. Fast or slow for the girls, they are a great tag team at any speed.

3 Way

Kristina comes home with Tori for some special three way fun. You can fuck either Kristina or Tori. When you choose Kristina she gets into mish with Tori across her stomach looking up at the camera. You can do fast or slow and pull out of Kristina‘s pussy to cum all over Tori‘s mouth. Tori gets fucked from behind in doggy. Just vag here and Kristina stays close so she can help lick up the cumshot when it pops.

Disc Three

The bonus disc is packed with extras. It starts off with a forty minute BTS reel that covers all aspects of the shoot. There is also a photo gallery and a nice collection of trailers. The real bonus though comes in the form of extra scenes. There are six of them in all. It’s like getting a Tori Black compilation disc to enjoy when you’re done with the interactive. There is a hot cum swapping BJ with Aubrey Addams, a hot group lesbian romp, an awesome three way and three one on one fucks with Tori.


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