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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [10/12]
Male Looks [9/12]
Picture Quality [8/12]
Extras [7/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Brand New Faces 20


137 Mins.


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THEMES: New Girls



STARS: Arianna Jay, Audrianna Angel, Dixie Daytona, Melanie Jayne, Hilo, Voodoo,

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This 20th episode of Brand New Faces is really good. It features a couple of girls we have seen in other movies and one newcomer who might just born for porn. It’s a long flick with five scene that include interviews, tease, play and eventually sex. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. This is the best new girl line on the market. B Skow keeps the girls comfortable, gets good interviews and brings us hot, fresh talent that can fuck. Audrianna Angel has done other movies, but in her first scene she already shows that she is cute, poised and ready to fuck. Melanie Jayne is sexy and eager, but the hard pounding takes it toll and she ends up in over her head. Arianna is kind of cool and sexy. She also has a big crush on Nick Manning and that makes her scene totally hot. Her reaction to his cumshot though, kind of a turn off. Might have been good to know ahead of time that she isn’t an in the mouth kind of girl. Hilo is cute and fun, but stick around for the finale. Dixie is a wild one. She is cute, has an unsuspecting boyfriend back home and clearly loves the dick Voodoo dishes out. She is so hot for it that she comes back for a bonus scene just a few minutes later. Don’t miss that girl and don’t miss this episode. It’s solid from start to finish.

Audrianna Angel & Voodoo

OK, this is her first scene, but porn fans will already know that Audrianna has become quite the budding star. She has her hair in pigtails and seems totally ready to rock her first scene. Dressed in really basic clothes she just looks like a nice cute girl ready for a day at the mall. Instead she’s going to have a day of fucking on camera. This girl is very sexual, has a great smile and seems perfectly polished without being too overdone. Her body is lovely with tiny perky boobs and a sexy little ass. B Skow interviews her while she dances, showing off those beautiful little cheeks and making us all wish we could give in there and eat that perfect pussy. Voodoo is the guy who gets to do the job though and he is happy to be in there licking for us. How about her oral skills? They are great thanks for asking. At least they look really great on camera. Her eye contact is very good and she definitely knows how to use her hands along with her mouth. Great first time oral effort here, but Audrianna is ready to fuck. Voodoo slides that long cock right into her tight hole and she seems to love it a little bit. The white background is a bit washed out which is not a great thing, but her body in doggy is so we can forgive the lighting blips. Voodoo holds his cock right at the opening of her pussy until she screams out that she wants to be fucked hard and deep. It does appear that the dick might be a little much for her at first, but she gets through the scene with a smile and still looks amazing as she gets on top to ride him in cowgirl. He even reaches around to finger her asshole just a bit. In the end she wants his cum in her mouth and that is exactly what she gets. This cutie sucks down every drop and looks ready for porn stardom.

Melanie Jayne & Jerry

Blonde cutie Melanie looks fresh, sweet and almost too mainstream for porn. She has done some solo stuff just to see what her pussy looked like when she was all “hot and bothered.” Either she’s sexy as fuck or that’s one of the best porn newbie stories ever devised. When she strips down we see that she’s got a huge tattoo on her right ass cheek. Not a good one either. She also has a big one on her left boob, but otherwise she’s really fine. In a great change of script, Melanie has a list of question to ask B Skow. It’s great to hear her just ask what’s on her mind about her first porn scene. When all of her concerns have been addressed Jerry comes in to get the juices flowing. After fingering her for a few seconds he just sits back while she goes after the cock. Melanie is quit intent on sucking him properly and just pulls her pussy on top of his face for some fierce 69. If she was worried about staying wet, those concerns are proven to be unnessecsray as she fucks. The reverse cowgirl shots are great and they show a very juicy slit working up and down on a hard pole. She is very vocal and gives us some great shots of her ass as she gets on her stomach and spreads her cheeks. Things get a bit too intense and she has to stop. They recover in time to pump a bit more and then go for the facial. Melanie manages a smile, but Jerry’s dick was just a little too big for that tight pussy.

Arianna Jay & Nick Manning

Sexy Arianna just got into town from West Virginia. She loves LA and is ready to be a porn star. She has just a hint of an accent and a very girl next door look. During the interview she shows off her sexy little nipples. She tells us that she really wants guys to fantasize about fucking her. The interview is interesting and a little odd. She gets fingered and keeps talking like nothing is going on. There is something really sexy about this girl though. Arianna is really, really into Nick Manning and just fawns like a schoolgirl. With carte blanche to do whatever he wants (Just not in the butt) Nick takes over the scene and we all know what that means. He actually stays quite for the most part. (How can a guy who gets laid for a living always sound so pissed about it?) The blowjob is quick and she is ready to be fucked so he spins her body around and starts banging away. Though Nick tries to shout her out of the mix, Arianna‘s obvious love for his cock makes her the loudest by quite a bit. This is the sort of scene where it really doesn’t matter if we like Nick or not. (And we do, we really do.) Arianna likes him so much that the scene really works. Nick paints her face and fires a load into her mouth. That doesn’t make her happy at all. It’s a little disconcerting to see how quickly all the fun drained right out of the action when she got a taste of that cum.

Hilo & Jerry

Though she was named after a Hawaiian island, Hilo is not from there. Her name came from her dog. She is really cute and doesn’t look at all like a porn star. That makes her perfect for this line. She’s kind of shy and giggles a lot. The body is very good with an odd tat over one boob, but little else to get in the way. OK I was wrong. She also has one those huge 60’s hippie looking baby cover up jobs down below. I like her personality though and she has a great smile. She also looks pretty good with a fat dick in her mouth. More eye contact would be nice, but she does a good job anyway. Jerry does her for a while and has plenty to read or look at while he’s eating. I guess that is the good thing about those tats. She is decent with her mouth, but probably better at fucking than sucking at this point. Jerry takes her from behind, working that pussy nice and hard while Hilo gets ready to do the work herself. It’s always hot when a girl pushes back like this and even hotter when the guy holds her open for a nice gape shot. They finish with a big shot in her mouth and Hilo actually manages to take it without gagging though she is very careful to keep her hair way out of the way. This little cute is fun to watch.

Dixie Daytona & Voodoo

Dixie is so brand new that she barely knows her porn name. This pretty girl is really nervous and really cute. So her scene will either be the birth of a star or somewhat of a train wreck. She’s got perfect tits and a story about a boyfriend back home that is sexy hot in all the wrong ways. Voodoo is about to rock this girl’s world and she knows it. She can barely sit still while he plays with her pussy and works her clit. Facing his big dick for the first time Dixie drops down and does her very best. We could do with a little more eye contact, but this girl is so fucking cute and sucks deep and hard enough to make her perfect tits wiggle quite a bit. That’s damn impressive for a first timer. She is ready to feel it and opens her legs wide. Her pusys creams and she starts cumming from the very start. The look on her face tells it all. She’s getting worked and really loving it. (Or she’s faking it well) Voodoo lays her out flat and gets his hands around her perky tits while she wraps her legs around him to pull him in deeper. She gets on top and proves to be just as ready to take it hard as before. Dixie cums twice before she turns around and lets Voodoo shoot a nut in and around her mouth. She backs away a bit, but goes back in to suck out the final few drops.

Bonus: Scene Selection, Positions Room, Bonus Scene (Another romp with Dixie Daytona still fucking Voodoo) and trailers.


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