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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quality of Content [8/20]
Quantity of Content [8/20]
Ease of Use [8/20]
Overall Rating [46/60]



This is the another reality web site from Pink Visual. I just finished up WifeSwitch.com and really enjoyed it. (Read Review Here) This one obviously has a different focus, but like the other sites in this network, it sticks to a winning formula. The formula here is your basic reality-porn pick up scenario. A couple of guys hit the streets looking for teens in need of cash. They always find one and get them back to a studio for whatever silly reason they throw out. The girls are slowly talked into various acts for cash. It usually starts out with some basic stripping, but always ends up with the cash-strapped teen giving up her pussy to a pair of older guys. That’s the other recurring theme at play here. We know that the girls are young, it’s right there in the title. The guys are much older though. We’re talking Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty and other guys who could probably be these chicks’ fathers’ fathers. There are plenty of stars featured on this site including Sasha Grey, Bree Olson. Barbie Cummings, Whitney Stevens and dozens of others. So if you like sexy teens fucking older guys for cash and enjoy the long interplay offered, this is the site for you.

Sample Galleries

Barbie Cummings Working It

Cute Kendra Kay Plays for Cash

Bree Olson Looking Beautiful

Emma Cummings Plays for Pay

Sasha Grey Earns Her Money

HD Video Gallery of Jersey Cummings

Gen Padova Shines

HD of Juicy Pearl


Home: This main page offers access to several sites in the network, but we can cover those later. Below the main tool bar you will find the latest Teens For Cash episode. This makes it very easy to see when a new scene is added. Below that are the highest rated episodes from the site and a link to view all Wife Switch episodes. Further down the page are some cam links, network news and a breakdown of the latest updates to all of the other sites in the network.

Episodes: There are currently (As of 10/3/08) over 200 scenes on this site. Each scene is given its own individual “episode” page where you can view videos and still shots. There is a sample shot and a short description of each scene. You can stream or download the scenes at various speeds and in two different formats. (WMV or FLASH for newer, MOV for older) You can view or download the whole scene or smaller clips. You also get to choose your connection speed to make it easier. Everything from dial up to T1 is covered so you can easily optimize your viewing experience. There is a photo gallery for each page as well. Newer scenes have higher quality shots while the older scenes look like screen captures. The photos open in a nice gallery to make it easy to browse the pictures. High marks for a lot of choices and ease of use here.

They definitely have a system for these scenes. The guys hit the streets and usually pick up the girls in a semi-public setting. They do a really nice job with this part of the scenes. The street pick ups generally seem real enough to at least play into the fantasy aspect of the site. If you tuned in to this site then you at least like the idea of legal teens testing their limits for cash. Adding this at the beginning make even the most routine sex scenes just a little bit hotter.

Once the girls get back to the studio or office or whatever they tell the girl they are going, the action sometimes takes a while to get going. We often watch the girls fidget nervously as the guys interview her and offer cash for various acts. Usually this starts with stripping and ends up with sex once the pile of cash is big enough. The sex itself is usually decent. It’s almost always a three-way with two much older guys enjoying sweet young pussy. Not every scene is a home run, but they provide great niche fantasy appeal and are good enough to enjoy.

A number of DVDs have been released with scenes from this site. One of them, Teens for Cash 10, featured a scene I really love. (Read Review Here)

Here is the full description of this hot scene.

I said that they don’t get much cuter than Phoebe. That was before I saw Tiffany. This pigtailed blonde looks like a fresh faced cheerleader who would be right at home on the cover of any teen magazine. She stays in character as the guys try to talk her out of her clothes for cash. Eventually they offer her enough for sex and still Tiffany is cute as can be. She gets down between them and shows just what a pretty teen can do with her mouth. They even both fit into her mouth at once. That’s rather impressive for such an innocent young girl. I really think I’m falling in lust here. The sweet look in her eye, that smile on her face and of course, the way she opens right up for cock; all make me want to take Tiffany home to mom (and then rail her all night.) They start fucking her and that gives us a whole new set of things to be happy about. Tiffany has great tits and they shake around as she takes it hard. Mixing hard core energy with her teen princess looks gives us by far the best scene of the movie. In fact, this is probably one of the Teens For Cash scenes I have ever watched. She doesn’t even seem to need much coaching as she rides, rolls over, talks dirty and finally wears two big loads. Buy this DVD for this scene alone. You will be glad you did.

There are some big names on the site of course. Bree Olson, Loni, Barbie Cummings Whitney Stevens, MacKenzie Pierce, Kendra Kay, Faye Valentine and Sasha Grey are just a few of the babes who give up their goodies for some extra cash.

Bree’s scene shows up in Teens for Cash 12 (Read Review Here) and is very hot.

What is Bree going to do? She can’t afford her text books for the new semester. Enter two old dudes with a ton of cash. Rod and Dick toss money at her to get her out of her clothes. She isn’t really shy and looks stunning from head to toe as her clothes come off. In no time at all this pigtailed blonde is sucking two cocks like she’s been doing it for years. This isn’t the most realistic teen for cash scene as they don’t really have to convince her of much. On the other hand, it’s Bree Olson sucking and fucking. She looks fantastic riding cowgirl and she certainly earns every penny they have given her so far. I love her in pigtails and she is quite enthusiastic as she inhales that hard meat. They keep her very busy at both ends with some serious dick action. The double facial finish just hammers home the fact that Bree is one of the hottest girls, ever.

I haven’t seen the Whitney Stevens scene on a DVD yet, but I imagine it will be there eventually. Dick Nasty and Rod Fontana don’t even have to pick up Whitney. She is looking for a job and the guys quickly offer her some cash just to interview with them. The questions are fairly tame until they ask if she has ever fantasized about fucking older guys. They eventually offer her enough to get naked and suck dick. Young Whitney is built like a wet dream come true and takes their seasoned cocks deep into her hungry young mouth. Moving to the bedroom she continues the oral assault while Rod licks her big ass. A few hundred more bucks on the pile has her riding dick with her pussy and fucking like a pro. The guys fuck her at both ends and keep those big tits moving from start to finish. They finish her off with a great double shot of cum for her face and tits.

The action is always good and the stars are up to the challenge. Newer scenes are shot in HD so you can get some really great quality. You can also rate scenes and keep a list of favorites handy.

Reality Sites: In addition to the Wife Switch action, you also get updates from such reality sites as www.MILFSeeker.com, www.GangBangSquad.com, www.HerFirstAnalSex.com, www.HerFirstBigCock.com, www.HerFirstLesbianSex.com.and many others. Access to these sites will give you hundreds of hours of bonus material. All for one price. It’s a great deal in addition to the fantastic Teens For Cash scenes.

Bonus Content: Need more? Here are some limited access sites with teens, BBS, TSs and Clothed Male Naked Female action. Good stuff here and on top of everything else it just makes for an even greater value.

COST: There are three membership options for this site plus a 3-Day Trial.

3-Day Trial: $1.95

7-Day Membership: $9.95

30 Day Membership: $29.95

90 Day Membership: $69.95

OVERALL: 93 of 100. This is a site that features classic reality porn. The on-street pickups, the interviews and the too good to be true outcomes all fit the genre well. Chicks fucking for cash is a main theme here and it is played out perfectly. The other theme that gets hit hard is the older guy/younger girl thing. If that turns you on, then this site is pretty much perfect. Great star appeal, a wide variety and increasingly high quality stuff highlight another great site. Throw in the entire network as a bonus and you have another winner.

Models: 17 of 20 (Good Star Power)

Quality of Content: 17 of 20 (Solid Sex Scenes)

Quantity of Content: 18 of 20 (80+ Scenes/Galleries)

Ease of Use: 18 of 20 (Easy to use.)

Niche Appeal: 18 of 20 (Very Good)

Bonus +5: Hundreds of Reality Porn Scenes to Choose From.


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