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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quality of Content [8/20]
Quantity of Content [8/20]
Ease of Use [8/20]
Overall Rating [48/60]


New from the folks over at Score comes a busty beauty named Christy Marks. Christy is a stacked little teenager from Pennsylvania with 36HH tits on her tiny 5’2″ frame. She is absolutely the sort of top-heavy tart that Score fans will go crazy for. The high quality photo sets and videos focus understandably on those massive mams, but she has plenty of other great qualities. At just 110 pounds, she is curvy, but certainly not big anywhere but the bust. Most of her sets are solo, but there is some hard core here. Christy is new, but already looks impressive as hell, comfortable in front of the camera and ready to make boob lovers drool and turn ordinary porn surfers into tit men (and women) overnight.

Sample Galleries

Meet Christy Marks & Her Two Best Friends

Video of Christy Using Her Tits to Make a Cock Happy

Christy Gets Wet While Washing a Car

Christy Rubbing Those Huge Tits

Christy with her Big Toy

Hot Christy Solo Scene

Christy In (and out of) Fishnets.

Christy Huge Tits Spilling Out of Her Bikini


Home: Your basic great place to start, this home page has the most recent updates (As of 9/5/08 a video/photo set called Lingerie Lounging) blog updates, polls and direct links to guy magazines and videos featuring Christy.

Videos: Want to see Christy in action? Here is your chance. There are twenty scenes featuring Christy in solo, Girl/Girl and Boy/Girl action. The videos may be streamed or downloaded with various options. You may stream the scene for high or medium bandwidth. I had good luck with both speeds on my cable connection and was able to watch the scenes without any trouble. You may download the full scenes in WMV or MP4 formats. If that doesn’t work for you, download five minute chunks of the scene as large or medium WMV or large MP4. You can also download the action for your mobile device, watch it in WMV HD format or just check out the trailer. These video options really make the site promising. It doesn’t matter how you connect to the internet, you will be able to watch these scenes and enjoy them.

Regardless of the option you choose on the video clips, they are feature great technical qualities. The lighting and sound are very good, especially for the HD options. Score sites typically have good technical quality and this one is no exception. It also focuses greatly on the big tit action of course. This means Christy gets a chance to show off her most obvious charms no matter who she is working with. With the core audience covered, this site also offers some solid sexual scenes even for guys not predisposed to go nuts over such huge knockers. Christy is good in her sex scenes, very comfortable in front of the camera and should add a number of solid Boy/Girl efforts to the growing collection offered on her site.

Now for the good stuff. The most recent video update features Christy in Lingerie doing a solo scene. It is very good, but I’m going to review to other scenes instead. The first features Christy working with Carmen Hayes in some Girl/Girl action and the second shows off Ms. Marks working with a very lucky guy.

“Carmen Commands Christy’s Cunt” is a cute little lesbian scene between two busty babes. Fun loving Christy thinks that it will be funny to drop a glass of cold water over the shower while Carmen is cleaning up. The busty black diva is none to pleased and sets out to punish the young “nobody bitch.” It’s not really as rough as it sounds especially when Christy just giggles and is clearly ready for anything Carmen can dish out. We get some really good boob play and then a serious flexibility demonstration from both women. First Carmen locks her feet behind her head as she orders Christy to lick her sweet box. Doing one better, Christy stands over her new friend, literally bends over backwards to eat her twat and performs the always impressive “96” on Carmen. (I’d love to see her do that with a dick in her mouth.) The flexibility and slight dom play in the scene really make it fun. Carmen does some serious face sitting that brings us right back to that “I’m a star and you’re a nobody” angle that worked so well. It also features huge, natural tits, energetic girls and some really, really hot sex.

In “Let Me Rack Up Your Balls” Christy stars in a very common porn themed scene. She starts out giving great tease footage. Apparently Christy and a really lucky guy are supposed to be playing a simple game of pool, but they never get around to that. Instead she just shakes her massive tits in a tiny dress and lies back on the table to take his dick in her hungry mouth. No ordinary girl, Christy squats over him and squeezes her big tits around his dick. This kind of tit fucking takes not only impressive mams, but great flexibility and leg strength. This footage is guaranteed to drive the usual Score crowd crazy. When she isn’t using her tits to keep him happy, she is stroking it like a pro. It’s mostly a POV scene with some dirty talk near the end and tit fucking that is nothing short of stunning. In the end she begs for and receives a big load of hot cream all over her massive tits. If Christy is going to deliver this sort of B/G action then she is going to really keep her fans happy.

Photos: There are currently 33 photo sets on the site. They feature Christy in solo, Girl/Girl and Boy/Girl action. Many of these sets mirror the video action, but there are some sets here that you won’t see on the other side of the site. There are three basic options for each set. You can view the photos in a gallery, watch them as a slideshow or download
the whole thing as zipped content. Each has it’s good points and there are even options within each category.

If you choose to view the galleries, the photos appear twenty to a page. You can click any you like and then go back to the main page to view more. There are medium and small sized pictures so you can decide how quickly you want each page to load. This gives you the best control over which pictures to see, but it is slow and probably not ideal for your average stroker. Slideshow is better for that use. Just find a gallery you like and let the photos come to you one at a time. This is great for hands-free viewing and it does offer you the option to move forward, back or pause at will. Downloading the zipped content gives you a copy of whatever sets you like to view later in whatever format you like. These options cover pretty much everything you could want from a photo aspect so they definitely have that covered.

Content-wise, these sets are like the videos. They feature Christy posing, showing off her fantastic breasts and getting naked from a number of hot outfits. They show her fucking herself with a variety of toys, playing with other girls and even with guys. Tit lovers will enjoy the shots the most. Christy has a great set and the boobs take center stage in every shoot. She’s also quite flexible and that makes for some really hot sets. Most of them are standard tease and hard-core, but she dresses up in a few. She does yoga, plays strip Space Invaders, gets naughty on web cam, dresses like a horny hooker, a dirty delivery girl and absolutely rocks some tiny bikinis.

Blog: Christy updates her members on her life, her shoots and anything else she can think of. These are mostly short entries, but are updated a few times a month. Nice addition and this section may grow as she has more to say.

Interview: Score magazine did an interview with Christy. (Me next) and you can read it all here. It’s rather long, in depth and gives you a good look at the woman behind the boobs. Find out about the small down she comes from, her favorite fan experience and discover whether or not she is going to give up the A for her site.

About Me: Basic bio page here. Quicker reader than the interview and it should be enough to get you hooked.

Coming Soon: Preview of coming sets. Next up is a hot Boy/Girl cheerleader. I can’t wait for that one.

Extras: Two bonus scenes starring busty babe Marilyn Sakova. Nice additional stuff here.


$19.95 30 Day Membership

$29.95 3 Month Membership (Save $20)

OVERALL: 95 of 100. Fans of busty teens will go nuts for Christy. She is a good looking girl with tits that are way bigger than the rest of her frame. She has curves, but is tight, cute and ready to take the busty world by storm. Technically her site is sound. The Score folks have put together a great collection. The video and photo options are really nice. The site is easy to use, everything loads quickly and you can get everything from slideshows to HD video downloads. Single girl sites are tough, but this girl does a little bit of everything. She’s still mostly a solo chick, but the Girl/Girl scenes are hot. Her Boy/Girl efforts are very good so far. That pooltable tit fuck is going to be an instant Score classic. If you like girls with fresh faces and super big tits then be prepared to fall in love with Christy Marks.

Models: 18 of 20 (Young, Busty and Beautiful.)

Quality of Content: 18 of 20 (Technically solid, sexually hot.)

Quantity of Content: 14 of 20 (Room to Grow)

Ease of Use: 17 of 20 (Easy to use, Good video download options)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Busty Perfection)

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