Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman

Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman


216 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Anal Sex Blowbangs, Interracial Sex,




STARS: Annette Schwarz, Sandra Romain, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano and Others.


Annette Schwarz is the latest woman to take on the role of Slutwoman. It is a special franchise from Elegant Angel and Annette has some big stilettos to fill. As one of porn’s nastiest girls, Annette seems perfectly suited for the movie. As perhaps porn’s best deep throat artist, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Making things even more interesting is the fact that Mason is the woman behind the camera on this project. She’s long been on the cutting edge of rough sex and submissive themes. Mason’s movies are never dull, sometimes scary and that makes her perfect for the Slutwoman series. If anyone knows how to put a prospective slut through her paces, it’s Mason. This is actually a really exciting combination. Even when I don’t like Mason’s movies, I find them fascinating. I can’t wait to see what she can bring out of Annette who rarely seems to need any coaxing at all, She would seem to be a natural Slutwoman. Let’s just see what happens when you throw some fire into a bucket of gasoline.

Annette Schwarz & Manuel Ferrara

Annette is a pretty puppy, begging for attention with her hands bound and her ass up for display. He beats her ass pretty hard with his hand and a riding crop. There is a bit of face stomping and then some deep penetration. Annette takes it, but seems to struggle quite a bit. She rarely struggles orally, but Manuel’s dick is plenty big even for her. He puts his dick in her ass and doesn’t take it easy at all. This is rough sex, but it also has strong elements of submission rather than just a meat puppet pounding away on a girl. Annette is wound up and fingers herself as hard as she can while he orders her to cum. There is a lot of “no” and “stop” but she works through that and continues. (If it bothers you, then skip forward.) This is a great little scene for fans of submissive anal and kinky cumshots. Manuel unloads into a dog dish full of water. Annette struggles to drink it, but does so obediently.

Annette Schwarz & strangers plus the Mope Squad

For “girlie day” Annette is dressed up and ready to play. She takes Mason for a walk down the street. They stop and talk to a couple of workers and tease them. Continuing up the street Annette pokes her head into a car where she gives the guy behind the wheel a feel. The public tease stuff is fucking brilliant. Even if it is set up, it works one hundred percent. Eventually they end up with Annette entertaining the mope squad with her mouth. Falling into blowbang trap number one, the incredible deep throat artist abandons her skills and starts quagging. With her hands behind her back like a good slut, she works her way back to great blowjobs by abandoning the porn noises and just doing what comes naturally. Mason is impressed and she should be. Annette is one of the best deep suckers in all of porn. The mopes appreciate a good German blowjob and reward her with enough semen to kill a lesser woman. Annette is no ordinary woman. She is Slutwoman and she takes every drop that they have to offer. In fact, she nearly leaps from dick to dick to make sure she catches every drop. Licking some cum off of her fingers, she actually sniffs up the rest. (I thought only Queeny Love did cum sniffing.) Just when you think it’s over, Annette opens the warehouse door and lets in a whole truck full of mopes. Putting her oral skills back on display, Annette sucks each cock like it might hold the secret to everlasting life. There is even footage of her literally bending over backwards to suck a dick. That’s what I call commitment. It doesn’t matter how big or small the cocks are, she sucks them deep, sucks them hard and earns her title as Slutwoman in a big way. This time around the guys even get their asses licked before finally coating her face with cream. Naughty Annette takes to the streets with mope DNA running down her chin. What a trooper.


It’s time for Annette to sample some dark meat. (She got some dark mope meat already.) She looks fantastic in this little bikini outfit. Working her way out of her clothes, she is impressed by the meat before her. Of course we know she can take it all because her throat is perhaps the deepest of any in porn. With only one guy to focus on, she proves to be an incredibly hot fuck, giving him all the attention he could want while still putting on a great show. She asks him to treat her rough and gets slapped a little while she swallows his dick. One cock just isn’t enough for her so she crawls around until she finds another young black man to service. The guys double up on her and challenge her pretty good. (Someone explain to me why so many black male performers feel the need to say “get nasty” every four point eight seconds? Did someone tell them that anyone, ANYONE at all, wants to hear that shit?) If you can forget that silly babble, this is very solid fuck scene. Annette’s soft white flesh and hairless pussy look very good, especially with the hard dark dicks giving us a great visual contrast. For those of you like it a little edgy, Annette drops a few N bombs in there as she takes them in her ass and milks all that cum out onto her face. This is a pretty great scene.

Annette & Michael Stefano

Stefano gets to fuck her one on one. He gives her that intense stare as she turns to face his cock. She wraps her tits around his dick and pumps up and down for a while. Deep throat is no problem for Annette on this cock. I love the standing doggy here. Mason gets the leg shots as Annette arches her back and pushes her body back to take him in. The intensity in this scene is fantastic. It’s one on one and there is a great connection between them. Annette puts her ass up in the air and Michael takes full advantage of that pretty thing. They are in the middle of a big empty room with just one another to play with. The anal footage is great here and you see why she is such a fucking superstar. Annette licks the sweat from his body and then takes his cum in her mouth. This may be the best scene of the movie. It’s just so fucking intense.

Annette Schwarz & Sandra Romain

Finishing up with some girl on girl action, Mason has Annette in a fetish maid outfit complete with a feather duster attached to her face. There is some foot worship and a lot of dirty talk. Watching Sandra dominate Annette is interesting and would a whole lot hotter if it weren’t at the tail end of the movie. After the intensity of her scene with Stefano, this doesn’t play like it should because this is more of a fetish/submissive/veggie vibe. It has a strong Mason feel to it, with a lot of face sitting and rough play. Sandra nearly double fists Annette’s ass and then rubs her hands all over the blonde’s face. (Quick show of hands, how many people out there would REALLY want this done to them?) The women are very into each other and the intensity feels real. This isn’t a bad scene by any stretch of the imagination, but it has a much more limited appeal than some of the others. Why do I think it’s misplaced? I don’t know. I just like this movie so much that I would love to see it go out on a high note with the strongest scene rather than a flat one with the weakest. (And if this is the weakest, then that tells you how good the movie is.)

Do I really have to say how much I loved this movie? Can’t you tell? Annette is perfectly cast and up for anything. Mason pushes her limits without letting her slip into lifeless zombie mode. There is sexual intensity in every scene. Sure, we get some of the usual rough sex movie trappings, but you have to just let that slide and take in the project as a whole. The blowbang is pretty damn impressive. I haven’t see many that can match it. Her IR three-way is nearly perfect. The scene with Stefano actually is perfect and one with Manuel isn’t far behind. I don’t know if we saw the “real” Annette on screen or if she was playing a role created by Mason, but either way this is a fantastic smut flick. If anyone doesn’t know how hot Annette is, pick up this movie and be amazed. For any fan of this incredible sexual beast, this movie should anchor your collection quite nicely.

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