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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quality of Content [8/20]
Quantity of Content [9/20]
Ease of Use [7/20]
Overall Rating [46/60]

Southern Charms: BooBabe


Southern Charms General Note: For those of you don’t know, is a huge amateur web site. They features hundreds of women who pose for photos and videos in their spare time. I haven’t seen a lot of reviews of models on the site (Probably because they don’t seem to have an affiliate program) so I figured I would join a few and then review the best of the best. Keep in mind as you read these SC reviews that these are not professional porn women. They aren’t shooting for Vivid or Evil Angel. They are real women of all sizes, shapes and ages. The pictures are also not usually as high quality as the 30 dollar web sites I usually review. (Most of the SC sites seem to be 13-15 bucks a month.) If you have any questions about how I rated these sites, just drop me an email at If you have a suggestion for an Southern Charm for me to review, let me know that as well.

Model Overview:

Age: Listed as between 30 and 50. Does not look much older than 25

Hair: Brown, Naturally Curly

Looks: Very, Very cute face. Great BBW Body.

Body Type: BBW, Size 18/20

Breasts: Natural, 42J and un-freaking-believable!!

Tattoos: None Noted

Boobabe is my second Charm. She is an exceptionally cute woman with an awesome face, lovely pale skin and breasts that are beyond description. Southern Charms seems to have a number of busty babes on their site, but Boo is truly special. I never know when to use the term BBW, but at size 18/20 Boo is bigger than you see in most commercial porn and so are her breasts. She is also quite beautiful so I supposed she qualifies on every level. At the time of this review (9/24/07) she has over 400 updates on the site. Her photo sets and videos consist of her posing alone, with toys, with her husband and even with the occasional lucky third party. There is at least one girl/girl set, but mostly Boo is alone or with her man.

Custom Videos: She does not do custom videos at this time and says that she does not know if she ever will.

Site Overview: The photos on BooBabe’s site are very good to excellent in both quality and sexual heat. Many of the sets are taken outdoors and the lighting is fantastic. There are not many blurry or poorly lit pictures in any of the sets. I would put most of the pictures are on the higher end of the SC quality scale. What I especially like is the way Boo poses and is shot. Since she is a bigger girl, certain poses look better than others. She also has some incredible charms, (Her eyes as well as her breasts) and most of the sets focus on those areas of strength very nicely. The video clips (Currently 41 of them) are of average quality and consist of both solo as well as boy/girl action. Best of all, she has taken the time to list the photo updates that include video clips. A small thing perhaps, but I found it incredibly helpful. As with most SC sites, specific action can be tough to find, so at least we know when there are video clips involved. Still no way to break it down based on toys, b/g or other specific desires. This is an issue that is not unique to BooBabes’s site and to a large degree I doubt she has much control over that part.


MEMBERS SECTION: From the Club Main site you can visit all of BooBabe’s “Members Only” features including photos, videos, bio, links and other things listed below.

Club Main/Photos: This is where we start and where you could spend several months just enjoy BooBabe. As of today (9/24/07) there are 410 photo sets in the collection. Some contain video clips, and these are nicely ID’d for us at the top of the page. I have to point out once again what a HUGE plus this is. Most of the sets are of BooBabe by herself or with toys. Almost every set starts out with her in a nice outfit and literally every one contains several great shots of her boobs. There are some B/G sets here, mostly POV action with her husband. If you look carefully you will even find a few sets where Boobabe and her man have invited another guy in on the action. (Hint: Start with set 338 where she has a list of all other three-way sets.) How exactly does one get that lucky?

Obviously her sets focus around her massive chest and her cute face. As I mentioned above BooBabe is a bigger girl and people who really want to see her body type will love her. The poses and sets are done to show off her assets and make her look gorgeous. That alone makes her site better than a lot of mainstream porn sites featuring BBWs. I suppose that is the major fetish covered here. I didn’t see any smoking sets or extreme fetish clothes. That doesn’t mean tha they aren’t there, I just didn’t see them. (In three months I still haven’t made it through every shot in every set.) Most of her outfits are more “normal” clothes. Very sexy, but things you would see on a woman in real life, not just in a porn mag. There are a lot of skirts, outdoor shots and even some sexy costumes like schoolgirl.

Since I can’t possibly cover all 400 sets, here are the three most recent and then my five personal favorites.

NOTE: None of BooBabe’s sets are named, so I made up the names. When searching, please use set numbers.

3 Recent Sets:

410- Bedroom Blowjob: Some indoor fun between BoobBabe and her man. The first several shots feature her slipping out of a little reddish outfit, sucking his finger and teasing him with her feet. They dedicate a number of shots to the blowjob, including some fantastic eye contact shots. There are a few non-penetration shots of his cock just outside of her pussy. Some of the shots at the end get a little blurry, but that is just because he is trying to capture the cumshot as she jerks him off all over her face and boobs. Great shot.

409 Wicked Wicker Chair: Indoor solo set this time with BooBabe posing around and in a wicker chair. The pink top is low cut, the brown skirt is very short so from the start we see a lot of skin. Of course we see a lot more as she takes off the clothes and is very, very enticing. There are a lot of ass shots in this set as the bends over and then kneels in front of the chair. If you like big, awesome asses, check out this set first.

408 Outdoor Posing: Back in the great outdoors, BooBabe dons her short skirt and revealing top. She leans up against a tree and does a bit of a strip tease, she pulls the heavy guns out of her top and shows them off. There are some nice full standing shots and a few semi-bent over pics for the butt lovers.

My Fave Five

389- Lovely by the Lake: In another outdoor shoot, BoobBable poses on a dock with a beautiful lake right behind her. She has on a pink top and a green bra that barely holds her boobs in from the start. She is also filling out a pair of jeans really nicely. The clothes come of slowly in this one so we can admire her form in various states of undress. Most of the sets are this way and I think that really accentuates her best features perfectly.

367- Winter Wonderland: This one of the first sets that caught my eye. Out in the middle of the woods, BooBabe poses against a stark white backdrop that is covered with snow. She actually has quite a few sets in the snow and they are very hot. With such pale skin and the snow in the background, her clothes, hair eyes and nipples
really stand out. I’m a SoCal guy who loves the beach, but this set makes the dead of winter look white hot to me.

-338 Double BJ Time: This is one of the two on one sets where some lucky guy gets to join BoobBabe and her man for some fun. (Where the heck do I sign up for that?) This is also where she lists the other three-way sets for easy location. Dressed in jeans and pink top, she teases, pleases and sucks two men off. This set features some really nice boob shots (of course) and some of her best BJ pictures on the site. I love the fact that her jeans stay on throughout and there is even a bit of a popshot.

83- Boy/Girl On Stairs: This one features Boobabe in a sexy black dress. She and her man (A man, not sure if this is hubby or not) find interesting ways to hook up right there on the stairs. The stairs allow for some creative shots including quite a few high angle POV shots during the blowjob. Nice ass shots here as well as spreads and some hardcore.

17- Pigtails & PJ’s: This is an early effort with BooBabe all by herself in bed. Her hair is in pigtails and she starts out in some blue pajamas. She looks dangerously cute here, teasing us with a lollipop. Losing the top, she strips down to a spotted bra and thong panties and uses her candy in interesting ways. Eventually all of the clothes come off. There are spread shots, some candy play and of course, boobs galore.

Panties: She is not selling panties at this time.

FAQ: A few questions answered here. No custom videos, she doesn’t smoke and is happily married. Oh and her boobs fit into 42DDD bras.

Links: There are some banners here to add to your site. (As I have done here.) And some banners to other SC women who are her friends.

Bio: Basic Q&A about things such as her favorite food, favorite perform and her sexual preferences.

Home: Not sure why this is here. It takes you the main page available to non members.

Clips: There are some video clips in many of BooBabe’s photo shoots, but this link leads you to the longer clips. They are part of the Southern Charms video program and cost extra, but there looks to be some great hard core stuff here. She has toy videos, BJ videos and even some anal play here.

Email: Just like it says, contact BooBabe directly, send her a fan letter, tell her she’s great, convince her to pose in a Rog Rules T Shirt, whatever.

Art Work: Some cool photos that people have doctored up. Some are funny, some are pretty and they all feature the object of everyone’s lustful affection, BooBabe.

Call Me: BooBabe is available through NiteFlirt, a call in service. You can arrange a time to call her and talk about…whatever two people talk about I guess.


Model: 8+ Absolutely gorgeous BBW. Amazing boobs, fantastic eyes, if you like curves as a rule, she’s a ten. I normally don’t, but I am STILL blown away by her.

Quality: 8+ (Very good to Excellent photo quality, decent video quality for the SC site. Bonus points for knowing how to pose this lovely young lady to show off her assets.)

Quantity: 9 (Twice Weekly photo updates, 400+ Sets currently with a some video clips as well.)

Ease of Use: 7 (Bonus points for the list of sets with videos and the sets where BooBabe has two guys at once. Certainly no worse than the other Southern Charms sites. They could use some tweaking to make it easier.)

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