Shanes World: Casey Parker The Girl Next Door

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Shanes World: Casey Parker The Girl Next Door

Shane’s World: Casey Parker is the Girl Next Door


190 Mins

Shane’s World


THEMES: Handjobs

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Casey Parker, Kinzie Kenner, Nadia Styles, Eva Angelina, Roxy Deville, Johnny Castle, Jack Vince, Justis Young, Will Powers


A few months ago I ventured up for a big Shane’s World party. They were celebrating the announcement of their new contact girl Casey Parker. Anyone who was on hand that night couldn’t help but be stunned by her sweet looks, smoking body and killer smile. I have been looking forward to this movie for quite some time. So much so that I put it on my birthday wish list. (And thank you Shane’s World and Casey for the nice autographed copy. I didn’t get the personal screening on my birthday, but it’s probably better this way. I couldn’t possibly concentrate on the movie with someone as lovely as Casey sitting next to me.) It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but she is finally here. Casey Parker is ready to take the porn world by storm. In true Shane’s World fashion though, she’s going to have to do more than fuck and suck. The gang head to Boulder, Colorado to pick up their new starlet and then put her through her party paces to make sure she can hang. They also put her through her sexual paces, but I don’t think anyone had any doubts about her skills in this area. We know she’s cute now we get to see if she is as fun and sexy as we all hope she is. (And not to spoil it folks, but she IS….and then some. Casey Parker is the real deal, the real mother fucking deal.)

Roxy Deville and Johnny Castle fly to Boulder to bring cute little Casey back to Cali. When they arrive to meet the awesome looking babe, she is worried about missing finals, but eventually they talk her into it. Skip finals, ditch the boyfriend and just take off for California. As part of their sales bitch, Roxy and Johnny fuck with the hot young co-ed watching. Roxy over-sells a bit, but they still out on a nice show. She does a really good job sucking his cock and follows every stroke of her lips with one from her tightly gripped fist. Casey watches as Roxy gets on top, arches her back for the camera and starts pumping up and down on his rod. I love the butt shots here and Roxy seems to be trying to teach Casey a thing or two. The energy here is great and it really feels like two people just fucking for fun. There is certainly enough dirty talking gone on here and we get a lot of nice shots of her legs and pierced boobies as they work towards the big pop all over her tummy.

Johnny hits the streets with Casey, Roxy stays home to give one of the roommates a hand job. She lubes up her hands and even spits on his dick while working both hands up and down to pump up the shaft. Roxy really plays well to the camera, blocking the guy’s view of the action while letting us see everything perfectly. Her smile and energy makes it worth watching even if the dude looks a little bored. He stares at her body and eventually launches a big load all over his own chest. One blast even gets into his hair. I guess he was saving up for a while.

Not nearly finishes, Roxy gets another guy to play with. She seems to be more excited with each new guy she meets. This time the guy seems eager as well and get hard in no time. He’s playing her pussy while she uses both hands at once to keep his big dick happy. His load isn’t nearly as big, but I think Roxy was digging this guy.

Casey finally gets into the mix, joining Roxy for some fun in the bed. Both girls have pierced nipples and spend a considerable amount of time playing with them. Taking the lead Roxy spreads open the gorgeous blonde and works on her pussy like it’s made of ice cream. As much as I’m dying to see her take dick, Casey looks so good that we can’t help but fall in love. It has been a while since we’ve seen a fresh-faced girl like this burst onto the scene. Even half way through her first scene we can already see that this girl has something super special. What really makes this work is that Roxy reacts the way most of us would in her situation. She fucks Casey with a sense of admiration and genuine lust. That’s hotter than anything that we can see. That sense of realism as she works her tongue deep into that young pussy. It’s fucking porn magic. (And I don’t even like girl/girl scenes.) Not one to just sit back and take it, Casey gives as good as she got, ramming her fingers into Roxy and driving her crazy. This is one hell of a hot scene and Casey is on the fast track to stardom.

Apparently she had some second thoughts about porn though. It is still up in the air as to whether or not she will come with them. Casey does agree to come to LA, but refuses to fly. That means that it’s time for a road trip. That covers several minutes as the three ride back to the Valley to kick off her big porn career.

Eva Angelina has a busy day. She has some videos to return, wants to get in some tanning and then has a big hard cock just waiting to be sucked. I am so used to seeing her with her glasses on that it is odd to see her without them. She still gives quite a blowjob though. The BJ is nothing compared to the energy she shows when his big dick finds its way inside of her. Eva is very vocal and sticks her ass up in the air to let him take her hard from behind. The aggressive nature of the scene plays well for the camera and we get to listen to their bodies slamming together and as she takes every inch of meat he has to dish out. He ends up busting his nut all over her big tits. Nice change of pace here.

The traveling road show continues and the heat gets to be too much for Casey and Johnny. They hit the bed in the hotel room and young Casey gets her mouth busy on his cock. I absolutely love the fact that she leaves her jeans on while admiring his cock. I certainly don’t mind it all when she slips out of her denim though. Since we have waited two hours to see Casey with some cock in her mouth, it is really nice to see that the blowjob is so friggin hot. Not about to let him finish without feeling him inside of her, she mounts the meat and shows off her incredible ass. As we saw from her first scene, Casey has fantastic energy. She fucks like she means it and isn’t shy about talking back as he slams into her. Mish gives us the best view of her body, but she holds her ass open during doggy and if that doesn’t put starch in your shorts then you really need to go find some alt-porn to keep you happy. Johnny pulls out and shoots his load all over her tummy.

Back in LA, Kinzie Kenner is trying to put together a huge party in honor of Casey’s arrival. It is a tall order that will be even tougher since Kinzie takes a long break to get fucked by Jack. She is such a great looking woman that you can’t help but love the action here. The reverse cowgirl is especially nice because she is cracking up as she bounces up and down and showing off her awesome body. He flips her over into piledriver and works that pussy like he’s digging tunnels. This is another scene where the eye candy matches the energy and her dirty talk only helps to make things even hotter. His load ends up all over her tits.

Casey’s party goes very well, but Naudia Styles (Not Kinzie as I originally thought. Cast ID’s are nice.) finishes off the sexual action. Watching her do another scene Even though we just saw her fuck this is another brilliant fuck from a gorgeous woman. I would have liked to have seen Casey go one more time, but few people are going to complain about this scene, especially when she takes a nice big load on her face.

This is classic Shane’s World porn. It is a great combination of fun, silliness, sexuality, hot girls, normal guys, handjobs, hard fucking and most of all fun. (I know, I said fun twice. Sue me, it was a lot of fucking fun.) Kinzie and Roxy handle the early action and the stuff at the end. They are both super hot and well worth noting. I have to make sure that I point that out because I’m about to start gushing over Ms. Parker. Even without Casey, the Kinzie and Roxy stuff would be worth the price of this DVD. (Not to mention one fine scene with Eva.) Now let’s talk about Casey Parker. Yes, she is the girl next door. Yes she has a smile that lights up a room. Yes, she can fuck like with some of the best in the business. That much is a given. What she also has is that intangible quality that so few women bring to the table. She just seems natural on camera. It’s certainly possible that she is faking it, but if she is, then give her an academy award for acting. I’m a big fan of porn that is fun and as such, count me in as Casey’s first and perhaps biggest fan. I just wonder if one movie is enough to get her nominated for top rookie or if she might be better off having that nomination come next year. Whenever it is, she should start picking up hardware. In case you missed it in the open, Casey Parker is the real fucking deal and I can’t wait to see her again.

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