Its Big, Its Black, Its Jack

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [8/12]
Female Looks [9/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [9/12]
Extras [7/12]
Sex [8/12]

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It’s Big, It’s Black, It’s Jack



Vouyer Media

DIRECTOR: Jack Napier

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Devon Lee, Lexi Leigh, Savannah Stern, Ruby Flame, Tonya Hardin, Roxie West, Mysti May, Tawni Ryden Amber Rayne, Ricki White, Kylie Haze,


Jack is big, Jack is black, Jack is here, Jack is back. OK, so I got a little carried away after reading the title. He’s been around for a while, shooting and starring in interracial flicks for West Coast mostly. Anyone who has seen him knows that he’s probably the biggest cat in all of porn. He’s also one of the most easy-going guys in the industry. While some male talent labors under the illusion that most of the guys watching care about the dudes in porn, Jack knows that it’s all about the women. His relaxed style and silly set ups don’t take away from the fact that he is still dropping serious size on the lovely young ladies. Now that he’s working with Vince we should expect a lot of the same plus a few new twists.

Savannah Stern

Jack needs to finish up the project and runs to the office to see if there are any new girls. The strange thing about that is that he’s already got Savannah Stern bobbing her head in his lap. The camera guy suggest that they all go to Vince’s to watch another movie Savannah was in. She actually carries on a conversation while giving a blowjob and that’s pretty damn sexy any way you look at it. When they get to Vince’s place she continues to deliver some fine looking head. Zak puts the DVD on the TV and Jack gets to watch Savannah shake her ass on screen while she’s working her pretty young mouth over his big cock. Since I hate short blowjobs I am really happy to see her keep right on sucking. They talk some shit about white guys and how Savannah loves Jack’s big black dick. If that stuff turns you off then skip forward. (It’s mild by the way.) Jack also points out that she has an ass that white boys wouldn’t know how to handle. Apparently he does though. I wouldn’t say that she has a particularly big ass, but it’s really freaking nice. Jack bends her over and works himself into her pussy while keeping that hot ass nicely centered on our screens. Savannah does a fine job of taking his cock and Jack is the kind of male performer who knows how to keep the women as the focus of the action. He turns her over and gives her a few final strokes before busting a big nut right on her chin. They leave the camera on her as it drips down and we get to see that well-fucked expression on her pretty face.

Mysti May and Friends

We’re cruising with Jack and Mysti May. She is sick of her friends talking shit about how much dick they can suck. They arrange for four of her friends to show up and chill with Jack. Mysti talks some shit to them and comes up with the idea to have them all suck Jack’s dick to see who is best. Amber takes the first turn and none of the girls seem to be shocked by what comes popping out of his pants. Since he isn’t all the way hard, Amber has a chance to take him really deep before passing him off to the other girls. Kylie is quiet, but really sexy and I’d like to see her come forward a bit more. Five checks squealing in a room with a lot of echo is nearly enough to drive anyone crazy, but the visuals that go with the din are really good. The girls gather around his dick and put as many mouths on it at once as possible. It’s very good to be Jack right about now because he’s got all four girls on their hands and knees shaking their asses for him. (What that has to do with a bj competition I have no idea.) He works his way up the row, slipping his cock between their cheeks and fucking the buns like tits. No penetration, but the girls line up again to pass his load from mouth to mouth until everyone has a taste. I don’t want to give anything away, but Amber beats her good friend Mysti out for the title of queen cock sucker.

Lexi Leigh

Heading back up to Vince’s place, Jack welcomes sweet southern girl Lexi to California. As soon as he finds out that she has some interest in well hung black men, Jack hauls out the lumber and it’s off to the sword swallowing show we go. Lexi leaves her shades on for a while, but eventually takes them off so we can see her eyes. They move inside where she can kneel and get a better look at Jack’s rod, but our view isn’t as good because the background is so washed out. The camerawork feels a bit less steady in this scene, especially when they move to the couch and start fucking. Lexi is pretty cute, but clearly isn’t digging the super sized vibe. The scene ends pretty quickly when Jack shoots into her mouth. If things seemed short it was only to allow Tee Reel to come in and give her something Jack couldn’t, a manageable cock to play with. Even the smaller cock doesn’t seem to work for Lexi though. She fucks with little energy, gags on the most shallow stroke and basically looks like she doesn’t belong in this movie. (If we want to see pale girls who aren’t enjoying themselves, we can always rent a Vivid-alt movie.) Tee gives is his best shot, but this girl just is not into it.

Tonya Hardin & Ruby Flame

Jack cruises by to hang with his boy CJ and finds two hot chicks there already. Tonya is a dirty blonde with a deep tan while her cute friend is the quiet, pale type. Both guys have pretty big cocks, but only Jack’s is huge enough for the two girls to share with hands and mouth at the same time. I really like Ruby, but she seems to be struggling in reverse cowgirl even with the smaller of the two dicks. She eventually picks it up and is a lot more energetic that the last girls. Tonya has quite a nice ass and she is able to make it bounce a bit. The camera moves from couple to couple rather quickly sometimes as they try to keep up with the action. That leaves us frustrated sometimes, but at least the action flows pretty well. With both girls taking it deep from behind we get plenty of high energy doggy for us to enjoy. When the guys pull out we find that both girls are dodgers, turning away from the loads shot towards their faces.

Devon Lee

When Devon comes over, Jack watches her change out of her regular clothes into some tight porno-booty shorts before the scene. This makes for some pretty hot tease footage. For the first time in the movie, the camera movement is so pronounced that it takes away from the visual appeal of the project. (It is starting to look like a Justin Slayer movie) She crawls up into his lap and tries to wrap her tits around his big cock. When that doesn’t work Devon works her mouth over his dick. It’s a good thing Devon has the kind of curves that a lot of people like because she really isn’t setting the world on fire with sexual energy. Moving past the blowjob, she gets on top of his dick, shakes her big ass and generally gives us the kind of low-energy fuck that we expect from other companies. She isn’t quite as flat as most feature girls, but it is pretty clear she is getting by on a big ass, blonde hair and some decent tits. Jack leaves his load in her mouth, but unless you’re just nuts for this body type, there are better scenes in the movie to stroke to.

This movie starts really strong and ends on a bit of a down note. I know that isn’t the intent. They put this together in classic review format. (Two strong scenes to start then a big finish and the rest is filler.) I just didn’t get much from the Devon scene. She handles Jack just fine, but doesn’t seem to have much energy in general. Tonya and Ruby seem a bit overmatched, but are cute enough to make their scene worth watching. Lexi just didn’t seem to enjoy being plowed by Jack and she was even out of it when she got to take on Tee. It is the first two scenes that are really worth watching. Mysti’s girl-party action is fucking great. It’s a hot fantasy for any guy to have that many girls and it is pulled off really well. Savannah’s opening scene is also very hot. She sucks Jack’s cock like she’s in love with every inch and that makes for a white-hot sex scene. This is a very nice effort from Jack and it’s going to win him some new fans. The only real issues are with a few of the girls who are bored, overwhelmed or both and some camera issues late in the movie. Let’s not start moving every second of every scene.

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