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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Sex [8/12]

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296 Mins.

Adam & Eve


DIRECTOR: Nic Orleans





STARS: Carmen Luvana, Austyn Moore, Flower Tucci, Anna Nova, Kylie Ireland, Katja Kassin, Roxetta, Lexi Lamour, Harmony, Mia Bangg, Vanessa Lane, Annika, Kylie Worthy, Evan Stone, Lexington Steele, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Scott Nails, Eric Masterson, Derrick Pierce, John West, Tommy Gunn, Talon, Tony Tedeschi, Rusty Nails, Trent Saluri, Tyler Night, Joey Ray & Phil Harvey as “The President”


I don’t usually talk about the packaging on a DVD, but this one is very cool. Inside the outer sleeve is what looks to be a top secret file with two discs and a poster inside. If the movie inside is half as impressive as the package then we’re in for a good time. As for the movie, it’s a rather ambitious piece of porn from Adam & Eve. We don’t generally see big budget porn flicks about World War 2, but that is exactly what we get here. The Germans have a secret bomber that can refuel in mid-air and are planning a bombing run on Manhattan. If the Americans can’t stop them, the world will fall under Nazi control in no time. The cast is huge, the effects are impressive and it is clear that Adam & Eve is looking to give us all a glimpse at a feature of the year contender.

Flower Tucci & Randy Spears

When they aren’t busy trying to save the world, these two are desperate to fuck each other. Flower is supposed to a genius and she certainly knows her way around a hard dick. Using both hands on the shaft she works the head with her tongue and keeps his balls nice and wet. It is really nice to see a costume driven feature scene that doesn’t cut the blowjob short. We get to watch this incredible performer breathlessly inhale hard meat like she can’t get enough. By the time she gets up on top of his dick, everyone is ready to see her get fucked. Her energy never waivers as she verbally encourages Randy to fuck her harder. Eventually she opens up her ass for him and that sends her into high gear. Flower holds herself open for one of the best anal scenes I’ve watched in a feature in a very long time.

Kylie Ireland & Tyler Knight

The first lady isn’t overly concerned with the business her husband has at hand. She is too busy sucking off Tyler through a glory hole in a door in the middle of the room. The President watches for a while, has a bit of a political debate with the Mrs. and then is sent out of the room so that she can finish what she’s started with Tyler’s throbbing prick. This is a very hot oral only scene with Kylie using her tits and tongue to finally taste his big load.

Harmony, Vanessa & Trent

There must be plenty of sexual energy running through the walls of the White House because Trent can’t keep his hands off or his dick out of two hot visiting agents, Harmony and Vanessa. He lifts Harmony onto the desk and slides his fingers into her spread slit. Vanessa puts her own fingers into her snatch while she watches Harmony inhale his dick. Joey Ray enters the action so that both women now have something to suck on. The girls get into side by side reverse cowgirl on the desk. If you like natural tits we have a set of those right along with a pumped-up rack. Vanessa shows off a bit of her flexibility before taking a big load on her pretty face. Harmony follows suit just a few moments later. It’s good to see that the whole country isn’t overly involved in this whole war thing.

Anna Nova

After a long and impressive scene of the German planes refueling in mid-air, Anna is hot for some hose pumping of her own. She shares an oxygen mask with a guy in between sucks on his cock. It’s an interesting twist on porn sex that is kind of hot. Eventually she pulls him close and takes his cock right up her ass. The German dirty talk comes with subtitles so we can figure out what she’s saying as she takes his cock out of her ass and jerks a load into her mouth.

Austyn Moore & Eric Masterson, Tommy Gunn & Scott Nails

Austyn amazes the military with her high altitude endurance test. Clearly she is ready to go off to fight the way. But wait, she wants to leave an impression on the guys and what better way to do that than to fuck them silly. all over her pretty face. She looks fantastic sliding out of her flight suit and doesn’t mind playing with all three of them at once. The beautiful blonde moves her mouth from cock to cock with great skill and so much eye candy that my teeth hurt. Austyn sucks those big cocks and she proves that she can do more than just fly. They have her holding on up in the air as they eat her pretty little pussy. The fucking doesn’t last long, but the guys manage to synchronize their pops so that one ends up on her tummy while two cover her face. I really, REALLY like watching Austyn and this is a very hot scene.

Katja Kassin, Lexi Lamour & Evan Stone plus Carmen Luvana

Evan is about to destroy one of the German bombers, but he is captured. Granting him a final wish, Lexi and Katja try out his cock and like what they find in his trousers. They share his cock for a bit with Katja looking stunning in her black leather Nazi bitch uniform. Right in the middle of some intense double sucking, Carmen Luvana shows up. She is not so easily impressed and looks ready to cut Evan’s balls off (And feed the entire country with them probably.) Instead she jumps into bed and sucks his dick like she’s trying to poke a hole in the roof of her mouth. When she isn’t stuffed full of meat, Carmen throws out dirty talk in Spanish like she’s trying to teach a class. The other two women can only watch as she climbs onto his face and grinds her lowers lips into his face. Carmen is all wound up and ready to fuck so his dick lights her up. Even slams it to the root for a short while and then creams all over her big beautiful tits.

Kylie Ireland & Chris Cannon and Talon

The First Lady really wants women to fly and is willing to do whatever it takes. She takes a meeting with two staunch opponents, but quickly mesmerizes them with her twin guns. She stays half dressed, but has her pussy exposed and open to be fucked. Talon and Chris fuck her hard and Kylie responds in a manner befitting one of the best performers of the past decade. She stands and bends over the desk to take one while trying to swallow the other whole. Moving into position, they DP her, giving us some really good footage along the way. Kylie finishes the scene by getting down on her knees and working two hot loads of cream all over her face. Somehow I think she has won this debate.

Roxetta, Annika & Tony Tedeschi

As the women are trained to be pilots, they are also coached in the ways of sexual warfare by their instructor. The girls start out with some masturbation, but Tony is quick to step in when they need a little more. We have been spoiled a bit by Kylie and Austyn, but there is some good energy here as the two girls play with each other while pleasing Tony. He works his way into some anal. This is pretty good, but I think we have seen a lot better action in this movie so far. They take a facial, but I have a feeling we are in for a treat in the final few scenes.

Austyn & Carmen

Sent behind enemy lines, Austyn ends up literally tied up by Carmen. The sight of that is enough to send anyone into fits of lust. (Including me.) Carmen has a huge dildo in her hand and kisses Austyn deeply to tease her. The spreader bar keeps her legs wide while the evil Latina beauty works her pussy with furious finger play. When the girls trade places, Austyn shows that she knows how to work a wet pussy with her fingers as well. As before Austyn looks stunning in her period lingerie as she uses her toy on Carmen and slides her pussy up to her mouth. For the big finale, the girls do each other toys and we get to see the lovely young pilot take the big toy.

Mia Bangg, Kylie Worthy & Lexington Steele

With victory moving closer, Mia and Kylie decide to see if the sexy courier they keep running into really has a secret weapon in his pants. They are quite impressed when they see his cock and can’t wait to taste it. There is enough cock there for them to jerk it off into each other’s mouths and that makes for some really hot footage. Mia takes the bulk of the fucking, showing off her lovely natural tits and that great ass as she gets bent over the desk for some deep doggy. She spreads her long legs and gets to feel how that thing fits into her tight little asshole. There is some pretty good anal action here and Mia gets right down on her knees to share a load with her friend.


After saving the US from a nuclear attack, Austyn must still bring the plane down. She moves after the gunner and distracts him with her superb naked form. Taking his cock in her hand Austyn alternates between sucking cock and the oxygen mask. There are some interesting CGI shots, but the primary attraction is still this beautiful blonde and the way she works a stiff prick. They slide a condom on and start fucking, but the CGI shots actually get in the way a bit. Things are going along great and then we cut away to the long shot of them fucking in the plane. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her tummy.

Bonus Material:

There is a whole disc full of extras here. Director Orleans gives us a look at his notebook for an interesting look at the making of the movie. If you want more, there is a long BTS reel to enjoy. We are also given two bonus scenes including a great two on one with Carmen. Throw in some trailers, photo galleries and a few other whistles and bells for a complete DVD of extra stuff.

This may be the best feature of 2006 and anyone who loves costume/dialog porn should check it out. There is a solid script here to carry the story from scene to scene. The sex is still feature sex, but most of these scenes could stand up on their own and that’s a very good thing. Austyn is nothing short of fantastic in her scenes. This girl is a star and everyone should know it. We already know about Carmen and she is actually under-used in this movie. Her scene with Evan is hot and watching her fuck Austyn is just fantastic. We get some other very hot scenes especially from Flower. I liked the model shots and the CGI though there are a few issues in this regard. It’s a nice looking movie, but I think that the sex and story are better than the overall picture quality. I don’t think we have seen a better scripted adult feature this year. The dialog is pretty good and the story is both fun to watch and interesting enough to carry us from scene to scene. I always enjoy an ambitious feature and this one brings us some better than average sex. If that is what you’re looking for in an adult feature, then you’re going to love this movie. Personally I love Austyn even more after this movie and her scenes alone are worth the price of this impressive movie.

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