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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Female Looks [12/12]
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Island Fever 4


198 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Couples Appeal




STARS: Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi, Kinzie Kenner, Marie Luv,


It’s time for Digital Playground’s latest edition of their award-winning Island Fever line. This series has brought us some of the most stunning women in adult movies and this one will follow in that tradition. IF4 stars four of DP’s hottest contract girls, Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Jana Cova and Sophia Santi. You could take this quartet anywhere and the results would be stunning. Joone and the gang have them on location for some beautiful outdoor action. This certainly isn’t a movie that raincoaters should be salivating over. It is a line of movies that are beautifully shot, but are generally geared more for the couples audience. Great eye candy, slow motion sex, romantic music and all of the other couples friendly porn stuff is on hand. What makes the IF movies stand out from other similar projects is that they are a notch above the rest. The women are always stunning and the action is always beautifully and somehow I end up loving them in spite the softer nature.

Jesse Jane & Jana Cova

Jesse is happy to welcome Jana to the DP team with a very steamy romp in the water. This is pure eye candy with two gorgeous women going after each other in the slow surf. There is some slow motion sex to deal with, but we already knew that was coming. I’m a sucker for sex in the water and for hot blondes so I couldn’t help but love the action here. Watching Jesse and Jana grind their pussies together as the water splashes over their lithe bodies is enough to send anyone running to the islands.

Teagan Presley & Sophia Santi

Two more Digital Playground contract girls get it on here. It is a very similar scene with slow motion sex, beautiful bodies and a setting that can’t be beat. It serves only as a tease however because we move quickly into the next scene. We will have to wait a while to watch Teagan playing with Sophia’s beautiful natural breasts.

Kinzie Kenner & Marco Banderas

Kinzie poses against the jungle backdrop and shows us all of the different ways she is more beautiful than any set or location. She bends over and plays with her pretty pussy for a while until Marco shows up to finish the job. Her tongue glides up and down on his hard cock. While I’m never going to be a fan of slow motion sex or music instead of natural sounds at least we don’t have to hear anyone gagging. I suppose that is the upside. The upside to this scene is that it is beautifully lit and features a woman hot enough to make us at least think about jerking off even at half speed. Kinzie keeps her eyes locked on the camera even when he has her bent over and is pushing his throbbing rod into her inviting slit. The reverse cowgirl footage is spectacular here and she holds her tongue out to take his load. For what it is, this is an exceptionally hot scene.

Teagan Solo & Then with Evan Stone

Back to little Miss P we go. This time Teagan is alone on the beach and has sand stuck to her perfect little bod. Anyone who grew up near a beach will remember how hot this looks. (And the great fantasies it inspires.) This is beautiful and sets us for the main event when Evan slides in. He rubs her pussy from behind and kisses her neck to get her in the mood. They exchange oral in the shallow water with Teagan using her mouth perfectly. This girl really knows how to t give head on camera. (Probably in person to, but it appears I’ll never find that out.) Even in slow motion the near deep throat footage is fantastic. We really need to remember just how freaking hot this girl is. Even gets behind her, wraps his unit and then pushes it deep inside of Teagan. Great body shots here and the way her ass is moving at half speed one can only imagine what a high-impact fuck this would be with the slo-mo. They finish off in mish with a shot on her belly. I hear Teagan is back full time now and that is a very good thing for all of us.

Jesse Jane Solo & Scott Nails

It is pretty tough to beat Jesse when it comes to eye candy and tease. She poses in the water and makes us all want her. (As if we didn’t already.) Scott shows up and as he caresses Jesse from behind she just can’t help but reach back and give that big cock a squeeze. When she turns to face it, the beautiful blonde drops right to her knees and literally crams that cock to the back of her throat. We saw how hot these two can be together in “Pirates” and there seems to be the same chemistry here. It’s played for eye candy, but again the heat shines through even with her hair blowing slowly in the wind and no real sounds of their passion. I wonder who could take it deeper, Teagan or Jesse. (Hey guys, there is a scene idea.) Scott stands her up for some acrobatic fucking that seems to end rather quickly with a fantastic shot right on her beautiful face.

Jesse, Teagan, Jana & Sophia

All four girls get together this time and you know what that means. Eye candy as far as one can see. They pair off a bit at first, but eventually it’s a full on four-way girlie fuck. Sophia is the center of attention for a while and everyone seems to enjoy slapping her tits around. Teagan gets lifted off of the ground while the girls have their way with her. When they are all together, rubbing pussies all I can think is that I would give anything to dive right into the center of that circle.

Jana Cova Solo

Jana takes her turn posing in the water, but of course doesn’t have a guy to finish her off. Great tease here.

Marie Luv

We all know that Marie is one of the most high-impact performers in the business, so I am really glad to see her in something like this. We don’t often get to see her shot so beautifully. Of course we already know that the sex is going to be great so we can just finally enjoy this gorgeous young woman as more than just an amazing fuck. Marco shows up and his dick just disappears into her mouth. With no gagging in the way we can really appreciate Marie’s skills. Don’t get me wrong I would still rather see him rail her at full speed, but this is a really nice scene and it’s something we don’t get to see every day. When he shoots his load across her face, there is a lot of post-pop footage. Look at the way her eyes just burn as she licks the last few drops from the tip of his dick. Marie’s fucking hot.

Teagan Solo/Sophia & Jesse

Teagan is shot through a wall of water in some nice tease footage, but it is two other women who take us home. Jesse acts like she can’t wait to her hands on Sophia and takes charge of the action from the start. She spanks the tall exotic beauty and revels in the feel of Sophia’s tongue sliding up and down her shaved lips. Hungry for a taste herself, Jesse bends Sophia over again and slaps her cheeks as she dives in. This is great girl on girl action and then we get to follow them out into the water for some very cool, playful footage.


More tease here from Jana and this time we get some really lovely shots of her pussy. If this babe ever decides to do guys, we may be looking at a mega-star. She’s not far from it already. She slips two fingers in there and brings herself off in the water, making us all wish we could suck her fingers clean when she’s done.

Teagan & Evan Stone

Teagan does a long tease segment here without the sand. She spreads her cheeks and shows us all why we fell in love with her a few years back. They pick up where they left off before, with great energy and chemistry. By now she is pretty familiar with that long, thin cock and drops down to enjoy it with her mouth. It looks like he might be gagging her a bit, but she still takes a remarkable amount of meat. (I’m telling you a side by side deep throat contest between Teagan and Jesse is needed. I’ll judge.) Then it’s time to fuck he puts one of her legs on his shoulders and gives her a hot bit of standing mish. The standing doggy is also very nice and shows off her perfect body. Evan hits the tits with this pop, spraying them down with glistening goo.

Jesse & Scott

Jesse dances on the beach for a while and at times we actually get to see three of her. (Triplets, can you imagine?) When Scott arrives, they actually kiss for a few minutes. She looks so freaking good on her knees that even the slow motion blowjob isn’t too bad. As before she works really well with his big cock and the only thing missing from this BJ is a bit of good eye contact. She spreads her legs and lets him work with his tongue for a while, but we all know she’s going to need some dick in that pussy. They start in doggy and the long shots are great here. We get to see every inch of her body as he slides that long rod in and out. After a brief break they return to this position for a shot on the cheeks.

Jana/Teagan & Jana

Back again, Jana bends over for us and sticks her fingers right back into her pussy. She is beautiful and in a movie filled with great eye candy holds her own in a way that few women could. Things slow down a bit for a little beach action with Teagan. They pose separately in a nicely edited piece of sexy eye candy. Teagan gets a chance to try fingering Jana for a while and has a great smile on hr pretty face when she does it. When they switch places, Jana rubs Teagan’s young clit while working two fingers into her tight love tunnel. She even pulls some hair while getting the lovely young girl off.

Jesse & Scott

Jesse rolls around the water and sand for a while. This looks a lot like a Playboy video, but with much hotter shots of her private parts. Scott is on hand again to fuck Jesse. These two are great together, but three scenes in one movie? These two have fucked each other as much in this flick as some married couples do in a year. I’m not going to complain about another opportunity to see her work those awesome lips over his big cock. Jesse lays out flat on the sand and bobs her head beautifully. They stand up for some doggy that gives us great leg and tit shots while also covering the basics. I really love the RC here and they finish off with a big shot all over her tits. Jesse rubs it in and then sucks the last few drops right out of his cock.

Teagan Solo/With Jean Val Jean

Now it’s Teagan’s turn to do a little solo action. She looks beautiful. (I think I’ve said that eighty times already) and really works herself up on a rock. There are some truly stunning shots of her bent over and reaching around to fill her pussy. Any guy who doesn’t want to run right up behind her and fuck the living shit out of this perfect little creature is clearly insane. Jean is not insane so he takes the young thing into his arms and covers her body with soft kisses. The blowjob footage here is beautiful, but I REALLY wish it weren’t slow motion this time around. They end up fucking on the same rock she was using to hold her up during her solo. This is a gorgeous scene that will be perfect for the couples market. Teagan and Jean look great together and they Guys will love watching her in RC with that great body and the women will love Jean. (At least according to Mrs. Rog who seems to find him appealing.) The choking seems out of place though and kind of kills things before the big facial.

Jana & Sophia

The two new girls hook up for a little one on one time in the water. While they may be new to the team, they clearly know that the key to success is keeping your teammates happy. Jana bends Sophia over and lights her up with some hot finger play. I like the action a lot, but by now I think we’re all feeling teased a bit by these two.

Teagan & Tommy Gunn

There is more GREAT tease here, but come on, this is getting to be a long review. Tommy Gunn is the lucky guy who gets to manhandle young Teagan this time around. He plays with her tits for quite a while before moving his fingers and his mouth down south a bit. I love the lighting on this scene. It looks totally natural and brings out all of the beautiful highlights. Teagan creates her own highlights with an adoring blowjob. She licks, sucks and kisses Tommy’s cock like she loves every throbbing inch. The sex is great looking and shows good energy even without being a full speed romp. That pretty face gets hit with yet another load of hot cream.

Jana Solo/Jesse & Evan

Jana and Jesse both do long tease shots and then Evan gets to close things out. He and Jesse hook up for a very energetic fuck. She is slamming her hips down to take every inch and grasping for anything she can hold onto. Though the heat is great here, it isn’t quite as good as her other scenes. You can never go wrong with Jesse, but we have seen better action in this movie.

After three hours of great eye candy we get a third disc of bonus material. There is plenty of BTS stuff, a funny little Evan Stone movie and a whole lot of really pretty things to look at, put on your desktop and enjoy for years to come.

Wow this a beautiful piece of adult entertainment. It is beautifully shot from start to finish with good sexual energy, a stunning cast and technical aspects that are far superior to most other all-sex movies on the market. Jesse Jane and Teagan establish themselves as not only two of the most gorgeous women in the business, but as performers with enough heat to carry a movie. Their boy/girl scenes are fantastic. Throw in Sophia and Jana and you have four great movies to warm up your DVD, watch with someone special and get ready for a long hot night. This may be the best looking, hottest couples movie of the year and they did it all without a single word of dialog. You all know that I’m not a big fan of slow motion sex and that does hurt the overall appeal in my book. It’s a personal thing that bugs me, so you need to factor that in. That I still love the movie this much says a lot about how well it is shot and how much sexual heat there is. It takes a lot of a slo-mo scene to impress me, but most of the action here is really good. This is the best Island Fever yet and I believe it is the best movie of its genre in a very long time.

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