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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Nice Rack 13


178 Mins.



THEMES: Big Tits,




STARS: Sophie Dee, Sara Stone, Roxxxy Rush, Jenna Brooks, Carley Kaleb, Destiny Summers,


After watching Christoph Clark’s latest collection of natural Euro-boobs, I am in the mood for more heavy hooters. This time we stay States-side with Anabolic’s latest ode to udders. It looks like they have managed to come up with a whole cast full of naturally busty girls. That was probably quite a chore these days. It seems that Yani has come up with a nice cast. A few of the girls are super tit queens. It is hard to find a better big set than the one Sara Stone is carrying around. I’ve loved this girl ever since I first set eyes on her mouth-watering hooters. If any girl in this cast is half as hot as Sara then we’re in for a treat. Hopefully Yani will keep up the tradition in this fantastic series and bring us a great mix of hot tit shots with solid sex.

Sophie Dee & Kurt Lockwood

Sophie has something cooking in the oven, but whatever it is can’t be as tasty as her soft and creamy jugs. If there was any doubt that this is a different type of movie than we’ve seen from Anabolic lately, one needs only know that we get five minutes of great boob-oriented tease footage before a guy ever shows up. When Kurt Lockwood does show up, she actually has to take his cock out of his pants before sucking it. With her legs spread and her tits hanging out, Sophie takes that dick between her lips and starts sucking. I’m so impressed by the tease and the fact that she doesn’t gag on the first stroke of the moderate member, that I almost didn’t notice the hyperactive camerawork. After Kurt slips her up for some standing 69, they finally settle in to fuck. The reverse cowgirl looks great. (So great that we don’t need to hear the director say how great it looks.) They move upstairs and we get some more tease footage. Sophie seems to enjoy rubbing her tits on anything they come across. Kurt just wants to stick his dick anywhere he can. It eventually ends up in her ass and that suits the busty slut just fine. The background is a bit washed out here, but the action is so good that it doesn’t hurt much. After a rather straight scene, they go a little freak show with the finish. She holds a shot glass in her mouth and then drinks it down after Kurt fills it with his seed.

Carley Kaleb &

Twenty-One year old Carley is sporting a great set of 34DDs that are impossible to miss. She’s a bit overly-made up here, making her a little too harsh. She claims to have only been with two men before this scene so they double that number. The guys bring their Readi-Wood out and Carley sucks them both like a girl who has “double” dated a few times before. Even if she hasn’t fucked many guys, she sure knows how to use her mouth like a pro. The guys start fucking her at both ends, making those big tits sway and rock with every stroke. Apparently Talon isn’t a big fan of tits because he starts smacking her around. Whatever. I actually like women so I’d rather see guys fuck them instead of working out whatever else might be going on. They finish off with some tit fucking, big loads of hot cum on her rack and then plenty of footage of the young starlet rubbing the jizz into her skin.

Destiny Summers

Poor Destiny seems to be bursting as she stands outside of a door. She finally decides to just barge into the house. Once insides she finds a black man asleep on the couch. She takes his cock out and stats sucking it until he wakes up. Apparently he is some kind of local celebrity and she just really wants to be with him. To make matters even stranger, Destiny is supposed to be a virgin who wants him to be her first. There is a really awkward cut here to some standing doggy. With her cherry out of the way, they settle in for some blowjob footage and then mish fucking. Once you get past that really odd cut the scene really works well. For a virgin, Destiny knows how to open up for the camera, takes cock all the way to the root and talks like a seasoned hooker. I love the way they move from room to room so that she can make her big tits dance and shake. The action in this scene is great. I love her dirty talk, the way she works her body and just about everything else here. (The background is a bit washed out, but the scene makes up for this technical glitch.) He finishes off with some tit fucking and leaves his nut right in her cleavage. Damn this girl is sexy.

Jenna Brooks

Pretty Jenna adds some dark meat to our boobasbord. She has some really great natural tits, a fantastic attitude and a cute face too. Even though this is a boob movie, the guy comes in and shoves his face between her cheeks first. Jenna makes sure that her boobs get plenty of attention though. She holds them up, licks the nipples and makes sure that we all get a chance to admire those home-grown honeys. A second guy joins the fun and she can spread her legs for a long ride while using her lips on the other pale pole. If you like skin contrast then this scene will really light you up. Jenna has lovely dark chocolate skin and next to these guys she looks even darker. They throw her long legs up in the air and go after her tight ass. In no time at all they are DP’ing her and Jenna just keeps filling the air with sweet dirty talk. Jenna is enough to give any white boy a case of jungle fever, and her piledriver effort is probably going to overheat a whole lot of people. The anal is great and she has the guys shoot their loads into a small cup so she can drink them. Not my thing, but the rest of it is so good that who cares?

Roxxxy Rush

Roxxy is a tall brunette with really impressive legs. Since this is a boob movie we should also note that she has a pretty nice set of those as well. We watch her suck on a butt plug and then rub lotion all over her tits. She hops into the shower and gives us some great tease. There is plenty of good tit coverage, but her whole body is on display as she gets cleaned up and puts on a sexy outfit. The guy comes in and she makes very short work of him with her mouth. It isn’t even a challenge for Roxxxy. It looks like she needs another cock to really make her happy, but she gets fucked by one for a long time before finally opening her mouth for a new guy. When even that doesn’t work for her, she gets her ass into the game, sliding all the way down. With long legs all over the place, the guys squeeze in and fuck her in both lower orifices. There just isn’t the same spark in this scene that we have seen from others in this movie. They pound away and she just doesn’t seem to even be challenged. Maybe Roxxxy just makes it look too easy this time around. They do hose down her tits and she has an easy smile on her face. This is a good scene, but I think we’ve been spoiled by some really good ones.

Sara Stone & Brett Rockman & Chris Charming

Sara is the final girl to show up and she might be the hottest tit queen in the bunch. She teases us with them, bending over and rubbing them together. I love the short skirt and the look on her face as she rubs that pretty little slit. You know, I dig big tits, but they aren’t the most important body part to me. So I’m not a total boob freak. When a woman has tits this fine though, I become a total rack lover and can’t wait to see her get busy. Rockman comes up behind Sara and helps her rub her pussy for a bit. He’s got a big cock that sags under its own weight much as Sara’s big knockers do. The blowjob footage seems a bit short, but that is only because Chris Charming is waiting for his turn. Sara kneels between the two well hung studs and shakes her tits as her head bobs back and forth between them. Her chest keeps quaking as she fucks the big cocks. While riding Brett, she shows us her ass, but it is her busy mouth and shaking knockers that steal the show. The guys do a very good job of staying out of the way as they fuck her. In the end her big tits get glazed over and she smiles up at the camera. Sara Stone is one of my absolute favorite stroke fantasy girls right now. (Just missed interviewing her in Vegas.)

This may not be the biggest collection of racks Anabolic has ever brought us, but it’s a quality group from top to bottom. The top “top” belongs to Sara of course. She’s huge in the right areas, totally cute and in this scene, hot as can be. Stick around for the end if you really love tits because she will light up your world. The rest of the girls are natural and sexy, but not horribly top-heavy. Jenna really impressed me in her scene. Carley also caught my eye. She’s new enough for me to put on the “ones to watch” list. There were some lighting issues from time to time. Some of the scenes have that washed out look that can be quite annoying. On the other hand we get through a movie with virtually no quagging, dick rubbing or slapping. We also get some good tease in some of the scenes and some very hot fetish-specific tease at that. That’s reason to celebrate and makes this the best Anabolic/Diabolic title I have watched in a while.

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