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Lexington Hard As Steele

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

170 Mins.

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera

THEMES: Big Cocks, Interracial Sex




STARS: Belladonna, Jennifer Luv, Monica Sweetheart, Calli Cox, Samantha Stylle, Taylor St. Claire, Daniela Rush, Nacho Vidal, Brandon Iron & Lexington Steele.


I’m not sure, but Lexington Steele might be approaching John Holmes as the male porn star featured in the most compilation movies. He’s shot enough scenes for Joey Silvera to warrant his own flick. I guess that is what happens when you are the biggest male porn star in the business. The biggest and most would say the best and I guess that’s why other directors were sad to see him pull himself off the market. Enough about the star. Let’s take a look at the man behind the camera for these scenes. Joey Silvera is one of the best directors in the business. He is technically skilled and knows how to get the most from the performers who work for him. What makes him even better is that he doesn’t have the same distain for the core audience that many directors have. Joey is a wonderful pervert and he makes movies for guys who love women and probably have their pants around their ankles when watching is work. That passion for his work shows and even when I don’t like one of his scenes, there is something there. Something that every porn director should try for, but few are ever going to be able to duplicate.

A very young (and still blonde) Bella sits on the bed talking about licking Lex’s ass. She tells him that this will be her first time with a black man. Though she is clearly impressed by his cock, Bella is far from intimidated. Lex feeds her the meat and clearly enjoys what she can do with her mouth. Taking her from behind, Lex goes very deep and has Bella stretched, but not overloaded. The action seems a bit jumpy at times, but we get some really nice shots of her body. Love her or hate her, Bella has one of the best bodies in the history of porn. That great ass those lets, the natural tits that women would die for. This is two legendary performers hooking up for the first time and I can’t say that the heat is as exceptional as we might hope for. It’s good, but I think that Bella really had to grow into her sexuality. It is a good scene, but not great unless you count some awesome squat fucking and a double-fisted handjob to finish. Lex pops a big nut all over her waiting face.

Nacho joins Lex for a little ride with Daniella Rush. They kiss her for a while and she just lies back enjoying the attention. Her energy isn’t great at the start as Lex puts his cock into her mouth. Thankfully there is enough eye candy to carry us over until she can pick things up a bit. The guys bend her over and fuck her at both ends. By the time Nacho slides his dick into her buns, the scene is in high gear and she is matching their energy. We get great anal and even some super sized DP as Daniella manages to take them both at once. Lex has a huge load saved up and shoots it all over her chest and face. Nacho follows up with one of his own.

Jennifer Luv was always one of my favorite girls and for this scene she is brand new. Joey does a short interview with her and is ready to go. Lex comes in and oils her up a bit. The teen cutie wants to see what he’s got in his pants. It takes both hands and her mouth and still Jennifer can’t take it all. We get some great eye candy as she gives an energetic blowjob. Her little pussy stretches to take him and Lex gives the gentle treatment. They start with standing doggy and by the time she is on top, Jennifer is arching her back and taking nearly all of it. They finish up with a vibrator on her clit and his cock in her mouth. That seems to get little Jen off just in time to take Lex’s big load on her pretty face. I really, really miss this girl.

Monica Sweetheart is paid to clean Lex’s place and we get to watch her sling a mop for a while. There is no way that a woman this perfect is going to be half naked in the room for long without Lex giving her the big pole. Wesley Pipes is also hanging out so she has two big black dicks to suck. Monica is a truly stunning woman who also happens to be quite a sexual performer. The blowjob footage in this scene is fantastic and this scene is already worth the price of the disc. They set her up on the pool table and start working on her tight little ass. Wes does a nice job between her cheeks, pumping her full of stiff meat and actually keeping quiet long enough to let us enjoy the action. Her back door is warmed up and ready to Lex to invade. Two great performers manage to make us forget that Wes is there even when he is doing his best to ruin it with his lizard-man fuck faces. (When he isn’t fucking anyone? What the fuck dude?) They blast her beautiful face and remind us what great porn looks like.

Before her scene with Lex, Samantha Stylle has to prepare her pretty asshole. She and Calli Cox team up to give us a great looking pair. They play with each other for a bit, but we all know that these babes really want that big log Lex is carrying around. I love the blowjob footage. Sammy always had a way of making us believe that she staving and that only hard dick would satisfying her craving. Calli seems to be playing the teacher role a bit, but that works just fine. When Calli does get her chance, she pushes her pussy down around that big cock. It fits just perfectly and she grinds her hips to make sure that se takes every inch. Not all women can handle Lex the way these two women can so it’s a perfect situation to have them both sharing his attention. When it comes time for anal Samantha delivers a classic scene. She takes that big dick in her backdoor and gives us some stunning RCA. Folks, there is a reason that I miss this babe and if you aren’t in lust with her after this scene, then there is something serious wrong. They share the big load to close a classic scene.

Taylor St. Claire finishes the movie with another winner. She’s great looking and Joey focuses a lot of attention on her wonderful tits. There is a party going on and Taylor spanks Brandon Iron and Lex with her belt. This hungry beauty gets down and starts sucking Lex’s balls. Brandon adds a second big dick to the mix and we get to watch Taylor give them both great head. Lex turns her around and pumps into her as those big tits sway underneath her body. The fucking gets a little rough when they bring in clothespins for her nipples and Brandon grabs her by the neck. Nothing rough needed when Lex puts his cock into her ass. Taylor can’t take it all, but she does a really nice job and earns two big loads for her pretty face. We really need another gorgeous tit queen with this kind of sexual heat in the industry.

This is a great collection of action from one of the best directors in the business. It stars the biggest and best male performer in the industry and a collection of some of the hottest babes as well. Lex slings the meat well and lets each woman handle it in her own way. Of the girls in the cast, Bella actually turns in the least cock-stiffening performance. That should tell you how freaking good the movie is. Watching this we are reminded of quite a few simple truths. First, the Joey Silvera knows what he is going and brings great porn to the masses. We also see how much of a difference a really good male performer can make to a scene. Lex really lights up Bella, Monica and Taylor. Adding to the fun, we get some rare treats from a few of my favorite babes. Jennifer Luv left us too fast and after watching Lex nail her, I miss her more than ever. Sammy and Calli team up perfectly for one of the most memorable Lex anal scenes ever. Wherever you are Samantha Stylle, the porn world misses you. This is a great collection that shows off Lex’s skills, Joey’s skills and a whole lot of great women.

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