Hot Bods & Tail Pipe 30

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Hot Bods & Tail Pipe 30


160 Mins.

Lethal Hardcore

DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

THEMES: Bikinis, Three-Way Sex




STARS: Sunny Lane, Barbara Summers, Veronica Rayne, Sahara Night, Alexis Silver, Daryn Darby, Misti May, Naomi


This series has been around for a long time. In fact it was one of the first lines I reviewed religiously. I had a friend who worked for Stoney and he was one of the first guys to set me up with review screeners. Eventually I was taken off of the screener list and over the years have lost track a bit of the Hot Bods movies. They have always been solid, but are also wall to wall three way fucks. Now I have nothing against a hot three, not at all. When I have had problems with this line it has been with uneven three-ways. You know what I mean, those three-way scenes where one girl is smoking hot and the other just isn’t quite a hot. Whenever that happens I get upset every time the camera cuts from hot girl to not girl. What I do love about this line is the combination of hot cars, hot girls and bikinis. As a SoCal boy, all of the girls of my youth were bikini clad, but few were quite as hot as the ones we see here.

Sunny and Barbara kick things off in fine style. They strut around a car for a bit and pose for the camera. Sunny bends her blond friend over and shows us that sweet little pussy. The tease is pretty good and when they break out the oil we get to enjoy pale Sunny making her tan friend all shiny. They make their way inside where they can stop teasing and start pleasing. After passing the dick back and forth for a while the girls go for some simultaneous sucking. For the most part the blowjob action is great. Barbra ends up doing some fake gagging and that just kind of slows things down a bit. Barb also nearly fists her ass while waiting to be fucked. That doesn’t earn her first shot at the dick though. Sunny throws a leg up onto his shoulder and gets her tight little slit slammed. This chick might just be the whitest girl in all of porn right now. She also happens to be very easy on the eyes and quickly makes Barbara take a back seat. Trying to steal back the spotlight, she bends over and lets him fuck her from behind. Barbara looks good with her big cheeks shaking, but I’m afraid Sunny was quite a bit hotter in this scene. Turning our attention back to Sunny we watch as Barbara licks her asshole and the dude slams her so hard that our little starlet has to bit the covers on the bed. (Nice touch.) In between positions the girls suck him clean again and then both ride him at once. Barb takes his face while Sunny shakes her cute ass up and down during some hot looking cowgirl. We have already passed the thirty minute mark when Barbara goes in for the anal. That’s running a bit long, but it’s worth the wait. Sunny works a big toy into her pussy while her friend gets pounding in RCA. Maybe cutting out some of the stuff leading up to this would help because we certainly don’t want to miss any of the great colon-stretching action here. After some A2M we get a big shared facial by these two. Even with the hot ass fuck, I’m still giving Sunny the nod here. She is just too fucking hot.

Out for a drive, Stoney and his friend find Sahara and Daryn walking on the sidewalk. They invite the girls to do some modeling and the rest is history. The girls are very sexy together with little Sahara enjoying her tall blonde friend’s curves and big butt. The oil play is really hot here and just as Sahara gets her mouth on Daryn’s clit, the guy pops in with a hard cock. That big thing looks really good in her mouth and as the girls start sharing we are treated to something very special. With great eye contact to enjoy, the action just gets hotter. I’m falling madly in lust with Sahara already. We get some serious ass shots when Daryn climbs on board and bounces her big butt up and down. Sahara stays close, fingering her friend’s butthole and sucking on his cock whenever it slips out of Daryn’s pussy. Now the girls switch and we get to see the thinner girl get blasted. She has quite a dirty mouth on her and makes the scene even hotter with her great talk. Even when they switch back and Daryn rides the rocket, Sahara is the one providing us with all the ear candy. The anal starts with Sahara on her hands and knees and that beautiful brown butt high in the air. She may seem delicate, but her ass can take everything he has with ease. It is so tight that it won’t even gape when he pulls out. Daryn does some A2M, but she gets totally blown away by Sahara here. Check out the way this cutie finishes him off with a finger licking good facial before spitting the load into her friend’s mouth. Wow, what a fucking hottie.

Naomi is quite a site as she struts around in her bikini. Veronica is very pretty as well, but will have to really bring her A game if she is going to rob the spotlight away from those spectacular cheeks. The tease footage (They are being shot for a calendar for those keeping track) is very heavy on the ass shots. Veronica is cute, but her ass is rather average and next to one this fine she starts out in a hole. They stop posing and head right inside where Lee Stone is only too happy to provide some meat for the girls to enjoy. Now Veronica catches up quickly. She has a pretty face and seems to suck that big dick just as well as her cute friend. Lee licks some ass as he gets the girls ready. Even as he pumps his pecker into Veronica’s pussy, Lee keeps his tongue busy on Naomi’s ass. Sometimes Naomi fucks like she’s just getting by, there is some very hot reverse cowgirl here. She takes Lee’s big dick and has energy to spare. I love the way she wiggles and then pulls a hot dismount. Veronica wants to part of the ass games as well and she lets Lee take a shot at her tight shitter. It takes her a while to get used to it, but eventually she is riding in RCA with Naomi there to pull his meat out and suck it very few moments. This is a very solid bit of anal action and Lee rewards the girls by jerking off all over their waiting tongues. The girls lick each other clean.

For the final three-way, Talon gets to shoot Misty May and Alexis Silver. Both girls have some meaty cheeks that are on display during the photo shoot. Of course Alexis has some serious meat bags in front of her that are really worth checking out. They move inside for a little girl on girl action. As usual, Alexis is a big talker who leads the fun. I love the bikini action and the tease as the clothes come off. Misti gets licked first and true to form Alexis slides her tongue from pussy to ass and back again. Returning the favor, our dirty blonde gets a mouth full of hot juicy twat flesh. Talon drops in and feeds her his cock. That is the only time this dirty mouthed girl stops talking. Both women get down to share his throbbing meat and they do so with big smiles on their pretty faces. Things are pretty close to perfect with just a bit of quagging to get in the way. We also get to enjoy some good tit play as Alexis makes her fun bags available for plenty of squeezing. Talon moves around behind Alexis and starts fucking her, making those big tits sway invitingly. Misti waits her turn and is then quite impressed when Talon shoves his dick into her hairless slit. Both girls keep up the dirty talk and we don’t have to sit through annoying boy-chatter. Tit lovers will definitely want to stick around long enough to watch Alexis bounce as hard as she can on his dick. Those tits are slapping up against her body and look ready to put an eye out. Misti does the anal this time with one leg up high in the air and Talon balls-deep in her colon. She’s quite the little slut and keeps up the enthusiastic talk. Following the pattern we have seen with the other action, she rides in RC while her friend fingers herself nearby. Misti is cute and does a killer anal scene before sharing a big load with her horny friend.

There are four pretty solid three-ways here. None of them are horribly uneven which is really great. I have my favorites in each scene, but there were no glaring problems this time. The tease is really well shot and will please guys who love bikinis, asses, tits, and legs, pretty much everything. Coming away, I am very impressed by Sunny’s performance in the opening scene. Sahara is the girl who really blew me away though. I can’t wait to see this girl again. She has a cute little body, a great face and an ass that manages to swallow cock like a champ. After her scene, the rest fall in line, but there are other highlights. Naomi’s great ass and Alexis’ awesome tits will please plenty of strokers. I love the fact that we have a movie with no choking, virtually no quagging and that stars a bunch of people who seem to be having a really good time. It has been a while since I have been able to say this, but I am really happy that I picked this movie to review today.

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