Black Invasian (Vengeance)

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Black Invasian (Vengeance)

Black InvAsian


150 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Mario Rossi

THEMES: Asian Girls, Interracial Sex




STARS: Tia Tanaka, Loni, Lucy Thai, Avena Lee, Lana Croft,


Check out the clever little title on this one. It can look like Black In Asian, Black N Asian or Black InVasian depending on how you read it. Of course it really doesn’t matter how you read it, it’s the same thing. Black dudes fucking the shit out of Asian chicks. It’s a simple formula and when done correctly, gives us great porn. I don’t know if this will be great or not, but I have reason to be hopeful. Just take a look at the collection of Asian girls. Though we’re missing Mika Tan, the rest of the girls are pretty sexy. Avena is cue as can be and so is little Tia who happens to be the cover girl for this flick. Loni and Lucy are the main attractions though. They are two of my favorite babes and we just don’t see enough of them these days. If the sex is half as good as the cast then we should be looking at a really solid fuck flick.

I have always felt that Lucy Thai has one of the best bodies in porn. She has long legs, a great ass, perfect tits and skin you just want to eat off of. It looks like she’s lost some weight and her tits are smaller these days. That doesn’t keep her from looking great during a short tease. Lucy tries talking to her male co-star, but he can only offer Readi-Wood and a few “You damn right’s as she tries to build up to something. Her lips slip easily over his hard cock and the camera is in tight to capture the action nicely. Though she doesn’t take it very deep, Lucy doesn’t fuck up the blowjob with fake gagging sounds either. I love the way she pulls it out of her mouth and just tells him “I want you to fuck me.” Simple touch, but very hot. He stands her up for a bit, but the best looking footage comes when she slides down onto him in reverse cowgirl. The stairs help give us a good angle as she pounds down until he is balls-deep in that sweet Asian twat. After sucking it clean, she turns around and we get plenty of great ass footage. Even at a lighter weight, Lucy still has great cheeks and she shows them off well here. As good as this scene looks, it is actually Lucy’s energy that really makes it work. She looks great and is wonderfully enthusiastic from start to finish. Speaking of the finish, she takes it on her full lips, swallows some and lets the rest drip right off of her chin. If the rest of the movie is this good then you may want to have some extra tissues and a few bottles of water at your side when you watch.

I interviewed little Tia Tanaka in Vegas and found her to be totally cute. Her scenes are starting to hit the shelves and so far I have been impressed. She comes out in a man’s suit, but under those clothes, she is all woman. After stripping down to her lingerie and hat, Tia fingers her little slit. The solo could be longer, but I guess we’re in a hurry to see her get fucked. In comes the pre-stiff cock and Tia does her best to make it disappear. I like the early blowjob footage here because she makes good eye contact and doesn’t try to put on a phony show. When they move into the next room she starts to ham it up a bit and that’s just unnecessary. At least that stops when she starts riding his dick. Rolling onto her back, Tia manages to take what looks to be an impossible amount of hard meat into her little body. Once she has managed to get it up in there, Tia is able to really let loose. She really does a great job in reverse cowgirl. Her hips buck hard as she tries to take every last inch. The guy gives her a good fuck from behind and leaves his load all over her lovely skin. Tia has arrived and she is ready for stardom.

Avena Lee knows that she looks good and she knows how to talk dirty. It would be nice if the music were not so loud as she talks about how much she loves sucking cock. She starts right out with some hot head even before the second guy gets a chance to join the mix. The camera moves down too low for much of the footage though, getting her chin instead of her eyes. Things look a lot better when she is on all fours and has one cock slamming into her from behind. Of course those who love booty will want to watch her in cowgirl as she slaps her cheeks up and down for us. Even the guys have to laugh a little at her exuberant hip movements. I’m just thrilled to see a scene where a pretty girl sucks two big cocks and doesn’t make it sound like she’s about to hurl on every stroke. I really enjoy watching this girl fuck when she’s in the right frame of mind. The guys pay her back for all that hard work by shooting onto her pretty face and tongue.

Lana Croft is a girl I haven’t seen before, but I love the glasses and business suit she’s sporting. It might be nice to actually have tease footage as well, but she already has a big dildo in her pussy as she sits at her desk. As soon as the sexy secretary gets a chance to try some real meat she dives right in. She aggressively sucks and strokes his big black cock and isn’t afraid to talk when her mouth isn’t full. The blowjob is good, but seems to end a bit too quickly. Not that we can complain about watching her drop down in reverse cowgirl and scream out on every stroke. If you love girls who know how to talk dirty, then you are going to enjoy watching Lana. She is quite vocal and has a sexy little body that seems to be able to take quite a pounding. Her face also gets nicely plastered. I’m going to be looking out for this girl in other flicks.

Now we get a real treat. Loni has been one of my favorite performers for a few years (I still have her trophy from the Rog Reviews win as Best Newbie) and she’s still going strong. She looks amazing in her gold bikini and camouflage pants. Looking right into the camera, Loni strips and rides a big dildo. That is enough to get anyone going and it has her juices flowing when Tee shows up to feast on them. In just a few seconds she is begging to taste is cock and that gives us a real treat. During the short blowjob she takes about half of it and flashes great eye contact. Moving to reverse cowgirl she rolls her hips to take every inch like a champ. This angle is great for showing off her body, but also lets him smack up into her until his balls slap against her clit. When you have a good looking woman who is also a great performer then any scene can be great. Loni is one of those women who can turn anything into strokeable smut. She is having a great time with his cock and gives us really good cowgirl. Her ass is fucking great looking, but it’s hard to take our eyes off of her natural tits as they bounce hard. Loni is a high energy fuck and Tee gives her everything he’s got. He misses a bit with the popshot, hitting her chest more than her face, but Loni takes care of that by sucking out the final few drops and cleaning him up with her tongue.

There are some great scenes in this movie and anyone who loves Asians will want to pick it up. Loni doesn’t do a lot of work these days and she fucks like she really means it in this one. Maybe she saves it up and then gives us her best. At any rate she gives us the best scene of the movie right at the end. If that doesn’t put some starch in your shorts, then there is something wrong. Lucy also gives a fantastic scene. She really is a stunning woman and is held back a bit by a male partner who is a bit lifeless. Tia stands right in there with the other girls and proves that she is a star in the making. Watching Avena take on two dicks is always a treat and Lana is quite the impressive office fuck. All of the scenes are hot, mostly well shot and the girls are pretty. It’s hard to find anything to complain about really. I suppose some people might want to see more consistent tease footage, but I like the variety. Overall this is a great stroke flick for anyone who likes interracial sex between black guys and Asian girls.

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