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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Virtual Sex With Sophia Santi

Virtual Sex With Sophia Santi

MOVIE TYPE: Virtual Sex

No Running Time

Digital Playground


THEMES: Virtual Sex,




STARS: Sophia Santi


We all know the Virtual Sex franchise quite well by now. I have no idea exactly how many discs they have in this series, but it’s a lot. Over the years there have been many companies jumping into the virtual sex arena, but the “Virtual Sex With” line from Digital Playground remains the industry standard. These days a woman hasn’t been properly introduced to the porn world unless she’s done her Virtual Sex DVD. Today’s coming out party is for the newest DP contract girl Sophia Santi. She is a tall beautiful woman who has graced the pages of nearly every adult magazine in recent years. The good news for fans who have stroked to her for years is that she is doing hardcore flicks now. The bad news is that she is only doing girls at this point. That makes a VS DVD interesting, but we have seen it before. The fucking will have to be done by another girl and a strap on. That may leave some us wanting more, but it’s a good start and as long as Sophia is as hot as he is beautiful, the result should be something special.


Sophia gets naked while talking dirty. She looks fantastic in bra and panties and clearly knows how to get us hard just from talking. It’s a great way to lead to the action and it shows off all of her body parts equally. If you aren’t hard by the time she is done then you either need to get your glasses fixed or just give up and tune back into American Idol. (Cuz Seacrest might be on.)


Sophia is dressed now, dancing against a fake background. While we watch her shake her stuff we get to hear her talk about her first time, sex with girls and her perfect date. It is a very short segment and probably should be viewed before the strip since it’s a bit tamer.


Sophia says she likes about three hours of foreplay so you better be ready to spend a lot of time in this section of the DVD. There are four choices here, all with two camera angles. We can watch her pussy get fingered or fucked with a dildo. There are also options to watch her tits and ass get played with. (By female hands of course.) The close up angles are perfect, but I really like being back a little bit so we can see her face at the same time. In addition to the choice of angles, we can choose the way she acts. Innocent is cute, but naughty side adds a lot of heat. She throws in a lot of “fucking” adjectives and calls us “daddy” enough times to make everyone just a little bit uncomfortable. From this menu we can also do the virtual pussy licking. At any time in this menu we can watch her cum and Sophia does a rather convincing job as she creams all over fingers and toys.


Down to the meat of the action we go. Since she only does girls, this is a strap-on fuck, but it still shows off her body perfectly. Missionary gives us a great view of her pretty face and perfect tits. The naughty option offers some harder fucking, but it still would have been nice to see her get pounded hard enough for some real boob shaking. Doggy puts us right over her huge tattoo so that might be hot for some people. The second angle here gives us a nice look at her pussy. Angle 1 in cowgirl is all face and tits so if you really like the POV experience without penetration, it’s perfect. The second shot is of her ass from behind. Reverse cowgirl isn’t POV, but instead gives us the perfect view of her whole body and face. Go for the naughty option here because she shakes her boobs quite a bit. No anal, but we get to watch her tit fuck the strap on. Great POV action and as always, Sophia’s dirty talk is hot. In every position we can get a popshot. Since it’s not a real dick, they can pump some fake jizz all over her pussy or tits.

Don’t forget the blowjob either. It’s in the sex menu and has Sophia down on her knees sucking the fake prick. This is perfectly shot oral action and will make for great fantasy footage. Sophia plays to the camera, talks dirty, sucks deep and takes the goo right on her tongue. Sure it’s not real, but isn’t the whole point of a Virtual Sex DVD to put ourselves in there anyway? (By the way, Robby D, if you’re reading this, send Sophia over for a BJ and I’ll scratch Jules Jordan’s name off a trophy and give it to you.)

It’s always a risky proposition to do one of these movies with a fake dick. The potential disaster is always there. Thankfully we get something pretty damn good. Sophia is a very pretty woman with an amazing body. That makes her perfect for this line. We get to see her from every angle, teasing, sucking and fucking us if only by proxy. The girl dishing out the plastic dick does a pretty good job. As usual, the interactive menus and angles are done perfectly. Since we don’t have any “real” cumshots, we don’t have to deal with that problem. The fake dick shoots as often as you want and we get one shot on her pretty mouth. I think it’s harder for a girl to generate heat in one of these movies when she’s doing all the work. Still, Sophia is pure eye candy and damn hot as well. Mark this one down as another fine addition to porn’s best virtual sex library.

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