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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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From My Ass To My Mouth



131 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Toys, Anal Play, A2M




STARS: Nikki Hunter, Hillary Scott, Victoria Sin, Flower Tucci, Tyla Wynn, Nadia Nyce, Eve Lawrence, Kat & Kelly Wells.


This should be a little bit different. We don’t usually see solo flicks these days so you can imagine my surprise when I found this one in the new box from Elegant Angel. As the title would indicate it is going to be an anal-oriented solo series with some A2M thrown in for fun. I’m not going to make too much fun of the concept, but I wonder if we could take a quick poll. How many of you ladies out there enjoy pulling your toys out of your ass and sucking on them during a masturbation session? Like it or not though porn isn’t always about actual sex and as much as I might want to laugh, I hope that I will also be entertained by the pretty girls and their toys presented here.

I’m not on the Nikki Hunter bandwagon so I’m not too crazy about the first scene. She does a nice job of talking dirty though and rather quickly manages to stuff four fingers into her pussy. Moving to a smallish glass toy she uses the juices from her twat to help ease the insertion into her ass. Breaking the old Dr. Ruth rule, she goes back and forth between her ass and pussy before licking it clean. The anal toy play is pretty good as Nikki sticks her ass up high and uses toys on both holes to get herself off. She rolls over and keeps fucking her ass until the “squirts” all over the place. If you happen to like Nikki this isn’t a bad solo scene.

Hillary Scott is a huge step in the right direction sexually. The pretty blonde spreads her thighs and does some pussy stretching with her fingers. Not my thing, but the camera is right in there to capture it. Hillary does a pretty good job of talking as she works a beaded toy up into her ass. Check out the way it grips her hole as she tries to pull it out. Her asshole is really tight, but she manages to keep the beads in there as she uses a rather thick dildo on her pussy. Just to prove she can do it, she switches them and screams out as she stretches her ass. I could care less about the A2M, but it’s there if you like it. All I know is that this is one really hot solo scene with some fantastic anal toy play. Damn Hillary, this scene is great.

Victoria Sin has those great legs spread really wide and a dildo already in her pussy when the scene begins. She sticks with this toy for a long time before changing locations to get at her ass. Now naked on a bed she has a dildo up her ass and her fingers rubbing wildly on her clit. Victoria shows a lot of energy in this scene which is great since she can sometimes come across a little flat. Rolling over she keeps fucking her ass and tastes the toy in between her loud declarations of lust. I’m not quite as impressed as I was with Hillary’s scene, but this is another very strokeable solo fuck.

Speaking of strokeable, here comes Flower. With her big ass in the air and fingers in both holes, she talks to us and probably has every cock in the audience hard in record time. She reaches around and tastes her fingers, but they mostly stay in her tight holes where they belong. She sticks a tiny dildo into her ass and then pushes it out. OK, that’s a little German for my taste, but we still get to enjoy her big butt. The action really kicks in when she squats for us with a toy in her ass and goes to work on her G spot. Flower works it until everything is wet and somehow manages to work her asshole into the mix as well. I expect great things from Flower these days and this scene does not disappoint.

Tyla Wynn is the next girl into the game and she does a good job of teasing us. We get to watch her bend over and work on her pussy through her panties. Those are some nice lips she has down there. Rolling over she loses the underwear and puts her legs high in the air to let the camera move in tight. Fingers work really well for her pussy and for her ass, but the glass dildo is what really turns her on. She uses her fingers on her clit while fucking herself silly from behind. I really like the way she bucks her hips while fucking her pussy in mish. (The white boots are a nice touch as well.) It takes her a while to work a toy up that ass, but eventually she is pumping that pooper like a trooper. There is something very genuine about the action here. Tyla makes us all believe that she probably does this kind of stuff at home all the time.

Nadia Nyce is pretty damn good looking no matter what she does. (Yes even with the gap.) She is the first girl to be interviewed on camera and talks about how she had a bad anal experience. When that is over she settles down with a thick glass toy and works is around her pussy, eventually letting it slide on in. She is less energetic than most of the other girls, but does seem to enjoy the taste of her own pussy. Eventually she works it into her ass and does a lot more A2M than I care to see. It takes a long time for the scene to really get going and even when it’s really working she stops too often to shove it into her mouth. I know that this is the title of the flick, but the side show action detracts from the actual heat.

Eve Lawrence is a cutie with fantastic tits. She is playing with those lovely fun bags at the start of her scene, but quickly moves a toy around to the back so she can fuck her asshole. I like the way she bounces on the little thing, working her whole body as if she were fucking a lover. When she rolls onto her back we get the delicious sight of her juicy pussy being plugged with a toy. That sets the stage for some nice anal. Sadly she too takes too many breaks to suck the thing that would be best left in her tight little asshole. It’s a short enough scene without breaking it up with this stuff.

Kat is bound to be as nasty as any of the girls in this movie. There is something very naughty about this little girl that always shows up on screen. She spreads wide and works a couple of different toys in her ass, keeping things moving along nicely by not sucking them. Her body looks really good and Kat is quite vocal, though I wouldn’t say she seems as real as some of the others this time around. For those of you keeping score, she does finally stick one of those toys in her ass, sucking it clean and then shoving it right back up her ass. By the time the action comes to a close Kat has managed to win me over again, even giving us a bit of a wet ending.

Kelly Wells has her toy in her ass and begins by telling us her theory on anal sex. She thinks that the ass was made for fucking while the pussy is for making babies. Her verbal nature continues as she talks about her earliest masturbation experiences. It’s interesting to listen to her talk, but the real treat is the way she looks with her legs up over her shoulders for easy access. Kelly takes the side show factor way up by shoving eight fingers into her mouth to make sure she gets all of that anal residue. (Ewww, yeah now I really want to kiss her.) The talking was great and the sex is solid, but it just doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other scenes we’ve been treated to.

In spite the sometimes comical A2M breaks, this is a really good movie. We just don’t see solo action that much any more and anyone who likes it will enjoy this a whole lot. Hillary Scott, Flower and Tyla Wynn give us the best scenes overall, but there are a number of good ones. Kat’s scene ends well after a slow start. Eve is a serious hottie who I want to see a lot more of. If you aren’t into solo action then you probably won’t be as impressed with this as I am. The sex is well shot, nicely paced and features some fantastic anal toy play. Even with the A2M stuff that doesn’t do anything for me, I still really liked this flick. I’m not sure if they give out awards for best solo movie, but if they do then you’re looking at the winner for 2005.

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