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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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I Dream of Christy



76 Mins.

Canyon Video

DIRECTOR: Tina Marie

THEMES: Fantasies, Big Boobs




STARS: Christy Canyon, Tianna, Carol Cummings, Mandy Wine, Tony Montana, Sean Michaels, Ron Jeremy, Peter North & Marc Wallice.


I have been clearing out the old storage unit recently and going through my personal stash of porn as well. This one comes from the Christy Canyon’s First Comeback box. In between her first run as a Traci/Ginger contemporary and her Vivid days, Christy made movies for a Video Exclusives offshoot, Canyon Video. I believe this was the second of those movies. The box cover shot is a fantastic picture of Christy lying on a bed of white feathers. Her hands and the feathers strategically cover her naughty parts and she has a fantastic look on her face. The slick for the movie graced the wall of my college apartment for a few years and I remember it fondly. That shot is actually what drives the plot of this ‘feature’ as well. Tony Montana has the poster of Christy on his wall and when he and wife Tianna have some friends over, they discuss the girl in the picture and that leads to a series of fantasies. (And people wonder why I consider this period to be a dead time in porn with features dying and gonzo just around the corner.) Is it kind of creepy to watch a flick that has two guys who now have HIV AND Ron Jeremy? Perhaps, but let’s talk about the women. Christy, Carol Cummings, Tianna and Mandy Win are all quite spankable in their own way. Some of you may only remember Ms. Canyon, but trust me; the others are fun as well. This movie also gives us a chance to play a little Name That Badly Ripped Off Tune with the soundtrack. Let’s see if we can guess which tune is being ripped in each scene shall we?

After the pizza and soda party is over, Tianna and Tony settle in for a big of the nasty. She is a very enthusiastic cock sucker who has his prick throbbing and wet in no time. (I think I hear “More Than a Woman” in the music during this scene.) Many of us remember that Tianna would go on to be Buttwoman and do some great gonzo work. Here she shows off that fantastic ass in some good cowgirl that is marred by slow motion footage. Tianna has great energy in this scene, riding him hard, talking dirty and moving into a 69 after she bangs for a while. (We get a bit of ass licking here.) It takes a lot of hard fucking in reverse cowgirl to get her perky tits to bounce, but Tianna does just that. This is a surprisingly good scene with a totally lame slow motion cumshot jerked onto her pussy.

Across town Peter and Carol are getting ready for bed. She is sad because she feels compared to the woman in the poster. He convinces her that it is perfectly normal to fantasize and that he only wants her. As soon as she gets her lips wrapped around his cock, Peter closes his eyes and imagines Christy doing the deed. She always did great scenes with Peter and works her tongue over the head of his big cock and pumps it with her long fingers. He is happy to have his fantasy girl sucking his dick and we get one hell of a hot blowjob to watch. She rolls him over and has his cock sticking out backwards between his ass cheeks. Christy even licks Peter’s ass for quite a while. (This comeback featured Christy at her nastiest and we can all be thankful for that.) Peter works on her big tits on his way down to her juicy slit. For a while Christy licks her own nipples, but eventually she lies back and writhes under his intense tongue action. They engage in some high energy fucking with Christy’s long legs on his shoulders and her tits bouncing all over the place. Peter decides to slide his cock between her tits. When he pulls out and starts shooting, the go slo-mo on us. His sprays like a fire hose all over her neck and the pillow, skillfully missing her face. This is a hot scene, but I couldn’t finger the music. Dammit.

Ron is in trouble at home. Mandy isn’t happy that he has a roving eye and gives him a serious chewing out. He has to do some fast talking to win her over, but when Mandy comes out of the bathroom to fuck, she is Christy dressed in a black bra and panty set. Ron dives right on top of Christy and goes for her massive melons. Porn girls always rave about Ron’s oral abilities and he certainly seems to be doing a good job on Christy as she works her furry box to full froth before feeding her the salami. Reminding us that modern medicine didn’t help back then, Ron has to seriously pinch himself off to keep hard as Christy rams him meat into her mouth. The blowjob doesn’t seem to work very well so she rides his face again and then rolls over to get fucked. I love it when Christy talks dirty and she really goes to town this time. Ron fucks her hard enough to make her really happy and to get her tits bouncing like mad. There is some really great looking doggy before she turns around to take his load on her handing boob. Christy sucks she last few drops out and lets the cream run from her lips.

The girls all get together for a workout and are upset that the AC is out. They all share their experiences and are clearly upset. When Sean Michaels and Marc Wallice show up to fix the unit, they are in for a great show. Mandy goes right after Marc while the two blondes give Sean the royal treatment. That double blowjob is really hot. All three of these women have great bodies and anyone into the whole workout clothing thing will enjoy it as they stay partially dressed for a bit. Marc is busy poking Mandy’s red-maned slit while Sean just leans back and lets Tianna squat fuck his long pole. Carol gets poked from behind, but can’t keep Tianna’s mouth of Sean’s dick. When Marc shoots all over Mandy’s tummy he is done for the day. Sean is still working Tianna, pulling out so he can jerk off all over Carol’s body. The guys can fantasize, but their wives actually do the deed.

Tony invites his friends over for a little surprise. He knows that the girls have been cheating and he has invited Christy over. Hey, that works out well right. All three guys get a piece of her this time and she seems to have quite a good time. Ron goes right for her pussy while she sucks on Tony and Peter. She starts talking about all of the places she wants their cocks and includes her ass just to fuck with us. Tony takes over the fucking and picks up the intensity, ramming her from behind while she keeps working Peter with her mouth. The scene is actually quite rushed, but we don’t have to sit through slow motion cumshot. Peter, Tony and Ron all shoot their cream onto Christy’s fantastic tits. She is quite a dream girl and this scene has some heat in spite of the less than perfect camera and editing work.

The last two scenes of this movie are cute way too short, but when you consider this a “black hole” era flick from a company not known for great smut, you have to be impressed by the end result. Christy Canyon is the perfect fantasy girl and she shows up again and again to prove it. The supporting cast is pretty damn hot as well. We really don’t get to see Carol and Mandy very much, but they manage to shine in limited screen time. Tianna takes full advantage of her full scene, fucking Tony like she can’t get enough and then handling Sean Michaels like the true super-slut she is. In the end though, this is a Christy movie and her fans are going to want to check this out. She does a really good scene with Peter North and then manages to work well with Ron Jeremy even if he struggles through the whole scene. Her three on one will remind some people of the great mini-bang she did in Holly Does Hollywood and could have been really great if it hadn’t been chopped to hell. The slow motion pops are a bit of a drag and Christy keeps her face away from any spray, but her classic rack is nicely featured and often glazed in his fantasy fuck fest.

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