2004 AVN Awards

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Overall Rating [7/12]
Female Looks [11/12]
Male Looks [11/12]
Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [11/12]
Sex [0/12]

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2004 AVN Awards


MOVIE TYPE: Awards Show

117 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Gary Miller

THEMES: Awards Show

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Gauge, Alaura Eden. Daisy, Ramona Luv, Sabrine Maui, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Sylvio, Mark Wood and Brian Surewood.


Hustler takes over the AVN Awards DVD this year and they have made some huge improvements over previous releases. The picture quality is excellent and if anyone has ever wanted to see the big shot, this DVD gives you a better seat than you could possibly buy.

Chi Chi LaRue is on the red carpet and gives us some funny moments from her interviews with the girls. That gets us in the mood for some giggles as she turns it over to our host, Jim Norton. He does a pretty good stand-up before the show kicks off. As usual, we get the presentations followed by short clips from the winning scenes. Thrown into the mix are some tips from porn stars that are pretty funny. Randy Spears and Jenna to a facial tutorial, Tony Tedeschi and Nakita Denise do an anal sex tips segment and Steven St. Croix gives us lessons how FIP (Fake Internal Pop). The added effort to include these funny moments makes the movie seem to flow a little better.

With Jenna and Jim Norton sharing the hosting duties, things do move along fairly quickly. Trust me; watching at home is a lot more fun than sitting through the long breaks in person. The sound is also much better on a DVD so you can actually hear what they are saying. Most of the acceptance speeches are fairly short and that is a good thing. I still think that putting the big musical number where all the women get up on stage and dance before the final award is a mistake. You can’t create that kind of mayhem and then expect people to sit in their seats for the final awards of the evening.

The second disc includes more red carpet interviews, winner’s gallery, behind the scenes and other features. Every year I hope that someone will be able to work out a deal where we actually get to see the winning scenes from start to finish, but I know that is too much to ask for. Instead we get the usual clips and teases, but no full action. I have to applaud Hustler for the best AVN Awards Show DVD ever. Even if it’s more of a soft-core movie with brief hardcore clips, it is still well done and worth a look for anyone who has always wanted to see what one of these things looks like in person.


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