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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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OVERALL RATING: 10 (Best Feature of the Year, Huge Couples Appeal)
82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
THEMES: Cheating, Plot.
STARS: Serenity, Alec Metro, Kiki D’Aire, Chris Cannon, Amber Michaels, Heather Lynn, Keisha, Mickey G.
When I first got this movie, I was worried about how to review it. After all, if I liked a movie that I wrote, would people begin to wonder? All worries vanished however, when I discovered that Raven Touchtone actually gets credit for the script. Now I am free to all the great things I want about the brilliant dialog and award caliber story. (Those of you not laughing need to lighten up a little.) Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing Serenity and Kiki D’Aire fuck and that should be your primary reason for watching this flick. (OK, maybe not for you mom, but for everyone else on the planet.) I did get to visit the set and watch director Michael Zen at work. He took great care to make sure the dialog and non sex scenes were well shot, but also made sure that the sex scenes were hot. Hopefully, both will show through in the final product.
Amber Michaels and Alec Metro roll up to a mansion and can’t keep their hands off each other. Amber is worried that they will be caught, but Alec assures her that the woman in question is out of town for a few weeks. Once Amber relaxes, she is more than ready to give it up. What she doesn’t know is that Serenity is watching from a few feet away. With a video camera in one hand and her pussy in the other, Serenity watches and films the action as Alec licks Amber to full froth. Amber always gives great head and this blowjob is very well captured, making me almost wish he didn’t go on and fuck her. Of course, he does get to fuck her and they use the stairs to off Amber’s long legs quite nicely. Speaking of legs, Serenity is working herself into a bit of a frenzy watching them fuck. The reverse cowgirl transitions into a great looking (though brief) anal and finally to an open mouthed facial. (Slow mo though.) Once again, Amber turns in a fine scene.
Serenity finally makes herself known, scaring Amber right out of the house naked. Alec isn’t in too much trouble though, Serenity isn’t his wife, but his sister, or step-sister in this case. There is obvious sexual tension between the two and for that, you have to give both actors a ton of credit. In the end, they make a wager. She gets to pick a woman for him to nail. If Alec wins, he gets to fuck Serenity, if not, she gets his car. (Dangerous Liaisons/Cruel Intentions influence duly noted.) Of course, the woman Serenity picks is a prim and proper lawyer, Kiki D’Aire. It would seem he has no chance, but that doesn’t stop Alec from giving it his best shot.
The first dialog scene between Kiki and Alec is really well done, with the two performers exchanging barbs and playing cat and mouse around a tree. While Alec is striking out, Serenity is using her knowledge of Amber’s extra curricular activities to lure her into bed. Joined by Amber’s boyfriend, Chris Cannon, they have a little three way in the upstairs bedroom. At first, he is hesitant, but comes to his senses quickly when he sees these two totally hot babes naked in the tub. Serenity really gets into the blowjob here, putting her whole body into it as Amber waits her turn. With both women working their magic, Chris is throbbing and ready to bone in no time. He fucks Serenity first, nailing her from behind while she helps Amber fill her pussy with a big rubber cock. Watching her man fuck her friend must have really turned Amber’s crank, because she rides him like she wants to break some bones in the boy’s lap. After a final ride by Serenity, the women hold their tits together and let Chris douse them with his goo. Two scene in and we’ve already seen some very hot action.
Alec is still hot on Kiki’s trail, pulling some strings to get her alone for an outdoor lunch. They begin to learn a lot more about each other, but Alec is no closer to getting into her panties than he was before. As the story progresses, we also find out that Alec is now quite worried that Amber’s fling will cause an end to her relationship. Is he weakening? Growing soft? Again, the dialog scenes between Metro and Serenity are outstanding and probably worthy of some award consideration. Even more surprising is how well Kiki handles her dialog. Very nice casting.
The next sex scene takes place between Chris and a couple of women who have been hired to fuck him. (You see, Serenity is doing some plotting of her own.) Keisha and Heather Lynn are a couple of very tempting brunettes who know how to keep Chris’ mind off his girlfriend’s new sexual proclivities. Heather and Chris tongue Keisha in both holes and she’s going nuts in a matter of seconds. Chris uses his cock and fingers to keep both women happy at once, but Keisha needs more. She needs to fuck herself with a fake cock while he fucks Heather right up the ass. Keisha also gets it in the ass, riding RCA while Heather pinches her clit hard to bring the busty babe over the edge. Chris drops a load for the two women to share.
Serenity has good reason to want the tape to get into Amber’s hands, but runs into a little trouble. Her old friend the Judge, (You’ll have to actually watch to understand.) stops by to settle up on a little something that’s coming to him. They retire upstairs where Mickey gets his tongue between Serenity’s legs faster than you can say ‘jurisprudence.’ Even though she’s not supposed to be that into the action, Serenity is really enthusiastic as she turns the tables on Mickey, grabbing his cock and sucking it hard. Once she gets that thing ready to go, Serenity bends over and presents herself for some hot doggy action. I don’t remember Serenity being this energetic or as vocal in some of her earl scenes, but she has become one very hot on screen fuck. (I’m sure she’s hot off screen as well, she just hasn’t given in yet.) Mickey drops a load across her chest and watches as Serenity rubs it in and licks the last drop off the tip of his cock.
Alec decides to confess the whole thing to Kiki, but before he can get it out, she demands to be taken. Hey, lawyers are used to screwing people so this will be a nice change for her. She leans back, hikes up her dress and enjoys a thorough finger fuck from her new best friend. When she gets on her knees to return the favor, Kiki sucks like she’s wanted him her whole life. Kiki has great thighs and a pretty shaved pussy that looks great when he pushes her legs back and really lays some pipe on this babe. There is some hot talk coming out of her pretty mouth as Alec slams her from behind. He finally unloads all over her tits. (Those look very real.)
When Alec shows up to tell Serenity of his conquest, things get a little sticky. Kiki catches them and it looks like Alec has lost it all. He sums things up with a simple, “You lose, suck the dick.” Down she goes and this time Serenity looks intent on sucking Alec’s lungs out through the tip of his cock. Great blowjob, but I guess since he won the bet, he doesn’t have go down on her. Personally, you couldn’t keep me from tasting that, but for the movie, his desire to fuck her silly is understandable. They hook up for a very high energy spoon fuck that has her clutching and grabbing at his body like crazy. I’ve heard Serenity say she thinks this may be her best sex scene ever and I have to agree with her. She is totally on fire and it really fits with the character as well. Great shot of her ass as she grinds it back against his body. Matching her energy, Alec fucks her silly, finally shooting cum all over her belly.
So, how does it all end? Please. Someone went to great lengths to make this story actually have an ending, so watch it yourselves. What strikes me first about this movie is how great the picture quality is. I’m not usually impressed with how video looks these days (DVD has spoiled me) but this one looks great. Michael Zen has done a great job putting together a movie that is solid all the way around. He has put together a cast that handles their dialog brilliantly. This is Serenity’s best non comedic performance to date and should garner her another Best Actress statue. Alec Metro is equally good and I was totally surprised at how good Kiki is. I guess since ‘Raven’ wrote this, I can say that the script should be nominated as well. Sexually, this is probably the best Serenity movie to date. Her scenes get progressively hotter, ending in a very passionate romp with Alec Metro. (Not quite gonzo level sex, but as close as feature sex will ever get.) Amber, Kiki and Keisha also add a lot of heat to the movie. From top to bottom, I would have to say this is the best feature I have seen all year. Great for couples, but enough strokeable scenes to make it much more.

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