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Wicked Pictures- 1997
DIR: Michael Zen
STARS:. Jenna Jameson, Asia Carerra, Brad Armstrong, Missy, Mickey G, Mark Davis, Stacy Valentine, Peter North, Tom Byron,
THEMES: Gothic Sex

Jenna Jameson is far and away the biggest star in adult films today. Her popularity is second to none and her star power it top notch. In a big budget movie like this, with stars like Jenna, Asia Carerra and Missy, how in the world could anyone NOT notice Satyr right away.
Asia Carerra starts things off by casting some sort of spell that seems to trap Jenna within her reach. As the evil Asia waits for her prey to arrive, she relaxes with a couple of lucky henchmen. As always, Asia looks stunning with her soft lips wrapped around the hard cocks presented to her. You know benefits like this sure beat a dental plan. The men please their mistress just in time for Jenna to arrive at the front door.
Young Jenna has a few questions to ask the mysterious Dr. Jade about animal mythology. In true Gothic tradition, it is too late for Jenna to drive back, so she must spend the night in the mansion. In one of the rooms Asia is busy fucking like a wild animal. Someone has really lit a fire under this exotic beauty because her scenes just keep getting better and better. She nearly gets fucked through the mattress before her guy unloads on her flat tummy.
Elsewhere in the mansion, Jenna lies in bed, using a curiously shaped glass nick knack as a pseudo dildo. All the while, the maid, Missy, is watching and fantasizing joining the gorgeous blonde in lesbian pleasures. The sight of these two hot blondes in bed together fucking each other with a fake cock is enough to get anyone going. Talk about combined beauty. Jenna even takes that lucky object into her tight backdoor.
Jenna is intrigued by the Dr. and returns to witness a sexual ritual that turns into an orgy of writhing flesh. The hot action whips up more than curiosity in Jenna. In no time, she is the center of attention, with two studs servicing her body head to pussy with their probing fingers and thorough tongues. She more than pays them back for their hard work, allowing them access to the most sought after mouth and pussy in X-dom. (And a lovely pair of orifices they are.) Jenna gets both ends thoroughly stuffed until the men are ready to decorate her lovely face with a double shot of love juice. Quite the pretty mess.
The ritual has the lovely Jenna going through some rather wicked changes. This is where the movie bogs down a bit. Jenna is drop dead gorgeous, has above average sexual heat, but her acting is nothing short of hideous. To put her in a script which requires some acting, next to other, more credible actors, is an abortion. While she struggles with her changing, Asia takes Missy to the dungeon where she needs to discipline the servant for her insubordination. This punishment starts off with a big buttplug rammed into the blonde’s ass. The non-business end of said plug is a long tail, making Missy look rather mythic. I am not usually a huge fan of girl girl scenes, but the way Missy attacks Asia’s pussy is nothing short of blazing. (Love the way she tugs at the pussy ring with her teeth. Deliciously deviant.) Asia has one of the prettiest pussies you will ever see and we get plenty of close up of it before they switch places and she shoves her even more beautiful face between Missy’s parted thighs. This is a short scene, but it is killer, even for a guy who isn’t all that crazy about dickless pairings.
Jenna’s dreams are becoming more and more bizarre. In the woods, Stacy Valentine, looking like Medusa with her snake-do, is getting busy with Tom Byron and Peter North. Watching this sexy blonde take all that cock makes her rising popularity very clear to me. She is one hot slut. Any woman who can DP these two guys with such passion and then take their sizable loads on her face is a keeper in my book.
Jenna then relates a tale of her lusty dreams which have her oddly attracted to a hairy, evil, troll like demon. (Hey, who let Ed Powers into this video.) Before things can be resolved, a partially transformed Jenna gets it on with one of the half human beasts. You know, even with her legs covered in fur and a horn in her head, Jenna looks fucking hot. (I think I am starting to get the whole Jenna thing ya’ll.) A bit more eye contact from this super beauty would help her nearly perfect cocksucking technique, but other than that, I like what I see. Her pretty pussy also takes a cock well, but the highlight has to be another drippy cumshot splashed all over this covergirl mug.
When all is said and done, Satyr is a decent piece of erotic film making. This big budget film has a first rate cast, excellent technical quality, decent acting from everyone except the star and a decent story. The sex is hot, especially the Asia/Missy pairing and all three Jenna scenes. Grab this one if you have a lady friend ready to check out an X vid, or if you just want to see what all the fuss over Ms. Jameson is about, it is well worth the time.
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