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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Elegant Angel- 1993

DIR: Patrick Collins

STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Debi Diamond, Wednesday, Misty Rain, Tara Monroe, Lara Lambkin, Miss Sharon Mitchell, Nikki Shane, Gerry Pike, Jon Dough, TT Boy, Peter North, Jay Ashley, Mike Dani, Adam Voughn.

THEMES: Anal Sex



With nearly twenty volumes of this tremendously popular series out, many may ask why I choose volume six to review. It is not the best of the bunch overall, it is not the newest, nor is it even the next in line of the ones I have already done. The reason is simple. This is the video where I first saw, and instantly fell in love with Kaitlyn Ashley. Her scene in this one video was enough to rock the world of this somewhat jaded porn reviewer and create a crush of epic proportions. Seriously, in addition to Kaitlyn’s scene, there is plenty else to look at in this volume and I see it is as a good reminder of what made Patrick Collins so popular, and what I someday hope, he will return to.

Lovable old coot Brockton O’Tooloe hosts each story in his semi-senile way. First up is Kaitlyn Ashley, who left alone, must find a way to keep herself company. Of course, anyone this close to this body will be unable to keep their hands off her mouth watering pussy, so right off, her fingers are knuckle deep and working on some solo fun. Joining her fingers in the fun is a huge white vibrator that sounds like a lawn mower and soon has this sexy thing spreading wide to take it deep inside her. It is in this position that her husband, Jay, finds her when he comes home. He seems to think that her mind is on other guys, but that doesn’t stop him from getting a taste of that delicious pussy. Check out how long that tongue is as she sucks her pre-silicone breasts. Such ideas it gives me.

Well licked and ever appreciative, Kaitlyn treats Jay to a wonderful treat, a slow and sensuous blowjob. While his cock slowly slides in and out of her bright red lips, they share a mutual fantasy, to see the beautiful Kaitlyn fucking Jay’s friends. In classic porn style, just as Kaitlyn describes whose cock she would like to be sucking, Jon Dough, TT Boy and Peter North happen to be watching at the window. When the boys come in, we get to see a future superstar do what made her the hottest thing in the porn world. In no time at all, Kaitlyn has a one big cock in her mouth and one in each hand. Although this is pre stardom Kaitlyn, her natural beauty shines through and her stark, pale skin is a thing of wonder.

The three men descend on her in no time and have her working hard for her cock. Her sexy ass gets a good spanking before Dough fucks her from behind standing, leaving Kaitlyn gasping around North’s oversized pole. Each guy takes his turn at her hot pussy while she seems to have an insatiable appetite for more and more cock in her hungry mouth. Once TT gets her down on her knees for some hardcore doggy, its time to test the waters of Kaitlyn’s backdoor. With sexy dirty talk coming from her lovely mouth, Kaitlyn takes Peter in her butt. Fantastic low angle shots catch the entire length of his full strokes as Peter goes balls deep in her tight hole. After a bit of this, TT moves in under to fill her hot pussy while Jon stuffs her mouth. All holes filled with over two feet of hard cock, was a woman ever more completely fucked?

Now, after all of this action, how can Collins cap this scene to make it an instant classic? How about having Kaitlyn kneeling on a couch, her face, crotch high to a trio of stroking cocks and begging for cream. Indeed, that is how we see her until the fireworks begin. Peter and Jon shoot first, spraying twin streams of jizz all over Kaitlyn’s open mouth and her entire face. This double facial has sperm literally dripping off her lovely face and pooling at her chin and Kaitlyn takes it all with a huge smile of glee. Immediately, she turns her cum soaked mug towards Jay’s spurting cock and gulps down a full load out of him as well. She gives each hard cock a final suck and smiles as we fade out, her face still beautifully decorated in the juices of her admirers. A star (and an obsession) is born.

After an opening scene of this caliber, I could just say turn the video off and savor porn perfection. However, there is plenty more to see. Laura Lambkin and Mike Dani star in the next little story. Laura a brunette form Budapest is nothing spectacular in my book, but Collins does have a thing for the European women. I guess some things never change. In her hotel room, Laura plays with her pussy while waiting for her lover to arrive. She seems to be quite well aquatinted with how to make her body work, stuffing three fingers in her pussy and two in her ass. Good solo material here. All that finger action doesn’t cool her off and she greets her friend Mike by giving him a nice show for him to stroke to.

After sending her to the showers, Collins has the Euro slut back in bed where her stud tongues her dry. Well, that is until her pussy kicks in and she is dripping wet and squirming to have his cock in her. This is a porno, so first, she has to suck his dick, and Laura does give some A1 on screen head, using her whole face on Mike’s cock before turning around to get fucked doggy style. The anal comes quickly and in RC so we get great close up shots of her butt being banged good and hard. Her tight asshole makes a good target as Mike finally sprays her with his juice before she turns around to clean him off. Nasty little Euro trash.

Newcomers Wednesday and Adam Voughn are at the desk of Patrick Collins who asks them who they want to work with. Well, any red-blooded man or woman would be crazy not to think of blonde spitfire Debi Diamond. Ms. Diamond is flattered and thrilled to be hooked up with this good looking young couple. Debi sits with Adam and watches the beautiful brunette do an incredibly sexy striptease. When just a dance is not enough, Wednesday breaks out the olive oil and really starts to get herself sticky. This is too tasty for Debi to pass up and she is on the other girl in a flash. With Adam stroking his cock nearby, the two women finger, eat and toe suck each other for a long time. At one point, Wednesday actually fucks Debi with her toes which is interesting to say the least. Knowing it takes more than that to make a legend cum, the wet brunette uses a huge rubber cock to more thoroughly penetrate Debi’s shaved box. In return, Debi plastic fucks Wednesday’s ass.

Finally Adam gets into the act, bending Debi over the sofa and fucking her from behind while yanking her hair. His little cutite of a girlfriend is quick to get her pierced tongue in there close for the action. With Debi Diamond in a scene, can her ass go long without a cock shoved up it? Not likely. Her backdoor takes a pounding from Adam, who can’t go very long before he shoots his wad all over her ass and Wednesday’s face. Wow, the build up is long and slow, but the boil comes a bit too fast. Still a killer of a scene. Wednesday is one not to be missed.

Misty Rain and Miss Sharon Mitchell are mispaired relatives in the next story. Apparently Misty’s old man has married Sharon and the evil stepmother thing has taken over. Instead of making Cinderella do chores, this step monster gives her little Princess a good hard spanking and makes her tell dirty stories. Now, blasphemy that it is, I have to say that I have never found Sharon Mitchell even remotely appealing. However, Misty is hot enough to carry a scene all by herself and Sharon always did get into her girl/girl scenes. What you get her is a very passionate scene between two very slim ladies in great shape. Of course, with the added kink of a step mother attacking her nasty little “daughter.” Misty looks delicious head to toe, a real superstar slut, ready for anything. The shots of her spread open taking a big vibrator deep in her ass are the absolute highlight of this very good scene.

The final story comes to us with Tara Monroe, Nikki Shane and Jerry Pike. Sexy Tara reads a kinky add from the hot couple and is dow
n for some serious fun and games. Just the idea has Tara so heated, that she has to give her cute little pussy a rub. Wow, what a compact little package of fuckabilty she is. Once at their home, Nikki explains that she is to be their live in housecleaner/sex toy. Now, what does a sweet faced, hot bodied, live in housekeeper/sex toy go for these days? Nikki gives her petite new friend a try out, complete with a generous amount of toe and shoe sucking. Tara’s compact little body is just made to be trained. She is quite a bit fuller and has an even more delicious looking pussy than her somewhat more famous sister Tami. She takes and gives a good pussy sucking and finger job before the ladies finish off with dueling silver vibes.

Into this sweaty pile of perfect female flesh comes Jerry Pike, the lucky man in this unorthodox relationship. The Australian stud knows how to keep his women in their place, immediately ordering Tara to clean the mirrors, and Nikki to suck his dick. This little experiment lasts only long enough to get him hard, then he wises us and has both ladies join him in bed. Even here, Nikki gets most of the action, finishing her blowjob and mounting her husband’s cock while Tara rides Jerry’s face. Not bad, but my interest really gets peaked when Nikki dismounts and Tara bends her lovely face down to get a taste of cock. After she gives a very promising handjob, Tara straddles Jerry for the ride of her young life. Her short, incredibly curvy body looks great as she fucks him like her life depends upon it. The way he pounds her doggy and even in a semi piledriver like position, is fantastic, her super tight pussy lips gripping his cock. But come on, isn’t her ass just begging to be stuffed? That is the big disappointment here, that and the fact that the sizable cum shot falls nowhere near little Tara’s face. Even still, the scene is hot, Tara looks fantastic and you will want to watch this one for sure.

This is one of the very best Sodomania tapes top to bottom. From Kaitlyn’s gang bang with the very best cum shot of all time, to Misty and Sharon’s family lez fest, to Debi and Wednesday frolicking in the oil. The sex is hot, the camera work second to none and if there is not enough kink in here for you, well then you have unique taste indeed. A keeper and an excellent addition to any collection.

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