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Leisure Time- 1996
DIR: Ron Jeremy
STARS: Divine Brown, Kim Kitain, Candy Cash, Ron Jeremy, Mark Davis.
THEMES: Celebrity Sex, Prostitutes.
Amy Fisher, Tonya Harding, Lorena Bobbitt, Heidi Fleiss, the stream of scandal queens to grace (or curse) the public eye in recent years has no end. From underage Lolita’s to high class call girls, our fascination with these low IQ, high sex appeal bimbos is boundless. None of these women, however are as honest about what they are, or have been made by the media, as Divine Brown. This genuine working girl is known for her profession, and more specifically, for her prostitution arrest with British film star Hugh Grant. The scandal that followed did little to hurt Grant’s popularity, and Ms. Brown got her fifteen minutes of fame before seeming to blow away like so much debris on Hollywood Boulevard during a Santa Anna wind. Apparently the powers that be in the porn world have convinced Divine that cashing in on her brief stardom is the best way to advance her career. Wise advice? Will Divine shed her street walking shoes for the bright lights and glitz of X stardom? Are we looking at the sex star of the late 90’s? Let’s find out shall we?
Director Ron Jeremy certainly doesn’t rush into any action, choosing instead to open with Divine getting her hair done. As she gives a rather flat and overly rehearsed account of her one night of fame, we get a preview of the action to come, such as it is. This thrilling (Insert sarcasm here.) bit of adult cinema is followed by five minutes of Mark Davis driving through the rain soaked streets of Hollywood, mumbling incoherently. He drifts off into a flashback/fantasy sequence where, clad as a Knight, Davis encounters a lovely wench, (Yvonne) who just happens to be fingering her juicy pussy. (How is that for good timing?)
There is a rather long solo scene with Mark looking on as Yvonne pleasures herself. This might have been hot had the slow motion and black and white effect not stripped the scene of any erotic appeal it might otherwise have possessed. When Davis finally does join in the fun, the color comes back, but sadly, Jeremy sticks with the slow motion effect. This is especially annoying since there is a heavy wind blowing. (Directors Tip for the day. Wind, in slow motion, is a good way to give the audience a huge headache. Don’t Fucking Do It!) It’s really too bad this scene got so messed up, because the sex actually seems to be hot, with Yvonne showing amazing deep throat skills, swallowing every inch of Mark’s sword. The couple give a spirited effort, fucking wildly on a drawbridge. (Funny, I didn’t realize they had bellybutton rings and silicone hooters in medieval times.) The slow motion pop shot ends up in Yvonne’s upturned mouth, leaving up to lament things that could have (Should have, WOULD have if I were in charge.) been.
The daydream has our star rather worked up, so he turns his attention to the women of Hollywood Boulevard. I wonder if the idea of playing Knight/Wench with Liz Hurley is what sent Hugh into the arms of his lady of the night. For some reason, we see him shave off his goatee in the rear view mirror. (Does this qualify this as a shaving video?) Just when he needs it most, along comes the scantily clad Divine Brown. Again, Jeremy overloads us with the slow motion footage of this shapely lady strolling up the street. Unable to control his lust, Davis pulls over and inquires about the services of the divine Ms. Brown. The dialog here is rather painful. Davis makes some potentially hilarious, but badly fumbled Hugh Grant references, while Divine just chokes on her lines.
Someone please explain how and why Divine is now clad in a towel as she sits in the front seat of Mark’s car, prepping him for some oral delights. Ever the professional, Divine covers her new friend’s growing hard on with a condom before demonstrating her most developed talent. Space is limited, making the camera angles a little tricky, but to his credit, Jeremy does a fine job of capturing the front seat blowjob. As usual, he over uses the slow motion stuff, but at least it isn’t wall to wall this time. Although she is no Yvonne in the deep throat category, Divine proves to have good technique and excellent stamina in her knob gobbling skills. Mark should be given mega props for staying hard so long in his rubber confinement. As the scene draws to a close, the slo-mo bug once again takes over Jeremy’s brain and ruins the handjob cum shot.
Just like real life, the police arrive and break up the little party, taking our two heroes to jail. In her jail cell, Divine takes her story in a new direction. She runs into another incarcerated working girl, Kim Katain, and the two become fast friends. Doing his best Andrew Blake impersonation, Jeremy digitizes, soft focuses, and slow dissolves his way through a sensuous massage into a jail house cell floor, lesbian romp. We get our first full glimpse of Divine in her full naked glory. You know, she doesn’t look too bad. A bit soft and defiantly in need of some help in the breast department, but there is something sexy about her.
Apparently guard Candy Cash agrees, as she watches the interracial couple share an intimate moment with a big silver vibrator. (Someone want to tell me where she hid that on her way into jail?) Of course, guard Candy has the advantage of not watching the digitally filtered (Codeword for Fucked Up) frolicking. In fact, she drops her gunbelt and provides an alternative show as she gets herself off outside the cell. Trouble is, Candy is nothing to look at. In fact, this may be one time when I am thankful for the digital tweaking. Meanwhile back in the cell, Divine shows that she can give as well as receive, filling her partner with shinny, vibrating love, all the while excruciatingly careful to avoid any mouth to pussy contact. The novelty of lesbian jail sex wears thin under the overwhelming mediocrity of not so attractive women and crappy digital effects.
Fresh out of jail, Divine heats up at the local gym. She first pisses of some fat, ugly guy, then meets her lawyer Ron Jeremy. (Insert Ron Jeremy joke here.) After some tough negotiating over his legal fee, they finally settle on the barter system. Divine looks pretty good in tight spandex, her every curve accentuated however, in a flash, both she and Ron are naked and his cock is covered in rubber. The irrepressible Ms. Brown soon has her head bobbing like one of those baseball head dolls on the dashboard. Showing amazing camera sense, she is quick to make great eye contact. This, would normally be enough to elevate this scene to top level status, however, once again, the sight is obscured by slow motion and some sort of monk chanting in the background.
For the reported fifty times what she got from Hugh Grant, Divine opens up new doors, actually letting Ron inside her pink folds. She looks pretty good taking every inch that Ron has to offer. In fact, if he had let us see this in real time, tit lovers would have gone nuts over the flopping her boobs do. As if to add insult to injury, the single stream cum shot, which lands lamely on Divine’s lower cheeks, is looped over and over until it looks like a Peter North shot. The effort here from Divine is not bad, but the over directed scene is so lacking in heat.
With the sex over, Divine continues her interview, revealing the rest of her Hugh Grant story. You know, this story, a year later, is not particularly interesting. Neither is this video. In fact, thanks in large part to Ron Jeremy’s over-directing, it offers little in the way of sexual heat. The intrigue factor is high, and for her part Divine Brown is a decent adult video performer, certainly as hot as Kim Katain and far hotter than Candy Cash. Even a superior slut like Yvonne, however is held back by too much slow motion and overdone camera work. Ron, go back to Telecommunications 101 and remember to KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! The result of forgetting this basic rule is a video that wastes what little potential it
has. I would say go ahead and rent it just to see what Ms. Brown has to offer, but not as anything remotely sexually stimulating. Now bring on the Tonya Harding/Amy Fisher video. That one, I’d pay good money to see.
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