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Teagan Presley 2005 Interview 2004 - Teagan's Bio & Movies

Teagan Presley


You know how this works, we did one last year.

I remember.

I get to say something I don't often get to say. I told you so!

Oh boy. Yes you did. Everyone is saying that to me today. My ex-boyfriend called me and told me that he knew I was going to be nominated.

You are up for some big AVN awards, but we have something for you right now.


Yes, here is the Rog Reviews Critic's Choice award for Best Newbie.

Yay. My first one. Wow.

You nearly won the Fan Favorites award as well. Lauren Phoenix beat you by two votes.

Two votes? So close. Lauren is a great girl though.

You actually finished second in the Fan Favorite as Best Newbie and as Best Female Performer and you won this one.

That is great. Thank you so much.

I have a whole bag of these for Jules Jordan. Robby said that he would get all of the Digital Playground girls to blow me if I would scratch Jules' name off and give him some.

Jules has a table with all of his awards on it. Robby needs to get some.

He can have one, but you have to blow me. So is it worth it to get Robby a trophy?

I think yes. I would do it for Robby because he's my guy.

Jules might be down one trophy.

He can spare an award. He is a great director and he knows it. He can spare one.

You have had a really great year.

Yes I have.

When we sat here a year ago no one had even seen your first scene yet.

No they hadn't. They had only seen me at the convention.

Teagan Presley

In one year you went from girl we hadn't seen to Digital Playground Contract Girl and become one of the most popular porn stars in the world. How does it feel?

I am grateful and appreciative to be honest. I can't believe how well things worked out.

Did you expect this?

Not at all.

You are now holding the first Rog Reviews award that Digital Playground has ever won.

Cool. I am their first anal contract girl.

You were doing anal and gonzo movies for the first half of the year, working for Anabolic, Red Light, Jules Jordan, Joey Silvera and all of the usual suspects. All of a sudden you were gone and under contract with DP. How did that happen, why Digital Playground and was it a hard decision?

Not really. I figure that there are only so many box covers a girl can be on before she gets shot out. Basically I knew that if I wanted to stay in the business I needed to appeal to more of the audience. I needed to appeal to more than just the hard-core gonzo fans. I looked around quietly at each company. I liked Vivid, but they have so many girls that it wasn't a good fit. I am not a competitive person and with that many girls you kind of have to step you your game to get the attention. I like the smaller company feel here and Digital Playground has the best PR of anyone I saw. I see Jesse Jane everywhere.

You said you were first DP anal contract girl. That means that Devon and Jesse have yet to give up the A on camera.


Don't you think that is a waste of two very nice backsides?

It is, but you never know what can happen. I am happy to shoot anal. I just shot an A scene for my Erotique movie.

When might we see that?

I'm not sure when that is coming out. We just shot it in November.

How was it working for a female director like Celeste?

It wasn't any different. She is like a guy. She is very hard-core. I wasn't expecting that from her. She would yell out "grab your package."

To you?


Show me how you would grab your package.

Something like this.

That looks good to me.

Celeste knows what looks good.

Do you have a web site?

Not yet. We are working on getting the domain name. My yahoo group is my mini-web site right now. My goal was to have 4500 members before Vegas and I made that number.

Wow, I have like two hundred in mine. I think it's because you're cuter.

Teagan Presley

Maybe it's because I have boobies.

You were cuter than I am before you had boobies.

Thank you.

So if someone wants to find you on line right now they can visit the Yahoo Group?

Yes. It's called Teagan's Playground. I had that name before I signed the contract. It was just a nice coincidence.

You were in Jack's Teen America as a pageant contestant and then you got to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood for Jules Jordan.

That was in Flesh Hunter 6. It was a lot of fun.

I heard you talking just a minute ago about how you don't think you're going to win Best Starlet at AVN?

The competition is really tough. Cytherea, Lily Thai, Nautica Thorn they are all really hot.

It is a very strong field. If you don't win, who would you like to see go home with the trophy?

I would love to see Kristy Lee win. I love her to death. She has the potential to be great in every scene.

I think you should win.

Thank you.

What movies do you have coming up?

I am going to be in an installment of Jack's Teen America and Jack's Playground. My Erotique movie should be out in a bit. I am also working on my toy line.

Is that also through Digital Playground?


What kind of toys are we going to see?

We are meeting this week to decide. I took a poll of toys that girls like and I'm going to put out toys that actually get the girls off.

Will there be some molds?

Maybe. I haven't thought about that yet.

We can do a side by side test. You can blindfold me and see if I can tell the difference.

That sounds like a good test. You have a lot of really good ideas.

When it comes to me having sex with pretty girls, I am full of ideas.

Teagan Presley

Rock on.

What kind of toys do you like?

I love pocket rockets. They are so tiny and powerful. I carry one in my purse. They are every girl's fantasy. I use mine everywhere. I even used it on the plane over here.

Who did you use it on?

On myself.

I thought maybe you used it on some unsuspecting guy sitting next to you.

Not this trip. I have used it on a guy though.


I stuck it up my friend's ass when he was passed out?

Did he like it?

I don't know. We painted "I suck dick" on his face so we all had fun.

Guys shouldn't pass out around you.

No they shouldn't. I can go all night so they better keep up.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Kind of.

Is he in the business?

No he is not.

But he is cool with you being in?

Yeah. I don't know how he does it, but he does.

Do you prefer girls or guys?

I love girls, but I have to have a male in my life. I need the dick.

What about on screen?

I can take it or leave it.

Any favorite guys to work with?

Teagan Presley

Mark Ashley, Scott Nails, the usual.

And girls?

Sandra Romain and my new girl that I want is Sativa Rose. She is one of my friends and she hot. She says she is the only Mexican girl without a butt, but she has the sweetest lips.

She has a pretty nice butt too.

Yeah and the nicest boobs.

Speaking of boobs.

Oh nice.

You like that?

Very smooth Rog.

You have boobs now.

I have boobies now. I am so excited.

Why do you have boobs?

Because I wanted them. If I wasn't in the business I was going to get them anyway.

You didn't need them.

At least I didn't go pornified and get them too huge. I wanted them to look natural and fit my frame.

So this wasn't for the contract?

No. If they help my self-confidence and makes my performance better, then why not?

They look good, how do they taste?

I hear that they taste pretty good.

Are there any guys you haven't worked with, but want to?

I really, really want to work with Joey Silvera.

He works for a different company.

I know. I shot for him and I would always try to get him into the scene.

What is it about Joey?

He just turns me on so much.

Teagan Presley

Do you like older quirky guys?

Yes I do, a lot. Joey has this inner pervert thing going for him. I was shooting for him and he slapped me across the face and I was just so turned on.

If you could do a scene with any guy it would be Joey?

Joey Silvera absolutely.

What about a girl?

Devon. I haven't worked with her yet.

I had a long talk with Devon about you.

Uh oh.

She wants to do dirty things to you.

I'll bet she does. That girl can do so many dirty things. I can't wait.

I would love to watch.

For sure. You can just sit in the corner and masturbate.

I could live with that.

Right on.

You did a movie with Jesse, Contract Star. You guys had interesting hair and accents in that one.

I am so bad at accents.

But you guys were supposed to be bad?

But you can tell that I was trying really hard and it just wasn't coming out.

Was that the first time you had a scripted scene?

No it wasn't the first time. I'm just not very good with the whole Latin accent thing. Damn, look at all of the pretty girls walking by.

You are easily distracted.

I am. Can we just sit here and watch the girls go by.

I think we both have work to do.

Let's forget it. We can pick the best girls and have them all blow you at the end of the day.

Teagan Presley

That sounds good, but I'm holding out for a blowjob from you.

Awww, that's sweet. I think I already owe you one.

You do. Remember, you were going to break out your cheerleader uniform for me.

Oh that's right.

You stiffed me on the cheerleader blowjob and I gave you a trophy anyway.

Hey, I worked hard to earn that.

Yes you did.

I read your web site all the time; I know I earned this one. I've read the reviews.

Wow, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

I am such a computer nerd.

You did a great interracial scene for Anabolic. Was that your only one?

No, I did one for Joey Silvera in Hellcats 3.

Is that something you aren't doing any more?

It isn't something that I have stopped do. I just haven't found a lot of African-American males who I enjoy working with. I know that most contract girls don't do interracial, but I have done it. Gina Lynn has done it.

What about Lexington Steele?

I would want to do Lex, but I couldn't handle him.


He's too big.

How big do you like?

Off camera? I don't like big guys.

So how big do you like?

Six is good for me.

Teagan Presley


Yeah, I just like the average guys.

Damn, I am too big for you.

Well, the occasional big one is good. As long as it isn't a porno guy.

I heard someone say that you did a virtual sex?

I just did my Virtual Sex with Chris Charming.

How was it?

It was good. It was a little strenuous, but I am excited and hoping that it will come out well.

I just heard Fayner say something about you coming down to the bar here at the Venetian with no make up on?

Yeah I did that.

You really aren't the typical porn girl are you?

I'm very down to earth. I just happen to be a horny little girl.

So tell me about this bar story.

I was upstairs watching Law & Order and one of my friends asked me to come down and have a drink with her. I went down there with my baggy jeans, no make up and had a few drinks.

What physical feature of yours gets the most comments?

My butt.

You have a little butt.

It's a little bubble though. It isn't that little, but it's smaller than it used to be since I'm working out now.

You would have to sit in my lap for me to really tell.

Yeah? Wanna give the cheeks a squeeze to really check?

You really shouldn't tease me like that. I already want to have sex with you.

Right now?


Hmmm, I don't think we can do that right now. Later?

Teagan Presley

OK sure.

Let's finish this then.

Do people still tell you that you look like Britney Spears?

Yeah. People in the supermarket are telling me now. I don't see it, but everyone tells me that.

Do you think it's a compliment?

Sure. She is hot. When she has make up on she is hot as hell, but when you see her in the tabloids with no make up, she don't look so good.

Are you doing any dancing?

Not yet. I want to feature dance so badly. That is one of my primary goals. I want to shoot a whole bunch, then dance, then shoot some more. I want to work my ass off this year.

What has been the biggest surprise for you this year?

I am still surprised by how quickly it happened. No one had seen me a year ago.

No one really needed to see your work to know that you look fantastic.

Thank you. I was taken aback by how much attention I got at the Berlin show. I couldn't believe how many autographs I signed. I'm even surprised by the response here today. The nominations are also a very pleasant surprise.

How long is your contract?

Three years.

So we are going to see you for a while.

Yes you are. I hope you like what you see.

You have worked for Robby and for Celeste. Who is a better director?

They are both great in their own way. Robby is a quirky guy who can make you laugh on the set. Celeste has all of these artistic ideas that you wouldn't believe. I was blown away by the things she came up with for my Erotique movie.

That was a well thought out answer and we appreciate that, but you still have to give it to us straight. Who is better? The vote so far is 1-1 with Robby voting for himself and Devon picking Celeste.

I would have to say Robby. He can make me laugh so much on set that it blows me away.

Which of the two would you rather have sex with?

Celeste. She has really nice titties.

Other than Devon or Sativa, are there any other girls you want to work with?

I think that Kristy and I could do a really good young girl thing, oh and that girl. Mari Possa. That is who I want. Also Hannah Harper. I hang out with her all the time and she is hot.

Do you know that she started out by reviewing sex toys for my web site?


Yeah she was on my site long before she was a star. I know how to pick talent.

Yes you do.

You and Jesse did a scene at the end of "Contract Star." In the final version there wasn't much pussy licking. Did it get cut our or do you just not dig going down on girls?

No, it was just edited that way. It just worked better visually with the glass dildos.

Is there anything you would like to say to everyone reading this?

Thank you for watching my movies and I hope you like them.

Obviously everyone does.

Oh and thank you Rog for this award.

Congratulations on a great year and let's finish up and get Robby his award.

All right.

Teagan Presley

Teagan's Bio & Movies