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Since you say we never have anything to talk about, I'll try and ask interesting questions.

I still won't be a good interview.

What is it like working for a company that is at least partially run by a woman?

It's not that different really, other than the fact that there is something hot to look at in the office. You don't get mind getting called into the boss' office as much.

Can you sexually harass a boss?

No, but she harasses me daily. It's really tough to deal with, but I need the money.

Shall we get started?

Started? That's it I'm done talking to you.

You're going to make me miss Nic Andrews.

Miss him? What would you want to talk to him for?

Because he is the only person who hates talking to me as much as you do.

Oh I'm sure plenty of people hate talking to you.

Thanks. And thanks for putting up with it for another year.

Come on. I don't mind the interviews, it's just that I have nothing to say. Plus there are some many people walking behind you, flipping you off and doing the rabbit ears that it's hard for me to concentrate.

Just let me know if someone tries to break a bottle over my head. I have a few directors pissed off this year.


(Names deleted so as not to fan the flame.)

Big deal. What did you call them, directors? What? Come on.

Speaking of actual directors, you probably don't know this, but you were nominated on my site as Best Director. You had three movies nominated as well.

Which ones?

Teen America for Best All-Sex movie, and two as Best Feature, Contract Star and Mind Reader.

Did I win anything?


Then what the fuck did you tell me for? Just to do that to me?

Pretty much.

Oh by the way, you were almost cool, thanks a lot. Look out, here comes Tony T!

See what I get for nominating you.

Nominating yes, but I don't win.

Since you are being so nice. I will show you what the trophies would look like if you had won.

Oh you fucker. You better not tell me that Jules won.

Actually he did win. He didn't beat you for feature though.

As long as he didn't win for best director.

He did.

What does he direct? Don't get me wrong, I love his shit, it's awesome. But there are guys like Michael Raven and Nic Andrews who actually direct movies.

Here is Teagan's trophy. She won for Best Newbie.

Those are nice. Why didn't I win?

You almost did. I think that Contract Star was the second best feature I saw all of last year.

What did win?

"Eye of the Beholder" from Wicked.

We did Contract Star in two days.

And it got nominated.

Damn, those are nice. I want one.

Let's talk a little bit about the differences in directors. AVN splits people into feature and non-feature directors.

I haven't really seen the split, but I'm the wrong guy to talk to about this stuff. I have never fit into either category. When I was at Vivid I was creating a gonzo genre for them for four years. I always got great reviews on the stuff, but I was being thrown into the gonzo ring. My gonzos had to have condoms, couldn't have facials and always had rules. Now I'm over here and I do Jack's Playground and Teen America and there is story, humor and I'm still thrown into that all-sex genre. I am stuck in between where I will always get great reviews, but I will never win shit.

You are kind of in a soft-gonzo category.

You can't get much harder than Teen America though.

I nominated that movie, it was great.

I loved that one. Just the little bit of a story made it just a little bit better than "Hi I'm Katja Kassin and I like dick" and the dick enters the frame. The whole, naked guy on the couch stuff is what wins. Just that little bit of a story makes you lose, but it also makes you a director.

But you get noticed by the people who watch the movies.

Sure, but it would be nice to win something. I won in Berlin for director of the year.

What AVN nominations do you have?

I don't know. I chose not to pay attention this year.

You could be saying all this today and then win tomorrow. Won't you feel silly?

I won't feel silly at all. I will like AVN then, but I won't feel silly. You know how it goes, reviews suck unless they like your movie.

Do you read reviews of your stuff?

No. They don't like me to.

So you don't know that everyone thinks your stuff sucks?

I don't… what? Fuck you. (He laughs.) Honestly I get upset when I read reviews.

What have you read that made you the most upset?

Recently? People call me up and tell me stuff.

(Someone from Nectar wanders by and says hell to Robby.)

Stop stealing our box covers. We work too hard for that shit.

(He walks away.)

That was Nectar. They steal our stuff. That's Teen America's box. They told me they were going to steal it and they did. They told me they were going to try and do Jack's Playground so they changed their director's name from Johnny Diablo to Johnny D.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right?

I believe that we are in tricky times with so much competition. I believe that ripping off people is disrespectful and shows no signs of creativity. This industry thrives on it. To some extent I think that imitation is OK. Jules for example starts doing all this stuff with toys and shooting in regular houses. That opens the doors for other stuff. Maybe he says that people are ripping him off, but he is opening the door. Buttman opened the door for all of us.

There is a line between imitation…

And blatant fucking rip-offs yeah.

Back to the interview, what did you read that upset you? It wasn't something I wrote was it?

No it wasn't. We have switched to HD. We're doing Jack's Playground and Teen America and compiling scenes, choosing to move them into which movie. I have a scene floating and didn't want to waste it. It was a hot anal scene with Roxy Jezel. I decided to use it in Jack's Playground to show that Jack got a job doing work on Teen America. Teagan introduces it, the whole thing. We also put it Teen America 3 just before we went to HD. It's a sixth scene in that movie. It's a bonus scene, but some guy is writing on chat sites that it is the same scene from Jack's Playground. It was cut by two different editors. So this guy is saying that we have to have five scenes, not six and that if we have six then we have to talk about it as a bonus on the box. He's making some rules up as he goes. I didn't know there were rules.

At least you know that people are paying attention.

True. When no one talks about you then you're in trouble. I just don't understand that there are rules.

Then you get people like me who complain if the bonus scene is better than the scenes in the movie.

Have you ever noticed that most bonus scenes are POV?

That makes sense to me. It's the only reason I would shoot in this business. Speaking of, where are your POV scenes?

I don't do that.

Do you keep those for private viewing?

I have a web site. Seriously, I have never done that. I have always treated this very professionally.

How can you be a director if you've never been a performer?

I am a performer.

OK, how can you be a director if you've never been a meat puppet?

Touche. I actually went to school for this.

Last time we talked, you couldn't do a lot of stuff because you had a girlfriend.

I still do. I'm still with Celeste.

She is the new Digital Playground director. What do you think she is bringing to the table?

More of me.

So she can copy you and that's all right?

Sure it is.

Why, because she's sleeping with you?


So if the guys at Nectar would just come over and suck Robby's dick, then they could steal the box covers.

Sure, they can suck my dick instead of just kissing my ass for a change.

Seriously, what does Celeste bring?

She brings something really unique to the table. She has the opportunity to do some of the things I really wanted to. I came into this business really liking Andrew Blake. I was never allowed to do that kind of movie. I had to do the gonzos and the features with dialog. Nic did Eurotique and Digital Playground liked the response from that. Celeste came off of doing two features for Andrew Blake so they liked that.

So she is already getting to do what you have always wanted to. She's already passed you.

When you put it that way.

She has a nicer ass and better tits.

Yeah she does. I have a nice ass though.

It's very nice, but not as nice as hers.

What is cool is that there is a lot of me in her movies. We talk about it at home and I get to do all of the cinematography on it. It is really a mix of the two of us. She is so creative.

So you're saying that she's pretty much just a name on a box with you doing all the work.

Yeah, pretty much. (He laughs) It's all about me.

Everything at Digital Playground is Robby D. Even the sex scenes are you with the girls added digitally.

Yes. I did use a stunt butt for the anal though.

That's good.

In all seriousness I think Celeste offers something exciting. It's not feature, it's not gonzo. It's an exciting hybrid.

(Teagan walks over and sits with us.)

Look at this girl.

She is amazing isn't she?

I told you this would happen.

Teagan: I remember.

I told her last year that she was the next big thing.

And now she wins something.

Well see that makes me look better. I make predictions and then I give out awards to back up those predictions.

That's good to know. Thank you for showing me the awards that I didn't get. I can only admire Jules Jordan's collection.

If you watch his movies you can see them. They are behind Lexington Steele in his press releases as well.

Those are for performing and you're born into that. I want the directing awards.

They send me better girls for blowjobs.

Who have we sent, Nic?

That wouldn't get it done.

We have the back booth here, how many more trophies do you have in your bag?

I have a whole bunch and my own little chisel kit.

(He laughs) I'm getting an idea.

I'll tell you what, I have three trophies for Jules in my bag. You have three Digital Playground contract girls here. I will personally scratch Jules' name off with a pen and write yours in for each DP Girl blowjob you set up for me.

Don't tempt me.

Last year you were just getting started with the Jack's Playground movie and now you've got 17 of them out.

Seventeen out and twenty-six in the can.

You are shooting a lot of them.

One a month, it's pretty standard shooting.

You're also doing Teen America which is a great series.

I love that series. Shooting with the small camera on the first one was fun. It created a lot of sexual energy. Since we've gone to HD, we are having to adjust things. It is shot more like a feature. I have tried to increase the sexual energy in front of the camera instead of through the camera.

(Teagan walks by again)

Hey you have to blow this guy later.

Teagan: I have him at two o'clock.

Hear that? You better start scratching.

Which one did you want?

What DVD did he win for?


I didn't see that. I liked Gina Lynn's Darkside a lot. His new one, Take No Prisoners looks off the hook. What do you think of his BJ tapes?

They are great.

They are fucking kick ass.

You get a lot of girls for Jack's Playground who aren't porn girls, they don't even fuck in your movies. Where do you find them?

Different sites.

Are they mostly web cam girls?


Have you brought any of them over to full hard core fucking?

Not on camera.


I like shooting those girls in the solos.

Those scenes add a little tension to the movies that is missing from gonzo flicks today. In the old Buttman or Seymore Butts movies you weren't always sure when or if a girl was going to fuck.

Exactly. It was exciting. I loved that.

Sometimes your best girls are the solo girls.

That happens, you can't help that.

There were some great scenes last year though. Devon did one of her best scenes ever.

With Ben English, yeah. Jesse did a scene with him as well. Devon's scene was in 13 and Jesse's was in 10.

Teagan did a Jack's Playground as well right?

She did one with Eric Masterson when her hair was shorter. She also did Teen America and was in Contract Star.

She can do both the hard core and the feature stuff.

Most girls can do the hard core, but they get their contracts.

Devon's scene was plenty hard.

It was, but it still wasn't up the ass.

When are we going to see that?

Please. I have been trying to get Devon to take it up the ass since I was at Vivid six years ago.

What about Jesse?

I think that Jesse may surprise a lot of people. She is wild and is a very horny fucking girl. She isn't jaded and she wants to fuck.

Who is bad to work with?

Anyone who doesn't show up.

Are there any guys you refuse to shoot?

No. Because I'm character motivated in my movies, I pretty much know the guys who can handle it. I don't have to experiment a whole lot.

Who wears more make up, the girls or Tyce Bune?

Tyce's is permanent so the girls probably do.

We love Tyce.

Hell yeah. I wish I was forty-five and still fucking nineteen year old girls.

Since we have totally lost all structure, what do you want to talk about?

We were talking earlier about separating things and it's hard. Some people ask you for all this stuff and then all that they really want is the sex. I wouldn't know how to do your job. If I'm watching a movie and the lighting is good, the concept is new, is it an A+. Or am I thinking, damn I can't stand that girl so it's an F. A lot of guys go strictly on personal preference.

I think that all porn is that way. No one can help what they like.

See if I'm reading a review as a fan, I want to know if there are any audio glitches, or if the camerawork is steady. I want to know how many sex scenes.

But what if you have all that and the scenes are low energy? Is it still a good feature? Vivid movies are like that a lot. So what is the grade? If it's all great, but you couldn't jerk off to it if was the last tape on earth?

I don't know how you do an overall grade. Being a reviewer is hard. I like that you grade on picture quality. I know that we do pretty well with those. We QC our stuff really well. I watch other people's stuff and I see audio glitches everywhere.

Do you think anyone else is making great product?

The only company I can say that about is Evil Angel. I don't think anyone else even gives a shit. I used to be the biggest Andrew Blake fan. His last two projects have been shot in his apartment. The whole thing, in the garage. Come on buddy. I am let down as a fan.

Since you were talking about her before, let's talk about Carmen Luvana. You guys are shooting her in a joint project this year.

Yes, Joone is directing "Pirates" and am the cinematographer. We are shooting it in HD. That's another thing. I am the only gonzo director shooting HD. I have handicaps at every turn.

Good grief, cue the music for Robby's poor life.

(He laughs) Yeah, woe is me.

Wait a minute, you go home at the end of the day to Celeste. How sorry are we supposed to feel for you?

Good point. I shot the trailer for the movie on HD and it's up now.

Is this the biggest project you have ever worked on?

We haven't started it yet, but probably.

Your budgets are usually much smaller.

Yeah they are, but I'm happy where I'm at.

I think the only props you had for "Contract Star" were pizza and hairspray.

Did you like that? I thought the girls did a really great job. I just always feel like you have to grow with what you have. I'm always trying to figure out what I can do. What can get done in two days and how can I make it look OK. Why not make a movie about bad acting. Jonathan Morgan figured that out a long time. Gonzo is a great tool to allow for as many fuck ups as you need. It's natural. When you come from a background like I do you find yourself having to shake the camera and look for the awkward angle.

So it's hard work to make your stuff look so rough.


Because everything you shoot is so perfect.

Oh man. I didn't even have the girls blow you yet.

I'm waiting.

Let me see those trophies again. I'm envious. Jules has the magic touch. He puts a lot of money into his projects and I respect that. A lot of guys take the money and run and he doesn't do that.

I see Teagan sitting over there waiting so it's time to wrap this up. What do you have to say in conclusion?

Thank you for the support and the positive things you've said on your site. I really appreciate it.

You are so full of shit. Really quick, what's my web site?

Rog, Rog Rules…I know, rogreviews.com. You are the guy who warned Jamye about me.

I had to look out for her.

I love Jamye.

We all do, she is awesome.

How about a prediction?

For you? I don't know. You made it into the field with Joey, Jules and the best of the best.

That's always flattering, thank you.

Final word, who is a better director you or Celeste?

I am.

All right, it's on record.

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