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Nic Andrews Interview 2004 - Nic Andrews' Bio & Movies


I am sitting across from Mr. Nic Andrews, director for Digital Playground. How long have you been with DP?

For about two and a half years now.

How did the move come about?

I got fired from New Sensations. As soon as that happened, Digital Playground got wind of it. I was only unemployed for about twenty minutes. They said "come on over."

There is a bit of a rivalry between the two companies already so that must have been interesting.

It has been, yeah.

What movies to you release this year?

"No Limits" was the big one. We started that one about this time last year. There were some casting problems so it rolled over into this year. I did a vignette movie with Jesse Jane called "Erotique." It was a bit of a vacation from the big budget features I do.

Was that the first movie like that you have done?

No, I did four or five with the previous company.

Do you shoot the Virtual Sex movies?

I have nothing to do with the Virtual Sex movies. I used to shoot all of the My Plaything movies for New Sensations.

I heard an interesting story from about an incident involving Silvia Saint.

That was quiet interesting. Some genius told me to stand on a ladder to get the shot. Erik Everhard is doing his thing. The ladder was propped up on a footstool and there is Erik doing anal. It slipped and I fell right on top of Erik.

Silvia got a lot more of Erik in her ass than she expected.

She didn't seem to mind.

What do you think your best movie has been?

They are all different and I like different things about each one. Some are better technically, some are better acted. It depends on what you are asking.

Which one has the best sex?

I would say "Rush." Everything came together with that one. There were weather problems and were so far out of LA, but we overcame so much. In the end it was a great movie. It was the first time I had worked with Barrett and Devon and I wrote the movie for them. The new one "Loaded" is probably going to be my best. We were going to premier it here, but there are so many restrictions that we weren't able to do it.

That movie has a Jesse Jane scene with Lee Stone that she just described as the best scene she has ever shot.

I called cut and they kept going. They were so into it that Lee popped early.

I just recently saw "Dark Angels" on DVD. Would you say that is one of your better movies?

Yes I would. I just watched it a few weeks ago and it holds up well. Everyone was so into it that it really turned out great. Anytime I would turn around on set, people were watching what we were doing. No one was wandering around or doing their own thing. That one had some magic to it.

That is a great DVD.

I got no credit for that because I was gone already. I actually want to talk to Steve Ornstein about "Dark Angels 2." I will shoot it for Digital Playground, but I need Sydney to shoot it.

Could you get Jewel back?

I don't want Jewel back.


If she were on fire, I wouldn't piss on her.

Would you care to elaborate on that?

No. Tell her to pull the pins out of the voodoo doll of me that she tells people she has. She actually quit two days before the movie was finished. She didn't get to reap all of the rewards of the film.

Who are your favorite performers to work with?

Right now it's Jesse Jane. She surprised the hell out of me. She had never done dialog before and was brand new. We took a really big gamble putting her in a movie like "Loaded." I have had bad experiences with contract girls who won't learn their lines. They are often the weakest link and Jesse wasn't like that. She knew her dialog backwards and forwards.

What about guys?

Barrett Blade can do anything. He can be a badass or a nice guy and can pull them both off.

Most of your movies have guns or car chases. Are you a big fan of action movies?

To some extent, but the reason my movies focus on that aspect is because of the limitations. Most people in adult don't want to watch a courtroom drama. Everybody wants something big. It is a lot more difficult to shoot and takes a lot of preparation, but it is worth it.

Devon was telling me about jumping off a five-story building. What movie was that?

That was "No Limits" and she jumped eleven feet.

She said five stories.

The stunt person did five stories.

Is that the first time you have tried something like that?

No, in "Dark Angels" we had someone go four stories.

That movie had a bit of violence to it as well.

That one pushed things pretty far. Violence and sex together is the big taboo because everyone is thinking of the various markets. Foreign markets frown upon it, cable frowns about it. I had to do more cuts of "Dark Angels" than any of my other movies. We had to make nine different versions for specific markets.

They need to release a special DVD with all nine versions.

Actually there were things cut out of the US version that they promised me would go on the DVD. Then that didn't happen I got pissed off and that is when I got fired.

Is there a type of movie you have always wanted to make?

We had a movie called "Steele" that was just too big for adult. It would have cost too much.

Have you seen the Paris Hilton video?

I saw a few seconds of it.

What do you think?

I only saw a few seconds, but I think she has a future in this business.

Is there anything else we should talk about?

I don't know, you're asking the questions.

How did you get into the business?

I was in shooting commercial stuff out of New York and Boston. I really wanted to come to LA, but I didn't want to be a waiter. I sent my demo reel to the owner of New Sensations. He told me that if I could shoot movies with the same look, I would do well.

What was the first movie you shot?

"Electric Sex."

That is an impressive piece of porn.

Ehhhh, you think so?

It has a great look.

After that I started shooting my own camera because it took me so long to explain what I wanted.

About how long does it take you to put a movie together?

It's usually about four months. The post production is actually the longest part. We have to cut so many different versions. The good thing about doing a dialog movie like "Loaded" is that without any sex is an hour and fifteen minutes. I have the sex scenes down to about six minutes and everything is good.

What do you think of the influx of hip-hop and rap stars as porn directors?

I can understand the marketability. For people who like that kind of music, great. I'm not a fan, but I am not against what they are doing. I just think that everyone should stay in their own niche. Am I going to jump over to mainstream? Maybe, but when I do I will stop doing adult. With guys like Snoop Dogg who are jumping on both sides, they can fund their movies and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a movie.

That's about all I have, thank you for the time.

I'm glad I could help.

Nic Andrews' Bio & Movies