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Miko Sinz Interview 2007

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Miko Sinz 2007 (: Though she has only made a few movies, Miko Sinz has already impressed lovers of hot Asian girls. She has come along way since her first scene for BigDicksLittleAsians.com. Fans have seen her in great movies like Cockasian, Me Luv U Long Time 10, Young Asian Cuties 4 and Chow My Pu-Tang. Among the topics of discussion in this interview are the fact that she isn't doing boys any more and how hard she is working on her web site.

Miko Sinz INTERVIEW: Miko Sinz

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Who is this beautiful woman standing in front of me?

Miko Sinz

And we're signing for Hundies?

We are signing for Hundies and Pure Play Media.

What movies have you done for them?

I did Big Dicks Little Asians. (Full Review of site here)

That gives us lots to talk about.

It was one of my very first movies.

Where are you from?

I'm from Seattle, Washington and the first week I was in California this was one of the first boy/girl videos I did. I look very young on the cover.

You still look very young.

I'm a little more glammed up today. In the movie it's all about the pigtails.

You look grown up young now.

Thank you.

This picture looks fresh off the playground.

Or fresh off the boat. I'm Korean/Irish, but in this picture I look really Asian.

For those who can't see, you are Asian.

Yes, I am Korean and Irish.

Were you born here? Miko Sinz

I was actually born in Germany on a US Military base. My dad was in the Army.

Why do you think so many military brats grow up and get into this industry?

This is my take on it. My dad was very strict when I was growing up. He was a great dad, but he was an Army Captain and very protective. I honestly think the more strict your parents are, the more rebellious you are. I was a very good girl, got straight A's in school, was in sports all that. But I was sneaking out of the house, drinking and all that stuff. You're more curious.

As long as you were getting straight A's, it's all fine.


How old are you?

I just turned twenty-two in October.

When did you get into the business?

Last April.

So you were twenty-one years old in this picture?

Isn't that funny? As soon as I got into the business I was doing all the young girl stuff. It scared me how young I looked.

Was your first scene for Big Dicks Little Asians? (Full Review of site here)?

That wasn't my first scene. My first scene was for Combat Zone's "Chow my Pu-Tang" which I think is up for an AVN Award.

I just reviewed that, it's very hot.

It was my very first scene and it was kind of scary.

Why was it scary?

Well I used to be a bank teller so I went from bank teller on Friday to fucking on camera on Saturday. It was a very aggressive scene. I got a taste of it and it was fun. I worked with really good people.

Were you ready for such an aggressive scene?

I don't know. They did prepare me for it. My whole take it on was that it was my first scene. I was nervous and had butterflies. It was kind of fun though and everyone I worked with was really cool. I always felt like an exhibitions so porn is an outlet.

Who was the guy?

Talon. He knew how nervous I was. We worked together two or three months later and it was a hundred times different.

So you are no longer nervous on camera?

No. Miko Sinz

Do you have a web site?

Not yet. I'm trying to get back MikoSinz.com. (Not currently her official site.) I worked for the guy and he told me he would give it back to me. Just in case, I got the domain name MikoSinzXXX.com. 2007 is all about making my web site.

So you plan to stick around for a while.

I do, but just to let everyone know, I don't do boy/girl any more. I just do solo and girl/girl.

What brought on that decision?

I just wanted to cut back on the hard core. I never did too many boy/girls scenes. I always had a limit. Now I get a lot of work doing solo and girl/girl. It is a lot of fun for me.

Do you like girls off camera?

I love girls, I appreciate their beauty. My girl/girl scenes are so much fun, I love them.

Who are some of your favorites?

Every girl I have worked with, I can't complain. I worked with a really cool girl named Heather who is new to the business. I think she might be out of the business already. Sammie Rhodes was really cool. Emiliana was fun. I've worked with a lot of girls and they have all been really cool. That is what makes it so much fun. Girls know how the other one feels.

Had you had sex with a girl before porn?

No. The most I had done was make out with my girlfriends. Nothing too hard core, just put on my show with my girls.

Have you had a lot of fan response?

It's crazy. This is my first show. I had to change my MySpace profile from my personal page to Miko Sinz. I have forums so I have had a lot of really great feedback. It's awesome. I have people telling me what scenes I like and sending me pictures. I have to tell them that I don't want my cooch up on MySpace. I'm sure my brother doesn't want to see that either.

How about the in person feedback. Are you getting a lot of people recognizing you?

Yeah. I wasn't wearing make up earlier and people were still saying "there's Miko." That's good. It means I don't look that different without make up.

What is the nicest thing anyone has said?

There was one guy who said that he loves my work and that I seem like a real down to earth girl. He said that I always make him smile when he watches my interviews or movies. It was sweet. It is nice to hear things like that.

What is the strangest or creepiest thing someone has said all day?

One guy told me how cheap he could get girls in Seoul, Korea. He was telling me that twenty five bucks was big money for the girls over there. I was turned off.

Guys, that is not a turn on for her.

It's not a turn on at all. He was saying that in Vietnam he could get them for five dollars. Why are you telling me this?

Learn from this guys. Do not tell women where you can get cheap prostitutes. Miko Sinz

Exactly. I can't believe it. What am I supposed to say to that?

If you find a place where they are five thousand a night, then tell the girls. They might want to know.

(She laughs) Yeah, but if you're telling me that twenty five is big bucks, excuse me. I don't think so. Twenty five bucks, I don't think so.

I've got thirty.

Maybe for you, thirty nine ninety nine.

All I have is forty. Do you have change?

Yeah, we can do something.

What else do you want people to know about you?

I want everyone to know that I really appreciate my fans. I appreciate the feedback and the support. Thank you for watching my videos. This has been a really good experience. I think about what I was doing a year ago and it was fine. I was a bank teller and this is so much more exciting. It's a lot of fun. The schedule is awesome. I want everyone to watch for me doing solo and girl/girl. I will be working with some big companies in the near future. I actually have some jobs set up as soon as I get back so watch for me.

One final question, how about something that no one knows about you?

I love to pinch cheeks. Some people know that. I have a cheek fetish, I love to pinch cheeks I don't know why.

OK great. Thank you, continue to do the great work and we'll see you around.

Thank you.

Miko's Movies

NEW: Audio Inerview With Miko Sinz now available! Listen to interview