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Melanie Jagger I am sitting in the Anabolic booth with the very lovely Melanie Jagger. Thank you taking time to do this interview.

You're very welcome.

How long have you been in the business?

About eight months.

What were you doing before you got in?

I was a waitress and bartender.

How did you go from that to porn?

I started doing girl on girl internet shoots here in Las Vegas, then I hooked up with a guy who used to direct movies for my manager.

What was your first movie?

(She laughs) I don't remember.

Who was your first scene with?

You know, I have all of that written down, but I don't remember. I know it was with a girl.

Did you come in thinking you were just going to do girl/girl work?

That was the plan at the time.

What changed your mind?

Melanie Jagger

The money and the people.

Since we are in the Anabolic and Diabolic booth, what are some movies we can see you in?

I am in "Iron Maidens 2", "Nasty Nymphos 35", "Initiations 11", "Up Your Ass 20", "A2M", "Down the Hatch 9", "Spring Chickens 2", "Un-Natural Sex 9" and "2 On 1 14"

It sounds like you do a little bit of everything, anal, ass to mouth, interracial, the whole bit.

Yes I do.

You worked with Lex in "Iron Maidens 2", how was that?

It was good, big, really big.

Is he the biggest guy you've ever had?

Next to Mandingo yes he is.

About how many movies have you done so far?

I would say around sixty.

Do any stand out as really good that you would like fans to see?

All of the Anabolic and Diabolic stuff have been good. I've also done some features for Legend that I like a lot.

What do you enjoy most about working with Anabolic?

The people are wonderful to work for. They are easy going and the quality is excellent.

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

I like working with Erik Everhard, Lex, Jon Dough and people like that.

What about favorite girls?

Melanie Jagger & Mark Speigler

I have worked with Melody who is here in our booth, she is great. I loved Judy Starr, she is a hottie.

You said you did girl/girl shows for the internet. Were you into girls in your private life as well?

Yeah, I was.

What about anal, did you do that before the business?

No I did not. I tried it once, but didn't like it.

So your first time was on camera. Was it a good experience?

It got me ready for more, so I guess it was good.

And do you do it in private now?

Oh yeah.

Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, but really want to?

Yes. I want to work with Belladonna.

What is it about her that you like?

I like her teeth. I love her face.

What were you like growing up?

I was normal. I was the most conservative person in my high school.

You said you were in Vegas when you got into the business, did you grow up here?

I grew up in Victorville, California.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be shocked if they could see you now?

Some of them might not be. I haven't run into anyone to ask them.

Does your family know what you're doing?

My mom and dad know. My grandparents don't know. My dad doesn't really like to talk about it, but my mom is totally supportive.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes I do. He's here somewhere.

Is he in the business?

No, he's just walking around somewhere.

Melanie Jagger

How long have you guys been together?

Three years.

So you guys talked about this before you got in?

Kind of.

Would you like him to do a scene with you?

Sure, but I would rather watch him fuck another girl. That would be awesome.

Do you have a web site yet?

Not yet, but I'm working on one.

How tall are you?




And all natural?

Melanie Jagger Yes, totally.

And for everyone who can't see, totally amazing.

Thank you. I grew these myself.

And you won't be getting them done?

Nope, never.

I don't see any tattoos either.

That's because I don't have any.

You realize that you're a freak don't you?

I know. I stand out.

This is your first show isn't it?


How as the fan reaction been?

It's been really great. I've had people bringing me box covers and everything. It's been nice.

What does the future hold for Melanie Jagger?

I want to stay in this business as long as I can. After that, who knows?

Melanie Jagger & Mark Speigler

I think that's about it, thank you Melanie.

Thank you Roger.

Melanie Jagger's Bio & Movies