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Leanni Lei Interview - Leanni Lei Bio & Movies
June 1999

Anyone who has seen me write about this woman knows that Leanni Lei is one of the reasons I love porn. She is great looking, petite, cuter than hell and fucks like a wild rabbit. When I got a call to come to a Mimi Miagi set, I figured I would be interviewing Mimi. Sadly, she was very busy with production and really didnít have time to sit down and chat. To my surprise (and delight) Leanni Lei was scheduled to shoot two scenes later that day and had just left the make up chair when I arrived. After a quick intro, she happily agreed to go outside by the pool and give me an interview I will never forget. Even more striking and tiny looking in person than she appears on film, Leanni is also one of the most genuine women I have ever sat down with. Keep in mind as you read, that I have left in her laugher. It may get tedious to read "She Laughs" over and over, but try and remember this. Her laughter is genuine and we really had a great time. To help convey that, I have also left in some extemporaneous moments of our interview. I trust you will find them enjoyable. If not, kindly skip over them. If so, let me know, Iíll try and leave more of this stuff in for later interviews.

Freshman Fantasies 5

OK, just let me jot down a few notes.

(Leanni notices that I have written her name at the top of the paper.)

Oh my gosh, you spelled it right.


My name. You spelled it right the first time.

Iíve written it enough in reviews. I think itís branded on my brain.

Oh really? Good.

If I had known you were going to be here, I would have printed out some reviews and brought them for you.

Oh no, I never read those.

Theyíre good, I assure you.

Even if theyíre good, you never know. Plus I wouldnít want my ego to get out of control. I want to stay down to earth.

In that case, itís good that I didnít bring them for you. Your head might swell. In fact, I ran a web poll for fans last year and I think you finished seventh or so as best new comer.

Get out of town.


Iím serious.

Me? Really? I didnít think anyone liked me that much.

They do, they love you.

And you?

Well, Iím supposed to be wearing my impartial journalist hat today.

So turn off the tape and tell me.

You mean you canít tell?

Oh that? I thought that was just a camera in your pocket.

Cumback Pussy 21

OK, where were you born?

In the Philippines.

Whenís your birthday?

June sixth. I just had a birthday.

And how old are you?

I was born on June sixth. (She laughs)

Youíre not going to tell me?

Iím in my early twenties.

Live Bait 2

Good enough. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in California.

Southern California?


Orange County. My neck of the woods. I drove all the way up from there this morning.

Oh my gosh, in all that traffic, just to see me?

Sure, all to see you. Actually. There is something I have always wanted to do with you ever since I first saw you.

(Her eyes widen) Oh Really. What?

Iíll tell you later. Do you still live in Orange County?

No, I live in Connecticut. Everybody who knows me, knows that I live in Connecticut. In every movie or interview, I have to give props to Connecticut.

Max Extreme 9

That may be a first.

I love it over there.

When did you move to Connecticut?

Back in 93.

How is it different than living here?

Itís a lot faster here. Everything is about cars and Versace and cars and Versace. There, you have a car, you have clothes and people are lot nicer. Not that people arenít nice here, but itís much more real there. I wrote a term paper once about East Vs. West. On the East Coast people tell you if they like you and they tell you if they donít. Out here, they will always say they like you, but behind your back, itís a different story. .

Iím sure you donít run into that very often.


Who could not like you?

Awww, sweet, but people do. You know, if you donít like me, just tell me. Donít pretend to me my friend then stab me in the back.

(After Roger does his very best Mel Tillis impersonation trying to get the next question out of his pie hole.)

Are you OK?

Iíll be fine. English just gives me trouble some days.

Would it help if I put my top back on?

Would it help my command of the language? Probably, but donít do that on my account.

Youíll suffer through?

For the readers, Iíll walk through fire.

Listen to that, the sacrifices this man goes through for his readers.

Do your family and friends back home know what youíre doing?

My mother knows, but we donít talk about it. I donít know if my father knows or not. My auntís boyfriend just found out that I was doing this. I have been going there visiting for a long time, very nonchalant, just Leanni going to school, living in Connecticut. Then one day, he said something to me, because he watches the videos. I donít have in friends from like old school days, so all of my friends are cool with it.

How did your mom find out?

She has a friend who works at a convenience store and I was on the cover of a magazine. She saw the magazine and said "Isnít this your daughter?" My mother called me and told me that she saw it. In the magazine, it listed the movies I had been in, so I told her all about it.

Was she upset?

Not about the pictures. She said, "You look really pretty, but youíre thingie shows." I told her "Thatís sort of the point."

Every Mans Fetish

Your thingie?

You know.

No, what thingie?

Oh please. This thingie.

(From my vantage point, apparently, Leanni is referring to her pussy which she now shows and sends Rog into another bout of language difficulty. Thank God for big notebooks.)

So, she wasnít upset over the pictures?

It was the movies that bothered her. She supports me, but she doesnít support the movies. We donít talk about it. It works out fine that way. I live and go to school in Connecticut and come out here to do the movies, so I can separate things. If I were out here doing it all the time and got caught up in the hype and the lifestyle, I think she would have more of a problem.

So, youíre still in school?

Yes. Iím a finance major. Iím going to Wall Street. Hell, Iím going to own Wall Street. (She laughs.)

Does anyone on campus recognize you?

I sure hope not.

Do you think some of them do, but just donít say anything?

Sometimes, yeah. When I see people staring at me, thatís when I think they must recognize me.

They might just be staring because youíre so damn cute.

(She laughs) Stop it, my head is going to be too big to get back into the house. When I go to school, I donít wear make up, I donít do my hair and I donít dress like a porn star. Iím a finance major and thatís how I look. I donít look like a porn star, or a super star or anything, not that I am a superstar, but I just donít think people know.

So you donít walk around campus in a G-String and fuck me pumps?

No, I donít even show my body. Thatís for the bedroom. One thing I do hate is when they call roll at the beginning of the semester. They call out your whole name, so as soon as they say my first name, I burst out, ĎYes, here.í I donít want them to say the whole name and have someone recognize me because of that.

Anyone who heard that would probably figure it couldnít actually be your real name.

Well, being Asian I can get away with things like, because to most people all Asians look alike. (She laughs.)

You could always just deny it if anyone asked.

Yeah, Iíd say "No, but thanks, sheís really cute." No, Iím kidding, I donít think that.

You donít think that youíre cute?

Do you think I am?

Stand up, and Iíll tell you what I honestly think.

(She stands, showing off a bit) Are you going to tell them about my new boob job?

Boob job?

Yeah, donít they look real?

They all look real. Iíd have to feel them.


They feel very real.

I know, arenít they awesome. (She laughs.)

You know, we better stop, people are going to freak out if they think you actually got a boob job.

Oh, donít worry about that. Iím still all real.

By the way, for the record, yes, you are exceptionally cute.

I need to put you in charge of my publicity.

Any time. When did you make your first movie?

October of 97.

For who?

For Ed Powers.

How was that?

Do you want a short answer, or can I tell you the story?


The very first porno I saw was an Ed Powers movie. You wonít believe who was in it.


Whose set are we on?

Mimi Miagiís.

Right. She was in the first porn I saw. I was freaked out. Being Asian, and seeing another Asian woman having sex with a guy on camera, it was amazing. So, Iím on a talent call and this guy, Jake Steed, comes up to me and asked if Iíd like to work for Ed Powers. I was like "Oh God yes, Mimi worked for him." I was so excited. I was starting with the same guy Mimi started with. Ever since I saw her in that movie, I followed her career. I rented a bunch of her movies, bought a bunch of magazines with her in them. Now, two years into the business, I am actually going to be in a scene with her. I am her first girl in four years.

You sound pretty excited.

I canít even tell you how excited I am.

Here I thought that was me doing that to you.

Oh it is Rog, honest. (Leanni bats her eyes and grins in a way that could probably make men hand over anything she wanted.)

Who says porn stars canít act. What was it like working for Ed?

He is really nice. I liked him. His humor is kind of corny, but he is really nice to work with. I was really nervous. You can see it on the tape, my face is shaking. He actually caught me off guard. My zipper was unzipped, so I was pulling it up and he asked me my age. I told him, but said "Donít ask me that on camera." He said "Itís rolling now."

So we can watch that tape and find out how old you are?

Yes, if you really must.

So you were nervous.

Oh yeah. Then right after Ed, I worked with Jake.

Well, thatís a little different.

Yeah. It was cool though. Edís really small. I like Ed. It was good that he is small, for preparation for Jake. Whew, that guy is likeÖ..this. (She holds her hands a foot and a half apart.)

Was he the biggest guy you had been with?

I think so. I know I small, Iím only 85 pounds. But I can take a big dick. The only reason I couldnít take Jake so well, is because heís got a curve. I think thatís what caused problems.

So you donít mind big dicks?

Why, are you offering? (She laughs) As long as their straight, they can be big. I love that.

When you were done with that first shoot, did you know right away that you wanted to do more, or did you need some time to think about it?

No, I knew already. Back in June or July of that year. I had gone out to do a talent call. Thatís when all these producers and directors are in one room and you are on display for them to check you out. Take your clothes off. Thatís the interview, take your clothes off, OK, youíre hired, you know. So, it took me a few months after that to actually do one. Randy West was actually the first person who ever called me. Then Ed called, then some others. It was a big deal, so I took a few months to think about it.

How many movies have you done so far?

I canít say exactly, but itís forty, plus or minus a couple.

Any that you are particularly proud of?


OK, any that are your favorites?

Thatís better. I have yet to do a movie that I run home and say "Look mom." I loved Randyís Up and Cummers 46 because it took the whole day. I was so curious. I wanted to do this and I wanted to do that. Of course, he was like ĎSure.í There is another favorite, but I havenít seen it yet. Itís called Body Slammin 3. Itís recent, but I did it back in August. It was the last movie I did before I went back to Connecticut and the reason I am excited about it is because itís my first, on screen anal.

People have been waiting for that for a while.

Yeah, not only was it my first on screen anal, but I did like four or five positions, no problems. Usually on the set, they only tape seven minutes of the whole scene, but we did twenty to thirty minutes of straight anal sex.

With who?

Alex Sanders.

Lucky guy. People ask me about that all the time, where can I see Leanni doing anal?

I did it and I thought it was awesome, so I want to see how it came out.

Will there be more anal scenes?

I know Iím going to, but I donít want to do too much. I have no intentions of being an anal queen. My anal scenes are going to be things I enjoy. You will never see me do anal in a feature because of the way they are shot. In gonzo, we can pretty much do what we want to do, so the sex is going to be better and thatís the only sort of anal I want to do, gonzo stuff.

Do you prefer gonzo?

Oh yeah. I donít like features. I donít like scripts.

So no interest in acting?

Not at all. Iíll do it, but I have no interest in it. I like to be me.

With all that personality, it would be hard for a writer to come up with a character half as interesting or sexy as you.

Oh, thank you.

Do you have any favorite males to work with?


Besides me?

Do you have a current DNA test Rog?

I do, right in my wallet.

All right, if Chris doesnít show up today, Iím going to insist on you.

Pardon me, I have to make a call to some friends at the CHP.

Just tell Claudio not to let him enter the house.

That might work.

Oh forget that, letís just dive into the pool right now.

The second this interview is over.

Back to the question. My favorite guys really arenít in the business any more. They only work in their own movies. My favorites are Peter North and TT Boy. Do you want to know why?

Their superbly coifed dos?

(She laughs) Because Peter North has the passion for sex. TT Boy also has passion, but he has that rough, aggressive, wham bam, wham bam again and again and again. Heís just so hard core.

You like that in sex? Rough and aggressive?

Oh yeah. TT doesnít scare me. A lot of girls are intimidated by him, but I just love that. My whole fantasy is for me to be in a scene with Peter and TT. The passion from Peter North, his touch and TT to just uhhh. (Leanni slams her fist into her palm a few times to demonstrate.)

So, any producers listening who can set this up should give you a call.

Totally, but they arenít in any more.

They lost out.

So did I.

What about dick size? Is that important?

Yeah, in my personal life it is.

Whatís your preference?

Well, I donít really like them small, but I donít like them super huge either. My whole thing is that I like them really straight, really smooth, with a nice head. Not tiny, but not huge. Just enough to fill me. Because if itís too big, I canít get what I want. I like really rough aggressive sex and I canít always do that with super huge guys. If itís super small, I wonít feel it. Not that I have a big gap or something, I just like to feel something filling me.

What would the prefect size be?

Why donít you take yours out and Iíll see.

I might ruin you for your scene.

(She laughs) Hmmm, from the looks of things from here, that might be true. You know, I had this one guy who was the length of my forearm. We dated for a while.

Thatís pretty damn huge.

Yeah, I actually took him in the ass.

No way.

Honest, no lie. I swear to you.

Your forearm is what, ten, eleven inches?

I didnít take it all in. I took him maybe up to here. (Leanni indicates a point on her forearm about eight inches up) So, I took him that deep in my ass with no lube.

So youíve taken guys a little smaller than me in your ass?

(She laughs and grabs at my shirt) Come on Rog letís go upstairs right now.

That guy must have prepared you for the big ones in this business.

You know when we broke up, I told him I would just have to fist myself to remind me of him.

Do you have any favorite females to work with?

I donít really work with a lot of women. The truth is, Iím not a woman lover in my personal life. I think thatís because Iím shy with women. Not with men for some reason. But, when I do movies, you have probably only seen a handful of scenes where I work with a girl and there is almost always a guy involved as well. If itís going to be a girl, she has to be really attractive, really nice to me, and really turn me on. Guys it doesnít matter as much, but with women Iím really choosy.

Good news for regular guys like me.

Yep, I love men. I will tell you the best woman so far, Felicia.

Everyone says that.

Itís true. She was my first woman ever, on camera or off. I took that scene personally.

You said you 85 pounds, and how tall?


What are your measurements?

34, do you want to know my cup size?

Only if you want to tell me.

Iím a B Cup. 34B-22-34.

And those are real.

My boobs? Yep.

And they are going to stay that way right?

Yes. But, can I just say one thing to the guys reading this. Tell the club owners not to tell me to get boobs. The only reason, and Iím going to tell everyone so I do hope youíll print this In porno they donít care about my boobs, but for me to get on the feature circuit they want me to get bigger boobs. They donít want just the average looking girls. Iím likeí but donít they want what they see on filmí. So you tell those club owners to allow Leanni Lei to come, but without boobs or you wonít come.

So, the film business hasnít tired to pressure you into getting them?

No. Theyíve pressured me not get them. Well, not pressured, really, but they all strongly suggest I donít get them. Itís the feature dancing circuit that really insist. They say I would make more money on the feature circuit with boobs.

Well, anyone who is not lucky enough to be siting where I am, and canít see these wonderful breasts, know this. They are perfect, and should never be changed.

Thank you.

Do you watch your own movies?

I used to, but I donít any more.

How come?

When I first watched them, it was curiosity, you know, what I looked like on film. Then I would critique myself, that was a bad position for my body, the lighting was bad, I didnít look like I was into it. Now, after Iíve done so many, how different can I be? The only time I watch now are if I do happen to do any acting, just to see how I do, or B if itís something that I havenít seen before, like my anal scene. Or if itís a guy I really like, I want to watch that.

Do you watch other movies?

Just to see whoís who in the business. Like a new guy, how he performers. Mostly the girls, because sometimes they want to set me up with them and I want to see if Iím attracted to them.

Any guys in the business you havenít worked with yet, but really want to?

Yeah, Iím sitting across from him.


I am serious. But if youíre talking regular porn guys, there is one. Rocco Siffreddi. I probably wouldnít do anal with him, because he just tears it up.

You said you like it rough.

Not in the ass though. But I would love to get a hold of Rocco and have him just rock my world.

Rocco, if youíre reading this and you donít take her up on this chance, youíre a fool my friend.

Yeah, and producers, if I could have Peter North, TT Boy and Rocco, I would die a happy girl. Though Peter might get lost in there, so I would settle for TT and Rocco.

(Rog plays Mr. Subliminal and whispers) And Rog

Oh yeah, even better. That would rock.

What do you think of the business at this point?

Oh youíre getting all serious again. OK, Iíll answer that. I left last time, to go back to college and I also left because I was getting tired of the business. It wasnít fun for me. When I first got into the business, it was more as a fan. I was thrilled to be working with all these people. Then it became a business, which of course, it is, and should be. But I wasnít having fun. I was coming to work being Leanni Lei, porn star, not Leanni Lei, girl having fun, excited about having sex. I got sick of it. I started doing features, and doing promotion, having to actually be a porn star and having to kind of pretend to be some nympho. Iím not a nympho. Donít get me wrong, I love sex, but I love sex when the magic is there. So, I was getting sick of it and went back to college, pretty sure I was done. I had a lot of time to think about it over the year and I got back into town four days ago with a new attitude. Ready for this?


I am going to tell you exactly how it is. Some people may not want to hear this, but itís the honest truth. I am doing porno for the money because I am trying to pay my tuition, but, and I mean this, I still enjoy doing this. As long as I get to work with good people, I still enjoy the sex. I am not going to do scenes I donít enjoy. You are not going to see me doing scenes just for the money. Does that make sense?


When I first started, I was like Wow I get to meet these people, I get to have sex and oh yeah, I make money. Now, I get paid, I get to have sex and Iím having fun. Obviously itís about money, but I wonít take jobs or scenes that am not having fun with. I wonít do that to myself or to the fans.

Nothing wrong with having priorities and a plan. Do you actually have orgasms on camera?

Before, yes, I almost always did.

But not now?

Well, I havenít done anything yet this year. This is my first sex scene.


Yeah, why do you think Iím so excited? I canít even sit still.

I thought that was because of me.

Right. In fact, since I canít sit still in this chair, can I just sit in your lap?

How stupid would I have to be to say no?

Really stupid, now move that notebook off your lap.

What is your favorite thing to do on camera?

I donít really have a favorite sex position, but I love to talk on film. I like the interviews and enjoy playing a role, but still being myself, You know, not scripted, but something with a little role playing. Thatís why I love gonzo.

Something like the Freshman Fantasies movie I just reviewed?

Yeah, with JJ Michaels in the limo. That whole thing was my idea. The Madonna thing, that was always a fantasy.

By the way, JJ, you lucky fucker.

He was awesome. You know, the way things are with diseases you canít just go pick someone up like that, but I have always wanted to do that, just pick someone up and fuck them.

OK, Iím going to leave here and hang out beside the road.

Who says Iím going to let you leave?

All right. I think from sitting here, I know the answer to this, but Iíll ask it anyway. How does your on screen personality reflect or differ from your real life personality?

I donít know. When Iím at home in Connecticut, Iím not pornofied or anything. I am pretty mellow and very shy believe it or not. On camera, I donít have to be, but if you were to see me just walking down the street, and say hello to me, I would be quite shy. But I am friendly once you get to know me. Right?

Oh, youíre very friendly and that comes across on camera.

Cool. Thatís what I hope for.

Do you have a fan club?

Yes. 9800 D, Topanga Canyon Blvd. # 224 Chatsworth, CA 91311.

And a web site?

Yes, www.leannilei.com and that is through Mimi Miagi. She runs the web site for me. If this gets printed before September I want to say that the site hasnít been fully updated because I have been in college, but in September it is going to be totally different and more fun to look at.

Weíll all look forward to that. You mentioned dancing earlier. Do you do any dancing now?

House dancing only.

In Connecticut?

In Massachusetts. Itís like an hour and fifteen minutes from my house so no one runs into me. I work at the Mardi Gras in Springfield Mass.

So, anyone who reads this be sure and say hi to Leanni at the Mardi Gras and tell her you read the interview. How can we get you on the feature circuit?

Write to clubs, call them, talk to them. Whatever it takes, I love dancing, but Iím not going to get a boobjob just get on the feature circuit.

I want to see out here in California.

Oh, no Iím scared to feature out here. I need to work on the routine.

You can practice at my house.

OK, take me home.

We can just move Mrs. Rog out.

Oh no, she can watch. I can be fun for the whole family.

Any tattoos or body piercing?



Never. If you ever see me with a tattoo, they are hennas and they only last for thirty days.

What would you say is your career goal within the business?

I honestly donít know because I donít know how far I can take this. I donít sit there and monitor my career to see if I am getting big. Am I going to be a superstar? Am I going to be the next Asia Carrera? Or the next Kobe Tai? Or Jenna Jameson? Well, I know Iíll never be that big, but I donít look at myself that way. I think Iím doing pretty well. The producers and directors are calling me, I am getting work. People seem to like working with me. The fans seem to like me. I have always said if you give a good scene and the fans like it, then everything else will fall into place. Granted, if you want to be huge, you have get political and have the promotion behind you, but I donít really care about that stuff. The only thing that would get me that I even care about is a shot at the feature circuit. But because they want me to get a boob job, it doesnít look like Iíll be on the feature circuit very much.

And just to re-iterated, you are not going to get one, correct?


What about beyond the business?

Well, I am a finance major with a minor in accounting. The only reason I go to school is for the knowledge I will need to one day open my own business. I will have something solid to fall back on.

What are you shooting today?

I am shooting a scene with Mimi Miagi. Her first sex scene in four years. I am pretty excited to be her first in that long. I donít know the name of the movie yet. A lot of times you donít know until it comes out. After Mimi, I am shooting a scene with a guy. If he ever shows up.

How does it feel to be working with Mimi?

Itís so exciting. I am taking this scene so personally. She is the first woman I ever saw in porn and I am her first in four years. I am just lucky enough to be with this woman. My next goal is to get a magazine layout with her. In fact, I was just hoping for a layout with her this summer. I never dreamed I would get to be in a movie with Mimi.

Speaking of lay outs, they were telling me you just won some award for print work?

Yeah, we donít have to talk about that. (She actually seems to be blushing.)

No, tell me.

Itís just a Model of the Year thing for Oriental Dolls magazine.

Thatís a very big deal, congratulations.

Thanks. I was in Hawaii when I found out. I got a call from the editor and they told me I had won model of the year. I called her back three or four times to make sure I won it because the fans actually voted for me. Itís a fan award and I wanted to make sure that it wasnít just because I live so close to New York and can make appearances easily. I wanted to win for the right reasons. I didnít want to get it for political reasons.

If I may speak to the readers for a moment. Everyone reading this who knows exactly how Leanni won this award, please email or write her to let her know how freaking hot she is. I swear, you completely lack the confidence you should have.

Nah. I just want the fans to be properly represented.

You are way too modest.

And you are just way too sweet. You really are going to have to take me home to live with you.

Do you have a boyfriend or husband?


Are you looking?

Well, I donít have a commitment with anyone, but I do have a guy I see. We have a relationship of sorts, but because I am in this business, I canít really put a label on it. I know there are a lot of people in this business who have great relationships, but Iím not like that. I do believe in monogamy, I really do. For me. I am not into a lot of different sexual partners when I am in a relationship. So while I am in this business, I canít have that kind of relationship. As long as I am in the adult business, be it movies, magazine, or even just promotions or dancing, I donít plan on being married or in a committed relationship. But when I am all done, then that is my time.

So when you leave us, youíll be looking for that one special, very lucky guy.

Thatís right.

What do you look for in a guy? Besides, a big, long, straight dick.

Well, that of course. Then I look for honesty. Just be honest with me you know. I donít even like little white lies. If you do something, just tell me. Iím never going to lie to my man about my past, or anything I do. I also like romance. I donít have to be put on a pedestal and fed grapes twenty four hours a day, but I like to know that someone cares about me and that they love me. To me, romance is just sitting around the kitchen at a family even and getting a hug. That is romantic to me. Romance, honesty and some sense of responsibility. I donít expect to be showered with gifts and Iím not looking for a rich guy, but pay your own bills you know?

No lying, emotionally unresponsive free loaders.

Exactly. Pay your own bills, be intelligent so we can have intelligent conversations once in a while and feel comfortable. Itís OK to have bad habits and show them in front of me.

Is there anything you wonít do on camera?

Jeez, like what?

Well, some girls wonít do interracial scenes, some wonít do facials. You already said youíve done one anal.

Oh no. Iíve done interracial, I do facials. Iíve had a lot of loads on this face. Iíve done anal. My DP will be for my finale. I wonít do a gang bang. I donít think they are erotic at all. I donít even thing two men and woman is erotic, but I do want Peter and TT because itís erotic to be there. To watch it though, not really erotic. I will never do more than three guys. I just donít think a bunch of guys standing around is erotic. Besides, I love to give attention to guys and I would feel bad. In case you havenít noticed, Iím very giving.

Oh, Iíve noticed.

Why thank you.

You k now, Iím glad you havenít read the reviews Iíve written of your work.


I think I would be embarrassed.


Because some of the things Iíve written have been quite complimentary and you would real all the things I wanted to do to you.

Oh really? Why donít you just tell me.

I think itís best if I donít.

You know, I did read one review that was printed with me once. They talked about how I end up in all these anal movies, but I never end up doing anal.

Yeah, how does that happen?

I donít know. I was saving it up I guess.

What were you like growing up?

I was very studious. I was brought up that way and always very into my studies. Except for my last year of high school. I really rebelled. My parents divorced and I went wild. I smoked pot for the first time, got kicked off the cheerleader squad. I stopped going to all the honor society functions, that sort of thing.

You just became a normal kid instead of a super brain.

Pretty much.

We need to back up a little. You were a cheerleader?

Yeah, I was.

Do you still have the uniform?

No, we had to give them back at the end of the year.

I figured it would be hanging in your closet for those role playing things you like so much.

No, but thatís a good idea. Wanna come play?

Very much.

You know, cheerleading was fun. I got into cheerleading, because I was just such a peppy, ra-ra person. But I wasnít flexible. I didnít have any gymnastics background, couldnít do splits or cartwheels. But I was such the ra-ra girl and I was the lightest girl they find to sit at the top of the pyramid.

When did you have sex for the first time?

When I was seventeen.

And what was that like?

It was weird because I had sex on a bet. I had a boyfriend. We hadnít had sex yet. We were together for four years total, but we hadnít had sex in the year and a half weíd been together. It was known throughout the high school that Leanni was the little virgin. Donít ask me how or why I did it, but my boyfriend had made a bet with his friends. I didnít know this until after. So that if he ended up having sex with me at this party at his parentsí beach house, they would throw him a keg party.

What if he didnít?

I donít remember what he would have had to do. Anyway, he ended up having a keg party. It was a good thing. Not that Iím condoning underage drinking or anything.

Well, if you are under age, you shouldnít be on this web site reading this interview. Stop now and go find something more constructive to do.

Yeah, go read a book.

I am quite glad we got to do this interview. It helps to clear some stuff up.

What stuff?

Well, I just finished complaining my Rog Reviews top 20 stars list, and to qualify a performer has to be active. When I put your name up, everyone flooded me with complaints because they all thought you had retired.

Retired, no. But wait, I made a top twenty list.

Yes, just my personal list.

Where did I finish?

I donít want to tell you that. Iíll sound like Iím kissing up to you.

Come on, tell me. Please.

Number three.

Really? Youíre lying.

Nope, swear to God.

That is so cool. Thank you. Now about this retiring thing. When I left to go back to school, I honestly thought that I had made enough movies to cover the time I would be gone, but it only covered me through December. So since January there has been nothing new.

So there. All you people who emailed me that Leanni wasnít eligible were incorrect. She is still active.

I just need to go to school to learn how to read the contracts. Thatís all I do it for. Itís all to help my porno career. (She laughs)

Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans reading this?

I honestly care about the fans, and anyone who has ever written to me knows that they never get a Xeroxed copy of a letter. No computer generated stuff. I actually do take the time to write back. I just want everyone to know that it might take me six weeks or six months to write back, but I do promise to write back to each person one at a time. If you can wait for me, Iíll get back to you. Keep writing me and telling me what you want to see. And tell those club owners to let me dance without fake boobs.

One more time, to clarify, that is coming from the dance circuit, not the video companies.

That is correct.

Is there anything I left out?

No, I donít think so. You let me talk on and on.

OK then, thank you very much.

Wait. You said there was something you always wanted to do with me. Arenít you going to tell me?

Will you do it?

What is it first? (She laughs.)

Can I pick you up?

(She laughs) Yes, but only if you let me hold the recorder so people can hear that weíre actually doing it.

Fair enough.

Weeee, everyone, Roger is actually picking me up. I am in the air and he is holding me dangerously close to the pool.

This is nice.

Is it everything you hoped it would be?

And then some.

Where is a camera? Letís find a camera.

You know there is something else Iíve always wanted to do with you.

Oh really, what is it?

(Roger whispers in Leanniís ear)

(She giggles) We can do that, but I think we should turn the recorder off first.

Bye everyone.