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Layla Jade Interview - Layla Jade's Movies
Aug 2002

Iím sitting on the floor with Layla Jade. Weíre about to do our third interview and I guess we should tell people why. You have a new title do you not?

Yes I do. I am Elegant Angelís new Buttwoman.

How long have you had this title?

Since April of this year.

Have you done a movie yet?

We have one shot and itís coming out in September.

What is it called?

Itís called ďLayla Jade Born to be Buttwoman.Ē

Well stand up, let me take a look.

I just sat down Roger. How about if I turn over and stick it up in the air for you, like this? What do you think?

I think you were born to be Buttwoman all right. Now stay in that position for the rest of the interview.

You wish.

How did you end up becoming Buttwoman?

It was quite unexpected actually. I have had a long standing relationship with Elegant Angel and Patrick Collins ever since I got into the business. Out of the blue he rang me and invited me to the office. When I got there he told me that he wanted me to be the new Buttwoman. I was really pleased and agreed right away. Patrick is the first American director I worked for when I got into the business four years ago.

So you have a good relationship with Elegant Angel?

Oh yes I have a great association and history with the company. I was nominated for Best Solo Sex Scene for that first scene.

Belladonna was pretty hot as Buttwoman.

Yes, I watched her movie, ďButtwoman Iz BellaĒ and it was very hot.

Did you go into your movie thinking that you had to be better than her?

Not really. Belladonna is unique and her movie fit her. I just went into mine thinking that I would give it my best shot and do the best job that I could. Itís not about bettering anyone, itís about being me.

Who else is in the movie?

Herschel Savage is in it as well as a couple of amazing guys, Dennis and George. They are Italian and they are just super studs. There is German guy named Christian. I worked with him in another movie for Jerry T. Heís very cool.

Was this shot in Europe?

Yes so we had a lot of hot people on the set.

Bella only did one movie, Charlene Aspen only did one or maybe two. Do you have plans to do more?

I think there will be a second movie at least. I think Iíll only be the second or third Buttwoman to do more than one movie.

Tiffany Mynx did two, but I think you would be the second.

That would be wonderful.

You are following some great butts, Tiffany, Charlene and Bella all have wonderful behinds.

Yes they do.

Even though you are Buttwoman, you are not exclusively working for Elegant Angel are you?

That is correct, I am not under contract. I am still working independently and still has hot and nasty as ever.

Last time we interviewed you, you had just altered your breasts a little bit.

They are still there, see?

What has been the fan reaction to the new look?

Itís gone over very well. Patrick said that before I didnít look like a woman, but now I do. That was one of the things that sealed the deal. He saw me in Vegas and couldnít believe it. The fans like it as well. I get a lot of people who email me and tell me that they passed me over as a skinny waif, but they think I look amazing now. I actually had one guy ask me when I got off the crystal meth. (She laughs.)

So for the record, you are not off crystal meth?

I was never on it begin with. Iím not on anything.

How do you like the look?

I love it. Iíve still got the wig and I have been getting a lot of people asking me to shoot with the red hair. I wonít shoot with the red hair just yet. When it grows to the length I want it, Iíll change my look again.

I did just see a movie you shot for John Leslie where you had the red hair.

Yes, I took the wig off for that.

It was a four way scene with Mandingo that was really hot.

I havenít seen that one yet.

It is amazing, one of your best scenes ever.

Itís so hard to see the stuff I do because Iím over in England. Iíd like to see that one.

Itís from Fresh Meat 14 and itís great.

That was one of a few movies I did last time I was here with the red hair. Iíd like to stick with the wig for now.

The blonde boobie thing works. After all, youíre in California. You also did a hot scene in ďGang Up On MeĒ from Elegant Angel.

That was a great scene. Everyone was tied up on a dungeon wall. It was difficult because they kept making me laugh.

You are just too sweet and nice to be that bad assed.

It was a fun power trip though.

Have you done anything other than Born to Be Buttwoman that we should be looking out for?

I did an amazing scene with Jessica Drake, Evan Stone and Chris Cannon. Iím not sure what itís going to be called as it was only shot a few days ago, but it was a really great scene.

You were recently on www.terashow.com right?

Yes I was.

How did that go?

It was fantastic, we had a great time. Iíd like to do it again actually.

Maybe you can get a scene with Tera.

That would be great.

You could probably teach her a few things.

When she introduced me she said ďhere comes Layla Jade and Iím scared.Ē I told her she had no reason to be scared of me.

You could hurt Tera, sheís a good girl.

I wouldnít want to hurt her.

What have you been doing during the months since you were last in the States?

Absolutely fuck all. (She laughs) Iíve been desperately trying to make a living. I was wishing I was in America the entire time.

Are they shooting a lot of product in England now?

There is hardly anything. I was home from April until August and I shot four scenes. Thatís being one of the biggest names in the UK. I did some dancing gigs and got hooked up with that. There just isnít much going on over there.

You need to come here.

I like coming here. Itís to the point now where England is just a place I have to go because my visa runs out. Itís not even really home any more.

Letís talk about your web site.

By the time this interview comes out the web site should be all loaded.

Is that www.laylajade.com ?

Yes, it will be a whole new site, still free but with a new members section coming soon.

Youíve been working on this for a while now.

We keep getting fucked over by people. Now weíre doing it ourselves, but we went through three different stages with different sets of people. They all promised us the earth. We did get a site up finally, but it was the biggest piece of shit on earth and they ripped me off for about four grand. Now weíre doing it ourselves. Weíve been messed around and ripped off by too many people.

I donít see anyone with you this time. The last couple of times youíve had these great English girls in tow.

There are a couple who will be coming over soon.

Is there anything you want to talk about that we havenít covered in other interviews?

Actually, Iím a man.

Iíve seen you up close, you have a really small dick.

I just tuck it way inside. Thatís not a sponge you can feel inside me, itís actually my cock.

So you heard it here first.

No, that was actually published in a magazine. I nearly cried when I read that.

When was this?

It was a shoot I did with Angel Cummings. I did it when I was brand new and the magazine is a complete amateur magazine. By the time it came out I had done a few hundred movies. They needed something to say about Layla so they said that I was a man. They wrote about the operation and everything. I was so pleased to be on the cover, but I couldnít show it to anyone.

So for the record, you were never a man?

I was never man, not ever.

I feel so much better.

You and everyone Iíve ever worked with.

Back to Buttwoman for a minute. Not all of them are anally oriented, but do you do anal in this one?

Oh yes and there is a little bit of double vag which isnít something Iíve done a lot on camera.

Thatís a lot of guy to be up in there.

Yes it was, but you wouldnít know it now. Iím very tight.

Thatís what they all say.

You just want me to prove it.

Iím going to pretend I didnít hear that and ask you if you have any current favorites to work with.

I like everyone, itís difficult to say.

I just saw you working with Lexington Steele again.

On the pool table with Angel.

There was some B & D there, she had you on a leash.

Yes, that was very sexy.

You and Lex do great scenes.

We have a good chemistry. He is awesome. I would love to work with him again.

Was Fresh Meat 14 the first time you had worked for John Leslie?

Yes it was.

How was that?

He was great. It was one of the first times I worked without the wig. I only did it a few times and some people made me look ridiculous.

When you see the scene youíll love how you look. What are your plans for the future?

I want to perform until Iím twenty five and then call it quits. That will be three years from now and give me a total of seven. I think thatís long enough.

Do you want to continue to work independently or would you like to land a contract somewhere?

If a contract came along, I would take a look. It would depend on who it is with and what it included. At the same time I am happy to remain independent.

Since you had breast enhancement surgery, let me ask you this. There are people who insist that women are pressured into getting them done, that perhaps they donít want to, but feel they have to.

Bollocks. I made the decision on my own. It wouldnít have been a good thing for me when I first got into the business. It would have looked ridiculous with my body at that time, a stick with these huge breasts. I needed a change for me. What people donít realize is that I used to have big titties. Long before I got into the business they were they size they are now. Over time they got smaller and smaller and I didnít even realize. One day my frined said ďYour tits have gotten really small.Ē I got measured and they were down to a 34B and I found that hard to deal with. I wanted to get my big tits back and I got them back. It had nothing to do with pressure from the industry whatsoever.

The other issue is interracial sex. Very early on you were doing interracial sex scenes. Some people insist that doing such scenes can harm a performerís career. Do you think that hurt in any way at all?

I canít really be a fair judge of that because itís never been an issue for me. I have no concept of what it might have been like if I hadnít done them. The idea that it could do damage or what damage it could do is beyond my comprehension. I donít understand that at all.

Have you had any negative feedback at all?

No, never. It certainly hasnít harmed my career at all. I get plenty of email where people tell me how they love to see me with big, black cock.

I have something to bring up about the movie I shot with you for http://www.mystiquevideo.com/NewProducts.htm In that movie, you did a squirting scene and some people have emailed me wondering if that was real or not.

Oh for fuckís sake. Did they see the scene?

Iíve shot you a few times and the thing with the Sybian was totally different.

See how my face lights up when you talk about that machine? How could I fake that? How can I fake stuff squirting out of my pussy? I was not faking. Maybe it was because I was laughing so hard. I have been trying to get one of those machines ever since, but the deal fell through.

And you didnít start out that wild about the idea.

No, I didnít like it at all, but once it got going it took my breath away.

To sum up, you are Buttwoman, the movie comes out in September, you are still working for other people, your web site is up and you are in town until November, you will be in Tampa for the show, is there anything else?

Yeah Rog, when can I suck your dick?