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Katin Interview 2004


I'm here with Katin.

Hi there.

Since we're in the Red Light District booth, let's talk about some of the movies you have made for them.


What are some of the titles?

I did "Young Ripe Mellons" for Vince. I have done "Cum Glazed 2", "Elastic Assholes", "Mike John's POV Pervert", I did some stuff for Jake Malone, "Cum Fart Cocktails" I think.

Jake does some pretty hard stuff.

Yeah. I have had a lot of fun on his sets. The guys roughed me up pretty good.

And you liked that didn't you?

Oh yeah.

You look sweet and innocent, but there is more to you than that.

I have a darker side just like everyone else.

When you did Mike's POV movie, was he in the scene with you?

Yes he was.

Do you think that he does those movies just to get laid?

I know Mike pretty well and I think that he does it for the people who love POV movies. He makes them for anyone who wants to watch and think that they are really having sex with the girl. It's completely focused on the girl and I think they're great.

Where are you from?

Huntington Beach, California.

Born and raised Cali girl?

Yes I am.

How old are you?


How long have you been in the business?

A year and a few months.

How does a nice Orange County girl end up in porn?

I was just looking for trouble. I looked on line for a few agencies and made a few calls.

What was the first movie you made?

It was some cream pie movie for Tyce Bune.

Was it a good experience?

Yes it was. It was very comfortable. People who have seen the movie say that it seemed like I had done movies before.

About how many movies have you done?

Somewhere between eighty-five and a hundred.

You have had a busy year.

Yeah I've done quite a few.

Have you watched your own movies?

I have watched a few. It is hard. I nit-pick at everything.

What have you noticed from watching your scenes?

I say "oh yeah" a lot.

Is that natural or is it a porn thing?

It must be natural because I don't even know when I'm doing it.

How tall are you?

I'm five foot five.




All natural.

Those probably get a lot of attention.

Yes they do. They are pretty nice boobies.

They are fantastic. You have brown hair, brown eyes and a couple of tattoos.

I have a few.

How long have you had them?

For a few years.

Do you plan on getting more?

Maybe in the future. Nothing planned right now.

Any favorite guys to work with?

Probably Mike John.

What about girls?

There were a lot of girls I would have liked to have worked with. I enjoyed Cris Taliana, but she isn't in the business any more. She really turned me on.

What was it about her that worked for you?

She was crazy and down for anything. I love girls with no limits.

You seem to be pretty much without limits yourself.

I can be.

You've done anal, creampies, how about double-anal?

I did that once.

Is that something you would ever do in your private life?

No, it hurts.

It was not a great experience for you then?

It was fun and memorable, but not something I would do every day.

How about DP?

I have done a lot of those.

Any before the business?

No. I had never even done anal before they business.

Who broke you in?

John West in a movie for Anarchy.

So he wasn't huge.

No, not at all.

Do you do a lot of anal now?


Off camera as well?

Sometimes. You have to plan for it though. It can be a mess.

What is the biggest DP you have done?

The first one I had was Steve Holmes, John Strong and Brian Surewood taking turns.

That is a lot of dick for a little girl.

It was, especially for my first DP and my first three-guy scene.

Is that something you would do in private?

No. I like making love and the intimate stuff.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes I do.

Is he in the business?

Yes he is.

Who is it?

I prefer not to say.

Is he nice?

He is very nice.

Do you have a web site?


Any plans for one?

Not really. I figure if I get a web site I will want to design it myself and I am learning the basics of HTML. I have my own style and maybe I will get into web design somewhere down the road.

What were you doing when you got into porn?

I was doing industrial design. I designed kitchen supplies. I don't like the 9-5 thing so I needed to find a job that allowed me more freedom and gave me more money.

Are you going to stick around and do porn for a while?

No, I'm retired.


Yes. Already.

What about dancing?

I tried dancing one night at a bar. It is really hard work and I felt like I was trying to sell myself. It is just easier in porn.

Are you nominated for any awards this year?

Yes, Starlet of the Year.

That's great.

I don't really want any awards though.

Were you here last year?

Yes I was.

Do more people recognize you this year?

Oh yeah. People are even bringing pictures of me from last year.

Do people bring in stacks of stuff?

A few people have brought in stuff like that. A lot of cool guys who tell me they are fans.

Is that flattering or creepy?

It's flattering. I haven't run into any creepy guys yet.

Do the people you grew up with know what you're doing?

Yeah. They were very surprised because I was a tomboy. I was the last person who would hook up with a guy. I never seemed like a little hooker or a slut. Now they all know that I actually do have a vagina.

Anything else you can think of?

Nope. I'm just having fun, signing autographs. This is it for me.

The last chance with Katin.


So you are not coming back.

No, I have done the quit and comeback thing already. I was mad and left for a month. I had a good run in the business, left my mark and did what I wanted to do.

Well thank you for the time. We'll miss you.

Thank you Rog.