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Jewel De'Nyle Interview - Jewel De'Nyle's Bio & Movies

I've got Jewel De'Nyle in front of me finally. Since we're at the Las Vegas Novelties booth, I suppose we should start out talking about the toy contract. How long have you been with LVNI?

Jewel De'Nyle

I was actually their first contract girl. I have been with them from day one, for almost four years.

How did the contract come about?

Serenity and I were always good friends when she was with Wicked. She had just launched this toy company and I was becoming a star in the business. Serenity saw the opportunity to lock me in before anybody else got me. Other toy companies had been talking to me, but I wasn't thrilled with what they were offering.

It must have worked out well since you've been there for four years.

I plan on staying here forever, it's been great.

You have a whole line of toys here.

I have vibrators, my own harness strap-on kit. I also have my own vagina mold and a sensual feel dildo that feels like the real thing.

Which color is yours?

I have the clear, glass color. I wanted something that looked like glass so I chose this one.

You said you had a vagina mold, how was that? Jewel De'Nyle

Sticky. It was very sticky. Playboy was there filming the whole thing.

Have you asked people who have tried both the real thing and the toy to compare the two?

Yes I have. Scott Fayner of Hustler did a big thing where he compared the mold to the real thing. He liked the real thing better, but said that he liked the mold because it didn't talk back.

How long have you been in the business?

Five years.

How did that happen?

I got into the adult business through Selena Steele. She was feature in the club where I was a house girl. When she saw me on stage with another girl, she told me that if I was going to be that nasty that I might as well just do porno. She liked my look and thought I could do well, so she gave me some phone numbers. My very first scene was with Peter North and the rest is history.

Were you nervous going into your first scene? Jewel De'Nyle

No. I had been performing for years so it was no big deal.

About how many movies have done?

Around three hundred in five years. Not a lot, but enough. Now just work for myself.

Let's talk a little about that. You have your own company starting up.

Yes, Platinum X Pictures and I do a line for Puritan called Babes in Pornland. I'm keeping that one going because they have been so good to me. They gave me the freedom to prove myself as a director. I am going to be loyal to them. They have a wonderful booth this year, it's a like a Shrine to Jewel De'Nyle. Platinum X Pictures is going to be the most intense stuff I've put out. We are going to rock.

Do you think being in front of the camera for so long made it easier to transition to directing?

Directing came pretty easy to me. It's not hard. If you just let talent do what they want to do and get enough footage you don't need twenty cuts in a scene. You don't need five hours of footage. As talent, I got sick of directors who had never fucked in front of the camera telling me how to fuck. I decided to do it myself. Fuck these old school guys. They need to get a real job. Those days are done, it's time for talent to take over and we are. We know what it feels like to be in front of a camera. I think if you shoot over forty minutes of footage, the talent gets tired and you loose the energy. That's the last thing you want. You want heat. When I'm watching a porn I want passion. I don't want them to look like they don't want to be there.

If you had to pick one or two of your movies as your best, what would they be?

There is a Babes in Pornland that isn't out yet, Bubble Butt Babes. I had Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara and Brandon Irons join me in that one. I did a girl/girl scene with Bella Maria where she drenched me from my eyes to my ankles. I've never been squirted on before so that was really different. I also have Foot Fetish babes and that one is really good. I always have fans writing in and telling me they love my size feet. This one is just raunchy.

Do you have a foot fetish yourself? Jewel De'Nyle

I do like guys or girls to suck on my toes. I like my feet played with.

What are your favorite fetishes?

Peeing. I like to pee on people.

Just for fun right, not when you're angry with them.

No, no only for fun. It's a love piss.

How about your favorite guys and girls to work with?

My favorite girl, my best friend and my personal lover is Serenity. Her other half teases us that if anything were to happen with them, that she would run off with me. She and I have been friends for years and I love her to death. Michael Stefano is obviously one of my favorite guys to work with. Also, Manuel Ferrara, because he is the only guy who has been able to make me squirt. I don't know how he did it, but he did.

You and Michael have been together for a while now.

We've been together for three years, married for one. It's a pleasure being with someone in the business who is on the same track.

You both still work with other people though.

Of course. We fuck other people in our private life. We are not the jealous or insecure type. That's what makes our relationship work. You can't be insecure in this industry or your career is done. Jewel De'Nyle

Your career has taken some interesting turns. You were a contract girl for a while for New Sensations.

Yes I was. They kind of held me back. I was in high budget features, pretty stuff.

Then you went just totally crazy.

(She laughs) I am a good actress. I consider myself one of the better actresses in this business, but I'd rather not do the big features. I'm more into the hard core fucking. That's my thing. When I left them, I was in Anabolic movies, Extreme movies and then Puritan snatched me up because they saw how crazy I was.

You had some run ins with some people at Extreme, both you and Michael.

Uhhh, yeah. Michael had a choice, either me or them. He had one day to make up his mind and he packed up his shit and left. There are only so many checks you can bounce before people get fed up. I was not going to the only bread winner in the family.

That may be enough talk about that part of your career.

Oh how come?

How come? Because I almost got smacked over the head for saying something nice about you once.

By who?

Lizzy Borden. Jewel De'Nyle

Oh fuck her. Where is she now? I'm still here and she is hiding from American's Most Wanted, so fuck her. Stupid cunt.

Like I said, that's probably enough about that.

Come on Rog, if you want the truth, just ask.

All right, let's do it. You did some really good movies for Extreme.

Mostly for Michael, including "Bound by Blood" which we produced and wrote ourselves. I actually bled for real in that movie. When I pop out of the bathtub, that was real blood.

You just want to be a wrestler.

I didn't do it on purpose. When I went under the water, I inhaled it and when I came up, my nose was bleeding. It worked for the scene.

So you did some good work for them, but no they don't like you. What happened?

I don't care if they don't like me. They are done. They have no money. Rob is writing apology letter to everyone he fucked over. He's trying to get back into AVN's good graces. There are only so many bridges you can burn before you run your company into the ground. He realized that and he's trying to fix it by dumping all of the losers over there, like his loser contract girls. His fucking Zupkos and those other idiots. He's trying to clean up and get in everyone's good graces. Dude, once you're on America's Most Wanted, your career is for shit. It's over. Rob can go fuck himself and Lizzy has already fucked herself. She looks like a trailer trash whore who has been up a few too many times.

While you're on a roll, what about Veronica Caine?

Veronica Caine actually called to apologize and tell me that she was in a fucked up period in her life and didn't mean the things she said. I think she was out of her contract with Extreme and was looking for work. I just laughed and said "good luck finding work now that you've burned your bridges you dumb cunt."

You aren't real big on the forgiveness thing are you Jewel?

I don't forgive anyone. If you fuck with me once, you're done. I don't care if you get on your knees. Rob even called Mike to try and be nice, but I told Mike that if he called back I would kick him out of the house. We are doing our own thing, they are losers and they fucked it up. I wipe my ass with Extreme, all of them.

Let's talk more about Platinum X and leave Extreme behind.

Yeah, Extreme is down the toilet and they aren't coming back. Platinum X is going to take over. It's myself, Michael, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes and Brandon Iron. We have a very strong team. All of them are exclusive directors for Platinum X, but can still perform for other companies. Brandon will be doing the rough stuff of course. I shot a movie called "Dirty Girls" which is a hard core girl/girl movie with slapping, spitting and all kinds of stuff. I turn into Rocco and take the girls hard. I'm also doing an interracial series and a traveling series. I travel, meet new girls, fuck them and then turn them over to my guys.

After your contract with New Sensations was over, there was an article where you talked about interracial. You hadn't done any during your contract days, but you did a lot of it after. What are your thoughts on that issue now?

I think that companies have relaxed a little bit on interracial. I read that stuff they wrote about black girls could fuck white guys, but white girls couldn't fuck black guys. Take that to the Supreme Court. There are interracial marriages. Get out of the fucking forties.

But you didn't do interracial for a long time yourself.

No I didn't. I saved it for a reason. They asked me to do it at New Sensations, but I told that I wouldn't do it until I had my own series. I wouldn't do gang bang until I had my own thing. I wanted to save something for the fans. This way, there was something they had never seen before. I saved anal for like a year. Now it's all I do.

Now everybody's been up your butt.

Everyone but you and Scott Fayner. He has to wait for the Las Vegas Novelties ass mold.

Who is a better director, you or Michael?

Me. He is a great cameraman. I can't hold a camera for shit, but I am very creative. I have always had that talent. He just pretty much lets people fuck. I like to get creative with the build up.

Do you have a web site?

Yes, it's www.jeweldenyle.net I have my calendar there, I answer my own email, put up new releases all the time.

Are you still dancing?

I dance once a month. With the new company, there will be a few months where I don't dance. I have a deal with Spearmint Rhino where I dance in all of their clubs once a year.

Do you still like dancing?

I love it. It's a release to get on stage and let it all out.

Have you heard from any of the people you grew up with?

Actually a few of them are here at the show.

What was their reaction?

I just deny who I am.

Do you think they would be shocked?

A few of my girlfriends from high school are still in contact with me. They were totally happy. I send them my movies and some toys and they get a kick out of it.

I've been asking all of the girls this. If you could take any of your fellow LVNI girls and fuck her with a strap-on, who would it be?

Serenity and we've done that. If you look at the box, there we are.

Reverse it, who would you most like to be fucked by?

Serenity and I think Alexis Amore would give me a run for my money. She is wild.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Look out for Platinum X Pictures in April, we're going to kick ass.

We can hardly wait, thanks Jewel.

Jewel De'Nyle's Bio & Movies