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Harmony Interview 2004 - Harmony's Movies


Would you please tell everyone who I am with?

My name is Harmony.

No last name?

Nope. Just Harmony.

So you knew you were going to be a star from the start and decided you didn't need a last name?

They have used Harmony Rose on some box covers, but I shortened it.

Since you're in the Red Light District booth, let's talk about some of the movies you have made for them.

I have done a couple. I am on the cover of "Swallow My Pride 5" and "Double Vag 2" which was my first double vag scene. It was absolutely awesome and everyone should check it out. I'm also in "Cum Drippers" "POV Pervert" and a few others.

You said you did your first double vag, who were the guys?

John Strong and Mike Stefano.

How was it?

It was an odd feeling, definitely something I had never felt before. It was a bit erotic though.

Is it something you would want to do again?

Yeah, sure.

In your private life?

No, not in private, but in porn, definitely.

Where are you from?

I am from Miami, Florida.

Are you in L.A. now?

I work in L.A. and stay there for about three weeks out of the month and then go home for a week.

How old are you?

I am twenty-one.

How long have you been in the business?

I have been in the business for almost two years, but I have been coming out to L.A. for about nine months. Everything before that was for the internet.

Did you do a lot of internet stuff?

A lot.

How many movies have you done?

Since I've been coming to L.A. have done about a hundred and thirty scenes already.

That is a lot.

I know, it's crazy. I work three weeks straight.

Other than the ones we just mentioned, do any of them stand out?

Not really. They are all good.

I take it you love what you do.

I do love it, I love my job.

How did you get into the internet modeling?

My girlfriend Tory Lane, who is also in the business, got me into dancing. Then she got me into a girl/girl movie with her. I decided, screw this I don't even like girls so I just started doing scenes with guys.

You don't like girls at all?

Girls are a tease for me. I need cock.

What was the first movie you made?

The first movie and my first cover was for Stoney Curtis. It was called New Nymphos.

Who was the guy?

It has been so long, I don't remember. It was two guys. Seth and some other guy I can't remember.

When you shot in Florida was it a different talent pool?

Yeah. They were local guys. It is nothing like it is in L.A. I will never work in Florida again. It is so unprofessional. I like the companies, but compared to how it is out here, it's just not professional. It is a guy in his apartment or his hotel room just shooting crap.

Who are your favorite guys to work with?

Manuel Ferrara, Mark Davis and John Strong are the guys who stand out for me. I love them.

What makes them special?

They give good scene. We have good chemistry.

How tall are you?

I'm only five-three. I look taller because of the heels, but I am very short.

What are your measurements?

You really want to know? I'm 34b-27-36.

Natural of course.

All natural.

Are you going to stay that way?

Oh yes. Even if I had no tits, I would stay natural. You're made that way for a reason.

Any tattoos?

No tattoos, one piercing. I get bored with things really quickly so this is god for me.

You have a really natural look about you.

I am down with the natural look. That's how I am.

Do you like L.A. or Florida better?

I like working in L.A. better, but I love Florida. I was born there, raised there, my family is there so I would never leave.

Did they change your name a lot on those sites?

Sometimes they do, but for the most part I was Harmony on all of them. It's such a different name that they don't bother to change it.

Did you have to do the silly little set ups?


What did you have to do?

I was a nice little cheerleader, a naughty whore who sleeps with teachers and the football team.

You weren't really sleeping with teachers in high school were you?

With teachers no, but I was always very promiscuous.

When did that start?

At fourteen.

With an older guy?

No actually it was a good friend of mine who was fifteen.

How did that happen?

We just both wanted to do it, so we did.

Was it a good experience?

It was a great experience.

Are you still friends?

Yes are still friends today.

Do you still fuck?

Sometimes, yes we do.

He is a lucky guy. Do you do anal?

No anal. I know that people are asking on the net if I do, but I don't.

Not now or not ever?

Not now. I work every day now as it is.

So you won't do anal, but you do double vag?


Two in the pussy is OK, but one in the ass is a no-no?

That's right. It's just not my thing. I want to do what I enjoy or my scenes are going to suck. I might as well just not do it.

Is this your first show?

This is my second show, but my first time signing.

Have a lot of people recognized you?

Surprisingly yes. They have seen my box covers and they know my movies.

Is that flattering or creepy?

It's totally flattering. Not creepy all, but it is weird. There are so many girls in the business, for people to notice just one is odd. It's cool though.

It's OK that these guys are at home jacking off to you?

OK? It's fucking sexy. I love watching guys jack off.

You said that girls were a tease, what did you mean?

What can they do? They can finger me, or lick me, but they can't fuck me. I like to be fucked.

What about strap-ons?

Strap-ons are so un-natural. They just are not the same at all.

Do you have a boyfriend now?

No I don't. I am too busy and can't be that selfish.

Did you have a boyfriend when you started?

Yes and he was in the industry in Florida. We are just friends now.

Was it hard on your relationship?

Not at all. We both know how it is. We had sex and we came home to each other.

Do you have a web site?

No web site yet.

Are you working on one?

I am thinking about it.

What else should we look for?

Me, doing lots of stuff.

What are you best at?

Deep throating for sure. That and being fucked hard.

How much can you deep throat?

I deep throated Steve Holmes.

That is a lot of cock.

I swallowed it all and then I peed all over him.

In what movie?

It was a movie from Legend. I don't know the name, but I am on the box cover.

Is Steve the biggest guy you have fucked?

Him, Peter North or Manuel. Whichever guy is biggest is the biggest I have been with.

How about Erik Everard?

He's big too. I couldn't deep throat him because it was so thick. It just won't go down. I love Erik. He has a Christmas Tree cock. I knew Steve's would go down because of the way it was shaped. I love deep throating.

Do you like big cocks or little cocks?

Big cocks. You want to feel that shit.

Have you worked with any that were too big?

Not yet.

All right. Our time is up, they are coming to drag you back onto the floor. Thank you Harmony.

Thank you.

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