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Cindy Crawford Interview 2004

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Cindy Crawford


I am sitting here with Cindy Crawford.


Thank you for the time. I believe this may be my first interview with a Jill Kelly Girl.

Really why is that?

You will have to ask your boss. I'm never granted access to the girls or the movies. I must have made someone angry.

That isn't true.

Look at the poster of girls. I interviewed Jenna Haze long before she was a JKP girl, but not even my good friend Haven has done an interview with me. (Note: Since this interview I did get to talk with both Haven and Ashton Moore.)

Maybe you just don't come by and ask.

That isn't true. Every year I ask and am turned away. But not today. I asked Cindy and she agreed right away. Thank you for that.

You are most welcome.

Let's start with your background. Where are you from?

Originally I am from Las Vegas. I was born and raised there and was a dancer for three years before coming out here. I actually got into the business because I met a guy on the freeway who was checking me out. I told him to pull over and he did. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was in the movie industry. I said "It's not porn is it?" He told me it was and I told him that if he would get me into porn I would fuck him. So I followed him back to his office. He got me into porn and I did what I said I would do.

Why couldn't it have been me? I could have gotten you into porn and all you would have had to do I blow me.

Who says I won't do that anyway?

Oh I love this woman. I got Haven into porn, but she didn't fuck me.

She should have.

I am doing this all wrong.

Remember that next time.

Did you start dancing at eighteen?


So you got into porn at twenty-one?

That's right.

You still look you're barely eighteen. Are you still dancing? Cindy Crawford

I am. I just started feature dancing all over the country. I am very busy with that.

What else are you doing?

I am doing Spice Clips every Monday and Wednesday on Playboy TV. I do all kinds of in-store signings.

Are you still doing movies?

Yeah, that too.

How long were doing movies before you ended up with JKP?

About seven months. I was originally signed with Simon Wolf for about two weeks.

What happened there?

He wasn't paying me enough. I asked for more, he said no and I said good-bye.

Some girls come to JKP to avoid doing guys. Are you still doing boys?

Absolutely. I just did my first DP and I do anal and even gang bangs. I am the only girl at JKP that does ultra hard-core stuff.

I see your name on a line of movies over here.

Yes. It's called "Cindy's Way" and we are already on number three. One and two are out and we are working on three.

How many movies have you done?

One hundred and fifty.

How do the Cindy's Way movies stack up?

They are the best. These are the best movies I have ever done.

What was your first movie?

Barely 18 number 1 for Sin City.

With who? Cindy Crawford

I did a scene with Dillon Day and then a blowjob on his father the next day for Island Rain also for Sin City. My first two scenes were with Dillon and his dad.

Is that the first time you have ever had a father/son combo?

Yeah, it was pretty gross. They are really nice guys, but it caused a lot of controversy.

Was it the idea that was gross, or was his dad just too old for you?

No one is too old for me.

Not even me?


I'm pretty old.

You aren't old.

Who are your favorite guys to work with?

I love Nick Manning, Anthony Hardwood, Joel Lawrence, Lee Stone, Dillon when he was in. He is out now.

Of the business, not the closet.

Right, right.

Do you work with girls?

Of course.

Who are your favorites?

Brittney Skye. She is right over there, see?

Oh yeah she is very hot. Are there any guys or girls on your wish list?

Yes. Tawny Roberts. I have wanted to work with that ever since I saw her. She looks a lot like me. There is also a new girl named Tanya James who I think is really hot.

If either of those two women read this, Cindy wants you.

Bring it on.

What were you like growing up?

I was a nerd in high school. I had really long black hair. Cindy Crawford

You mean this lovely blonde hair isn't your natural color?

No. I have black hair. I'm half American-Indian. I just think that I look like a blonde.

I can check later to make sure.

You can't. I have no hair down there.

So you went from nerd to stripper.

Yes I did. Oh you know what? I was recently on Howard Stern.

OK let's talk about that.

It was awesome. I did porn star bowling in Howard's room in Vegas. They called me the next day to do an interview. It was great.

You said that you do anal on camera. Is that something you tried off camera first?

No. The first time I did anal was on camera for Flesh Cravers. It was the first time ever.

Who was the guy?

His name was Alex Roxx.

How did it go?

It went very well. I liked it a lot.

Did you run right home and start having anal sex with your husband.

Yeah. I have ever since. I can gape on cue now.

I will have to check you out. The last time I saw you was in a New Sensations movie.

I don't like any of those movies. I was way too thin.

You were very thin, but you were still beautiful.

Don't even bother checking out anything pre-JKP.

Make sure someone sends me movies and I'll review them.

I will work on that. Cindy Crawford

You said you were with Simon Wolf and that didn't work out. How did the deal with JKP come about?

I was asked by Nick Manning to shoot a movie with him for Jill Kelly Productions. It was All Asian 2 with Alaura Eden. We were doing the scene and I had mentioned to Jill that I really wanted a contract. Word got around quickly, they watched my performance closely and the next day I was offered a contract. They signed me for six years.

How long ago was that?

A little over a year.

You still have five years left on your deal. Are you happy?

Yes. The girls are great.

Have you had sex with all of the contract girls?

Yes I have.

Then I have to ask. Who is the best?

I would have to say that Tyler Faith. That girl knows how to rock my world.

Who needs the most work?

I don't want to answer that.

Who needs more practice?

I would say Alexis, but she is not with us any more.

Very diplomatic answer. A lot of people view JKP as a place where hot girls go when they want to stop doing boy/girl scenes. You've got girls-only Jenna Haze and Haven who does mostly girls.

And Ashton only does girls. We are getting a bad rap.

Do you find that it is hard to deal with a company image that focuses on very pretty girls, but often ignore the hard-core in favor of the eye candy?

Jill has given me the freedom to open up the company to a new market. We are stamping these movies with the JKP-Hardcore label. It is the hardest line from the company so far. I am the only girl at the company who will do it. I have become their hard-core angel. I don't mind being the only girl doing this because it puts me in a different category than the other girls. I really appreciate that she has given me the freedom to name my own movies, pick my casts and have control of the scenes. I direct some of the scene with Jill. She has allowed me to do whatever I want to do. Cindy's Way is doing tremendously well. My toy line from Topco is already in the AVN Top 100 so that is also going well.

What toys do you have out?

I have one called Cindy's Aquatic Ecstasy. It is a blue glass toy with liquid inside of it. The second toy is a highly secret project because it has never been done before. I am the first girl. I have seen it and it's kind of creepy when it's not finished.

Have they done any molds of you yet?

Yes they have. A whole body mold.

Can I get one and then compare it to you?

It should be close. They measured the softness of my skin. That is how technical they got.

Have you had sex with Jill?

Yes I have. Cindy Crawford

Is she a better boss or a better fuck?

She is a better boss I would say. She knows what she is doing and doesn't take crap from anyone.

How tall are you?



I'm not sure actually.

The important thing is that you are natural.

Yes .

Are you going to stay that way?


You mentioned feature dancing. The conventional wisdom there is that girls don't get hired for feature dancing without big fake tits. Have you run into any of that?

No way. As soon as I went up on the board, I have been booked every fucking weekend. I have been to Ft. Lauderdale, I've been downtown, been to Boise, Van Nuys, I am busy every weekend.

So you don't have to be a Triple-E to have a successful dance career.

No way.

What about interracial?

There is my favorite girl.

(Brittney Skye bounces over and hugs Cindy.)

She was just talking about you.

He asked me who my favorite girl was and I said you.

(They hug just long enough to make Rog distracted.)

For some reason I'm hungry now.

I want some milk. I wonder why. Cindy Crawford

Back to the interview.

Yes. I have not done interracial. There is a site called www.sfbayvideos.com It is a Mr. Marcus site and he has been giving me a lot of a shit about not doing interracial. Jill gave me permission to do interracial so I am calling Mr. Marcus out. He wants to call me a racist or whatever for not doing black guys. Tell him to bring his black ass on and I will fuck the shit out of him.

So this is more than an invitation, it's a challenge.

I am calling him out. I want to do my first interracial scene with Mr. Marcus.

Why haven't you done any interracial yet?

I just haven't gotten around to it.

Some people say that it could hurt your status as a contact girl if you do IR. Are you worried about that or that it might hurt you on the feature circuit?


So when Marcus calls, you are ready to do it?


Are you a racist?


Have you ever had sex with a black man off camera?

Yes I have.

So you just haven't done it on camera yet.

But you will soon.

Earlier you mentioned gang bangs. Have you done any for JKP? Cindy Crawford

We are going to in Cindy's Way 3. We are going to start with a six-guy gang bang.

(Rog holds up his hand to volunteer and Cindy high-fives him.)

Right on.

Do I get to be one of the guys?

Oh I thought you were giving me a high five.

I was volunteering.

Sure, if you want to be one, why not.

If I want to? What a question. Do I look that gay?

Not at all.

Will this be your first gang bang?

Yes it will. I have done three guys in an air-tight scene. I had a cock in every hole.


That was pretty nasty. That was in Cindy's Way 2.

These sound like great movies. I need to see them.

They are great.

Find out who at the company doesn't like me and get me some movies.

I will.

Do you have a web site?

I do. It's Cindy Crawford

Anything else we need to cover?

Did you hear that we merged with Bizarre video? I will be shooting for them in a few weeks.

What are you going to do?

I am going to kick somebody's ass.

Do you like kicking asses?

Only if a guy begs me.

How often to you get told that you look like Christina Aguilera?

I get Paris Hilton more than Christina. I did do a box cover for Anarchy that got banned where I was supposed to look like Christina.

I kept that box because I knew it was going to get pulled.

I have the box as well. It is going to be worth some money.

It was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

About twenty million dollars worth of lawsuit. Maxim sued them.

You say you get told you look like Paris. Have you seen the Paris Hilton sex tape?


Do you want to?

Not really.

Would you shoot a scene with her if she wanted to?

Sure, why not? If she wants to be a porn star she should step up to the plate.

Do you think you're better than she is?

No. I mean I probably am because I'm a professional, but I'm sure she is still a sexy girl.

Last question. If you could shoot a scene with anyone in the world who would it be?

Pamela Anderson.

Pamela and Cindy Crawford.

It would work for the headlines.

Cindy Crawford I can't wait to see that. Thank you Cindy.

Thank you Rog.

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