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Brooke Haven Interview 2007

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Busty, bubbly and always fun, Brooke Haven had her personality in full bloom when I interviewed her on the floor of AEE in Las Vegas back in January of 2006. She was in the Acid Rain booth doing her best to distract me with her lovely breasts. When that didn't work, she pointed out some rather oddly dressed, tiny gay performers that nearly got me off track. We talked quite a bit about her dancing, her new web site and the projects she has been working on, specifically for Acid Rain. One thing she is working on for her site is her very first black on white interracial scene. We'll have to keep watching for that.

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Brooke Haven Is this better for you?

Much better, but I can't concentrate.

You have my boobs now.

I have Brooke's boobs. Brooke's beautiful big boobs in my face. I will interview them. This is the left and this is the right. They don't have much to say.

They are very quiet, but have a lot of action behind them.

Let's get to this. Brooke Haven, second year in a row for an interview.

I Love it.

Different hair this year.

I decided to go for a new look. I did about three hundred movies and I figured I was a little shot out so I went for a new look.

Now it is dark with some blonde and some pink streaks.

The pink is very temporary. As soon as AVN is over, they come out.

It's kind of hot.

You think it's kind of hot? Maybe I'll leave them in. As long as they make you quiver I'll leave them in.

Your hair in any color makes us quiver.

Well OK. I love when you talk dirty to me.

We did your history last year so let's start from now and go back. Tell us what you've been doing.

Starting from now going back. I just finished working on a 3-D interactive movie for Wildlife. That will be coming out in March so look for that. I did ATM City 3 for Acid Rain. That will be released at the end of February. I will be dancing in Ohio the 16th through the 21st of January and I will be shooting in England at the end of February and beginning of March.

Who is shooting in England?

Me, Danielle Derek, Derrick Pierce, Derek Hay and Leslie Zen.

For Acid Rain?

For Bluebird.

That should be fun. Have you been to England before?

Brooke Haven I have. I went with Derek for Christmas one year. This year is going to be very different because when I'm not shooting I will be out on the town. Watch out England.

Do you have a web site?

I do. It's www.BrookeHaven.com or you can find me on MySpace under Brooke Haven XXX.

And your dance schedule is on your site so they can find out where you are going to be in case they are reading this after the dates you have given.

Absolutely. My dance schedule is always on www.BrookeHaven.com

Is it a really good idea to schedule a dance gig in Ohio during January or February.

(She laughs) When it's snowing?

Shouldn't you stick to the West Coast in the winter?

I think the whole thing behind the feature dance thing is that they bring the stars in when they can't bring in the crowds on their own with tourists. They want to bring us in when it's dead, on holidays when no one is coming in.

I thought that maybe they wanted to bring you in to heat up the place.

No, that's why you bring me over to your house.

It works,. I was cold and now I'm sweating like a pig.

That guy over there is sure sweating.

I wish the people at home could see this guy. He looks like he's ten and we assume that he's a gay male performer.

Oh yeah, two of them running around in their tighty-whities.

One of them is in red and the other is maroon.

Brooke Haven That looks pink.

That was almost as distracting as Brooke's breasts. (She pulls them out again.) Oh my there they are. How big are those things?

They are 34D, for delicious.

We will take some pictures later, but she also has the backside going for her.

I do, I have quite a large booty. I think I'm part black. I haven't figured it out yet.

That would make you popular with black men. Last year you weren't working with black men.

I'm still not. I'm about to do it exclusively for my web site.

I see. So if someone wants to see it, they have to pay.


Have you picked the man yet?

The first on my list is Nat Turnher.

Why him?

He's hot, super hot.

What is hot about him?

He's big. He's big down there I hear. He has beautiful eyes, good facial structure and a huge cock. Did I mention that?

But you haven't seen it, maybe it's not so huge.

True. I would imagine it's big. They say once you go black, you never go back. We'll see. I'll let you know.

So you like him because he is a large man with a handsome face…

And I'm hoping for a good package.

Brooke Haven What is a good sized package for Brooke Haven?

I don't want to go overly big. I love Chris Charming, but he is too big for me. It's just a little too much baby arm for me.

Is it the big huge fat head that it too big?

Yeah, it's the girth. It's just crazy. You might as well shove your whole fist up there and I'm not into fisting. I think that basically the longer the better.

So like Evan Stone?

I love Evan Stone. I will fuck him any day of the week. Is he around?

If I see him I'll tell him that he can fuck you if I can watch.

Sweet. Pull up a front row seat.

So you like it deep, but don't want to be stretched out too much.

Yes. I like to keep my stuff very tight.

Lots of girls like the girth, not the length. Is there a special place up there that only the big guys can reach?

I've never even found my G Spot. Is that sad or what?

I get the feeling you have plenty of pleasure without it.

That's true. I'm not lacking in the pleasure department. I would just like one person to find it. I don't care if it is with their hand, their penis, their tongue. I just want them to find it.

I happen to have a map to your G-Spot up in my room.

Are they selling that on Ebay again?

It's in my room. I can go treasure hunting if you want.


Brooke Haven What are some other movies people should watch for?

Acid Rain's Ass to Heels is a good one.

Ass to Heels. Is that an anal shoe fetish movie?

It's an anal position movie. Because the whole idea of it is while you're getting fucked in the ass, you do A to M and the whole time you are bent over the couch doing the heel grab.

That is just twisted and wrong and awesome all at the same time.

It is almost like a full nelson type of movie.

Is the heel grab a move you would use at home.


So when you're at home with your significant other are knocking it out, you're going to grab your heel?

If I happen to have my shoes on, yes.

Do you fuck with your shoes on often?

Only on holidays.

Smart ass. What are some other porno moves that you would never do at home?

Having sex on a desk. It's very uncomfortable.

What about anal piledriver?

Piledriver, I hate it. It's my worst position.

So guys, don't try this at home. You might break her neck.

And then we're done before either of us gets our popshot. I love spoon. It's my favorite position.

It's very intimate. I just heard a comedian describe spoon as doggy for lazy people. You basically get into doggy…

And then just roll over like you're having a seizure. It is more the eroticness of it for me. If I'm lying in bed with you per say, and we're sleeping and it becomes morning and we want morning sex you just start working the fingers. Just slide up inside of me, grab my boobs and start fucking me from behind. It's just hot.


Do you have a visual yet?

I just lost it right here in my lap.


That is very intimate with lots of skin on skin contact.

And the boobs don't get left out.

You don't get a lot of skin on skin contract in porn because you have to open for the camera.

When you have the skin on skin you make the most sweat and have the best lube.

That can look hot, but it can also look kind of gross.

It's hot.

If you get Kurt Lockwood fucking Sunny Lane.

That's hot.

Brooke Haven It looks like it must have been a hundred degrees on set.

Every time I work with Kurt , even a few minutes into the scene he is just dripping with sweat. I wonder if there is a leak in the ceiling.

Kurt is working.

He does work it. Speaking of Kurt , I saw him at his booth. He was French kissing some girl and didn't even have time to say hello.

He's busy. He is doing the shirt off posing thing.

(She laughs) Yeah he is.

He wants everyone to see how hard he's working it.

He is working it, that's for sure.

Have you learned anything from porn that maybe you didn't know before?

I have definitely gotten better at giving a blowjob. I have brought that into my bedroom in a way that turns me on. Before I would do the least amount possible. Now I do it so it gets my pussy very wet and I'm ready for sex.

What is different now?

I have learned to appreciate what I'm doing and turning him on. I reach down and play with my pussy at the same time. Any time I am turning someone else on that turns me on.

Then you should be turned on pretty much all the time.

Then I will become a panty dropper.

A panty dropper?

Brooke Haven If I was Nick Manning I would say "Cashing checks and dropping panties."

Anything else we need to know about you?

That's about it, but check back next year.

Once again, this was Brooke Haven from www.BrookeHaven.com Check her out. She is hot.

Thank you.


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