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Aurora Snow Interview - Aurora Snow's Bio & Movies
Jan 2003
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As I sit here, surrounded by sex toys, I am happy to report that I am within touching distance of the lovely Ms. Aurora Snow.

You flatter me too much Roger.

Not possible. This is our third interview together and personally I never get tired of them.

Itís a yearly event.

Aurora Snow

This year we have something brand new to announce though. We are in the Las Vegas Novelties booth becauseÖÖ

Because I just signed a contract with them for my own novelty line. I will have loads of toys and body parts to play with. Itís kind of strange, but Iím sure itís going to be very interesting.

Congratulations, they are a great toy company.

Thank you. Iím very happy with this new deal.

Aurora Snow

What is your first toy going to be?

I hear that it is going to be a glow-in-the-dark dildo, though donít hold me to that, I could be wrong.

But that one wonít be molded from your actual body parts?

No, I donít have a dick hidden in here anywhere.

Are you going to wait a while before doing the body mold?

I think so. We still have to take promotional pictures and get things started.

Aurora Snow

I did tell Steve that I would be happy to be the official tester when it comes out. But I have to sample the real thing as well.

Sure, just so you can compare.

It has to be done if I want to be thorough.

Of course. Itís the only right thing to do.

Aurora Snow

I have volunteered for you and for Gauge.

Together on the same day, right?

I think that would probably kill me.

But wouldnít it be fun? I know it would be fun for me. You and Gauge, hmmmm.

OK, good we have it on tape, Aurora promised to let me sample the real thing and the mold.

Aurora Snow

I have to be careful what I say on tape.

You have had another great year.

It really has been a very busy year. Iíve done a lot of really good stuff. 2003 is starting out to be even better. I just signed this deal with LVNI as well as one with Playboy for a show called Spice Clips. Every Saturday night I do a live show. Itís kind of like an MTV thing, but instead of music videos we show porno clips. In between I do some interactive stuff with the callers. They get to call in and tell me what they want to see me do and watch me on TV. Itís the coolest thing. I have never actually had phone sex so itís great fun.

Is that on Playboy TV?

Aurora Snow

Itís actually offered through Direct TV. I think the channel is called the Hot Zone, but you can find out more on their web site, www.spiceclips.com

That sounds like fun, I have Direct TV.

Definitely check it out, you can call in and we can have fun.

Actually Iím not allowed to watch you in the house any more.

(She laughs) What? Mrs. Rog finally banned me?

Aurora Snow

Yes, you have been banned.

I am so honored.

How many movies were you in this year?

Many, many movies. Too many to count.

Last year we talked a little bit about how AVN had passed you over for some award nominations. Did they make up for that this year?

Aurora Snow

Yeah, Iím actually up for Female Performer of the Year and a few of my scenes are up as well. I think I have five nominations this year.

So this year you will be going to the AVN Awards?

Yes, itís my first time. I figured I should go and check it out. Some people say that it can be boring, but since itís my first time, Iím sure I will find it quite interesting. Even if it is boring, it will be exciting to me because itís my first time.

Do you think you have a chance at Female Performer of the Year?

I donít think Iím going to win, but Jay is really positive that I am going to win.

Do you have a speech prepared?

No, because I donít think that I am going to win. If I do win, Iím going to run up there, turn bright red and mutter ďThank youĒ because I donít know what else to say.

Just be sure and thank me, that will be a good enough speech.

Thatís a great idea. I would like to thank Roger Pipe for this award. Yeah, that works.

Last year you did win two awards on www.rogreviews.com, for Best Female and Best Newbie. You are nominated for Best Female again this year. (She was announced as the winner the following night.)

Yes, I won your Criticís Choice awards last year.

And a bunch of XRCO awards.

That was so cool. I didnít expect to win those. It was a great night.

What do you think your best movie this year was?

I havenít been doing as many gonzo movies lately, so Iíve done some features that are pretty good. Magic Sex and Roommate From Hell are both good. They both have a lot of dialog. I know not everyone is into that, but they were good.

You like doing the dialog stuff though.

Yeah, itís a lot of fun. I know that some people want to see just sex, so in terms of that kind of movie I guess I would say that Dripping Wet Sex 3 from Simon Wolf was one of my best. I had two scenes in that movie and had some involvement in every scene. Even if it was just to jump in and lick cum off of a girl or start a blowjob, I was there for it all. Also Anabolicís Gang Bang Girl 33 was released this year. We talked about that last year. I had just shot it.

That was a great movie by the way, pure stroker sex.

It was pretty fun.

You were also in a Simon Wolf feature called Love at First Byte.

That one was really cute. A lot of people didnít recognize me because of the glasses and the look they gave me.

That was a good movie and you were very hot in that.

Thank you.

You also did a big cream pie movie.

Thatís right, the Five Guy Creampie for Kick Ass.

How was that?

That was interesting. All the guys actually had to draw straws and whoever got the short straw had to go last. No one wanted to go last because the guys would just cum in me and then the next guy had to go. The guys werenít too thrilled about that part, but I found it exciting. It was definitely something I had never done before.

Thatís when the director tells the guys that there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you get to fuck Aurora Snow, the bad news is that you are guy number four.

Not every guy could do it I suppose.

Is that something you would do again?

I donít do too many internal movies because itís cool and all, but you always have these thoughts going through your head. What if I accidentally get pregnant? Even if youíre on birth control, things can happen. Thatís why I donít do a lot of those movies.

Thatís a really good reason not to do five at one time.

Good point.

Have there been any new performers this year who you really liked working with?

Sheís not new, but I just did a scene with Jade and I loved it. She was really energetic so I like that. I also got to work with Steve Hatcher a lot this year and I hadnít done a lot with him before. I met him doing ďCupidís ArrowĒ for Wicked and it was really cool. I had this black wig and was supposed to have a Russian accent. I had no idea what a Russian accent was supposed to sound like, so I just talked in a generic accent.

Do it for us right now.

Truly, I donít remember what I did. Jonathan Morgan was just talking and I was supposed to do what he did.

Yeah sure, whatever. Youíre just ducking me.

No, I truly donít remember. If you do an accent, I will copy you.

I donít do accents. Come on, give us an accent.

Fine, give me something to say.

All right, you just won AVNís Performer of the Year, give us your acceptance speech with an accent.

Ahhh, darling, thank you, thank you. (She laughs.)

That was awesome. And since no one will ever hear this, ití was the best accent anyone has ever done. In the entire history of the world, no one has ever done a better accent. I feel honored to have even heard it.

You are such a liar.

OK, moving on. I have one word for you, website.

Yes, I know.

Three years in a row we have done an interview and weíre still asking the same question about your site.

Actually I was supposed to go to Adultcon to promote my web site. I was shooting with this photographer and he shot a bunch of stuff. We were doing a content trade so he got it for his web site and I got it for my web site. He neglected to tell me that he had two web sites and that one of them sold content to other sites. I had a web guy working with me, we designed some stuff and it was basically down. Two days before Adultcon my web guy said he couldnít do it because this photographer got really upset. He wanted to date me and fuck me, which I wouldnít because I have a boyfriend. So he told the web master that if he had anything to do with me he would take all his business away from him. The photographer called me and told me that my web master would no longer be doing my site. There were just too many issues and I didnít want to put my web master in the middle of it. So basically he dropped me two days before the show. The photographer then took all the content that he didnít give and sold it really cheap on his web site. It was all over the internet and I still donít have it. I hear that this guy is doing it to a lot of girls in the industry.

And you still donít have a web site.

Ahh the perils of web sites. I have been talking to some people about one and Las Vegas Novelties has recommended some people. Between LVNI and Spice Clips, they are pushing me towards a web site. People see me on TV, they want to go to AuroraSnow.com.

Now that you are part of the LVNI family, which one of your contract girls do you most want to fuck with a strap-on?

Probably Chloe or Jewel.


Jewel is very aggressive and Iím a submissive person. Itís nice to have that balance. Jewel also gets into her scenes and thatís good to have. Chloe, comes to work to have sex. When sheís in her scenes, she gets this look in her eyes. They roll back into her head and itís very neat to listen to her.

You have a toy contract, what about a video contract?

Iíve never really looked for one. I work for so many different companies and I have so many different projects in the works. Simon Wolf is starting a series in January called Real Sex in LA. They are planning to shoot it as an ongoing series with me as a main character. If I was under contract, I wouldnít be able to do that.

You have done really well without a contract.

I have done well and Iím not saying that I wouldnít consider a contract if the right one came along, but itís not a priority.

You were in a mainstream movie recently, werenít you?

(She laughs) OK, that was Rules of Attraction and I got a picture in Playboy. Everyone saw this picture and were like wow you did a mainstream movie. What actually happened is that I was a naked chick at a party. During the movie I was actually wearing a mask. All you saw was my naked body and that was my part. It just so happened that the photographer liked me and kept taking pictures. I was smiling and posing because thatís what I do when the camera is on me. Somehow one of the pictures ended up in Playboy. You probably see me for about ten seconds and you never see my face.

How did you get the role of naked chick at a party?

Through Ron Jeremy. He was in the movie and they were looking for natural bodies. Ron asked if I was interested and it went from there.

Speaking of natural bodies, you have three years in the business and still no breast implants.

No, never.

The first time I interviewed you, you said that you would never do something else that you ended up doing though.

Yeah, I have a small kitty cat tattoo on the back of my neck. My friend and I were shopping. She was going to go in and get her belly button pierced. We talked to the guy for two hours and they said that we couldnít walk out without something. She got a tattoo on her belly and I got one on the back of my neck. It was totally done on a whim. You donít get breast implants on a whim. Plus I couldnít see the needle and I canít feel anything in my body and be grossed out.

Thatís a good decision, stick to it.

I will.

Youíve been with Jay Ashley for a while now.

Itís been two and a half years. Too long. Itís time for him to trade me in for someone younger and time for me to trade up.

I was going to ask if you were planning on getting married and youíre saying you need to trade up.

We joke about it all the time.

If you are going to trade up, Iíd like to volunteer.

As for getting married, no, never. We are happy the way we are

Congratulations on the relationship, the award nominations, your toy contract and another great year.

Thank you very much.