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XXX Pawn: Vol 1

Fans of the sexual negotiation genre had better put this line of smut on their must-see list. It sticks to the basics of this genre with a unique location and twist. Sean runs a pawn show and runs across some very hot young women who need more money than the crap they try to hock is worth.

Anal Freshmen 2

This is a simple four scene movie that sticks tightly to its main themes. All four women appear and perform in little plaid schoolgirl outfits. The tease and interview segments are pretty good. Mick Blue keeps the girls at ease and uses the long build up to show off their bodies. The second theme of course is anal sex. All of these pretty ladies take cock in the backdoor and they do it well. Mick helps a lot with that of course.

Big Cock Adventures: Connor Cox

This collection of pro-am style scenes feature the camera stylings and long cock of Connor Cox. Before he was a rising star in fauxcest flicks and the owner of a talent agency, he was a guy with a camera and a big dick. In this one he gets to try out four girls who are new or fairly new. There are interviews before and after each scene, allowing Connor to probe the girls about their experience with a big dong both before and after the experience.

Slut Puppies 8

It is packed with women who have become big stars in this business. Yes, one of them is already gone, but anyone who has seen Alina Li work knows that her legacy as a fan favorite is secure. She is hardly alone in showing superstar skills in this movie.

Beautiful New Faces 4

The reason I kept wanting to review the movie is simple. I have a huge crush on Miley May. She’s fucking hot and I wanted to see how she was fresh out of the box. There are other hot girls in the cast as well.

Homegrown Video: Before They Were Pornstars 3

Ever wonder how your favorite pornstars got their start? This movie gives you a little hint. Homegrown has put together some early efforts from some of our favorites. The action is a little ragged at times, but there are plenty of highlights. James Deen dishes out the meat on a new girl named Gia who really is pretty hot. I wonder what even happened to her.

Somebody’s Daughter 5

These highly stylized movies must be quite hit and miss. I love the way they look. I love the way the scenes are lit and think that that Amateur Allure stuff does its best to make girls look their very best. On the other hand I can see where people might find the extreme close up shots and often mediocre sex as a drawback.

King Dong 13

This would seem to be a movie about chicks who dig big dicks. It is and it isn’t at the same time. Yes, the guys who fuck the girls are pretty well hung, but they aren’t freakish or anything. Also, there is no size play going on at all. Unlike other lines that focus on teens and big dicks, this one just kind passes right over the reveal or the talk of size.

Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch

Kayden Kross knows what it takes to make it in porn. She is one of the industry’s biggest stars and one half of one of the biggest power couples in the industry. For this movie she has four aspiring new starlets in for some early work on their XXX resumes. The girls aren’t first timers, but are pretty damn close.

Evil Amateur Blowjobs

I don’t know if I would classify many of these girls are amateurs, but it makes for a catchy title. Basically we have a Jonni Darkko blowjob movie with a bunch of fresh faces. That’s a pretty good thing since he is about as good as shooting oral action as anyone in the biz right now.

Amateur Introductions 15

A couple of these scenes are Halloween episodes of Amateur Auditions. These are a lot of fun and at least one of them is fantastic. Let’s start with that one. Lexi Bloom is the last girl in the movie and gives the best scene. Her Princess Leia outfit sets the strange and she delivers. Great fantasy appeal and a really talented mouth make this one memorable.

Stranded Teens 3

This is a collection of girls in need of rides or help in some way. Basically it’s a lot of semi-public sex in and around cars. It’s a nice niche that works on a lot of levels. It’s simple and the camera angles are somewhat limited, but they are skillfully shot for the most part. Where it fails, when it does, is in the too-long set ups. Some are interesting, but others feel like excuses to make the running time of the DVD (and web updates) long enough.

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