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Phat Black Juicy Anal Booty 9

Leilani Leeane gives us a pretty quiet, no-frills scene to start off the disc. There’s some tease and some moaning, but by and large, I found myself losing interest. She’s cute but unremarkable, and she has a nice ass, but hardly what I would call a Phat Juicy Booty in comparison to the usual run of Phat Booties.

How to Train a Delinquent Teen 2

West Coast Productions presents another batch of teens in need of some hard training. There are some cuties here, and most of them are really dressed to play the part. Of course the girls aren’t really struggling to accept their punishment. In fact, half of them are the aggressors in the scenes. They seem to know exactly what they want and are happy to get it.

Teen Anal Nightmare 3

The teens in this movie have to face down some big black cocks. OK, maybe not face down. After all, they are taking it up the ass. They are face down more often than not. The nightmare idea would seem to indicate some reluctance, but there really isn’t any of that. Some of the girls are dreaming of the encounters, but they all love the feel off a big hard black cock up the butt and aren’t afraid to show it.

How to Train a Delinquent Teen

What happens when a bunch of white teens get unruly? Well in the world of West Coast Productions, they get broken and trained by big black cocks and will never be the same. There are lots of schoolgirl outfits and classroom settings.

Black Teen Punishment 5

Some teens just don’t know how to behave. These girls need a little lesson and the big black cocks are here to teach them. The girls are pretty cute, totally fuckable and mostly bad actresses. Does the last thing matter? Only in as much as the fantasy play is important to you.

Black Anal Love 2

This collection of hot girls is bound to make you stand up and take notice. They are all black, all cute and all take it in the ass. What more do you need? There are short lead ins to each scene. Most are interviews about romance and keeping things special with a little booty sex.

Housewives Gone Black 13

This is a fun movie with great sex and hot fantasy appeal. That is, so long as you like the idea of wives cheating on their husbands. In this case, wives cheating on their husbands with well hung black friends, neighbors and strangers. That’s the basic theme and it is played up well. The pre-and post sex action really makes this movie pop. The husbands are all worth cheating on and that gives us great motivation. They also have little wrap up shots which I liked.

Housewives Gone Black 12

As we continue with the award-nominated movies from companies I rarely get to view, it’s West Coast’s turn. Their naughty housewife line features some hot married white chicks getting dicked down by huge black cocks. Some of the scenes have little set ups that fit the fantasy. Others just have set ups that seem random. In the end, all of the action is hot.

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